Day 23: Sick Day

Marinette let out another cough and Adrien rubbed her back to try and help.

She stopped and leaned into her boyfriend, enjoying the comfort that he was giving her while she felt awful.

Adrien pulled the blankets back around her, wanting to help her be the most comfortable he could. She sighed contently and snuggled closer to him.

“Thanks for being here. I really appreciate it,” Marinette said sleepily, barely able to keep her eyes open.

Adrien smiled at her.

“It’s really no problem. You’re my princess and I’ll always be here for you.”

“Aww…You’re so sweet. Like chocolate chip cookies sweet.”

“Wow. That’s such an honor from a baker’s daughter like yourself.”

Marinette giggled before having another coughing fit.

When she fell back on top of Adrien, she realized something.

“I just hope I don’t get you sick.”

Adrien grinned.

“Well, even if you do, then you’ll just have to take care of me.”

“I’d be okay with that.”

He laughed.

“Well, if you got me sick, I’d hope that you would be okay taking care of me.”

Marinette giggled before getting comfy again.

“I think I’m starting to like sick days.”


You Guys, I Think I Might Have Super Powers

I have a mild cold. Much of last night was spent coughing, but I was planning on toughing it out at work today even though I am tired and a bit grumpy.

Ten minutes before leaving the house I get a text from my nanny mama telling me that Lovey has a headache and is on the hot mess express this morning and, because of all this, she is sparing me coming in this morning.

Somehow I telepathically sent her this message. She got it and responded the way I wanted her to. That, my friends, is the best kind of super power.

Rewatching 6x10 with my mom:

Me: No Daryl, it’s “have a crush ON someone,” not “throw the Crush AT-”

Mom: it’s called “foreshadowing,” dear. Local Man Throws Crushed Crush at Crush, news at eleven.

Mom: leave him in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G more like.

Mom: what is this Weekend at Bernie’s?

Me: he’s just pretending to be knocked out

Mom: Oh that’s a good idea. next time we go to your uncle’s place I’m just going to try that the whole weekend.

Mom: Do you think Rick told Daryl to leave him cookies or did he come up with that one all on his own? I mean at least this time he set the water down and didn’t just dump it on Jesus’s head.

Me: aww, he’s developing social skills

Mom: either that, or he’s so averse to bathing that the thought just hadn’t occurred to him.

Sick Day: Remus Lupin

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Can you do a imagine where y/n and young Remus Lupin are dating and y/n is sick and Remus is taking care of her, really fluffy please? I love your blog and I think you’re an amazing writer❤❤❤

short and sweet, also a day early, I’m on a roll

The sun had barely risen from behind the mountains that surrounded the school but I was already awake and looking out at the dark room. I could hear Remus snoring lightly beside me, his arm wrapped protectively around my waist and his head buried into my shoulder. I found it sweet that he wanted to cuddle, exceptionally since we hardly spent time like this together, but this morning his extra body heat made me uncomfortable and irritated. I could feel beads of perspiration trickling down the side of my face and melting into the pillow but shivers ran down my spine every minute or so. I wanted to call out to Remus, beg him to move off of me, but my throat was scratchy and dehydrated.

“R-Remus!” I call out, my voice coming out rough and grainy. He hums but makes no move of waking up and I sigh before giving him a hard hit that had him sitting up in bed immediately and glaring down at me.

“What was that for?” He says in an accusing voice but I quickly flung the duvet off of my sweaty body and made a B-line for the girls’ bathroom. I kneel in front of the nearest toilet and hurl up all the contents in my stomach from last night’s dinner, I heaved until my stomach was dry and there was nothing left for me to empty from my system. In the distance I could hear Remus calling my name but it sounds like my ear was stuff with cotton and everything came out muffled, I only knew he was there when he began rubbing his hands up and down my back soothingly. I went to stand up but my limbs felt as if they had been turned to jelly pudding, Remus had to help me stand and make my way over to the sink to rinse my mouth.

He assists me back to my bed and I slide under the thin covers before snuggling into my pillow that had the woodsy musk that belong to Remus. He kneels down beside me and push strands of hair from my face before leaning forward to press a gentle kiss on my clammy skin,” I’ll be right back with something warm love, don’t move.”

After he leaves the room the other girls begin to wake up one by one and I mumble a faint morning to each of them as they began getting dressed for their day, it wasn’t long before they too had left the room and I was left in complete silence.

“Remus, I don’t need you to fluff my pillows every second. They’re completely fine the way they are,” I grumble underneath my breath and he rolls his eyes at me before giving my pillows an extra fluff and slipping underneath the checkered blankets with me. I encase myself around Remus’s lower torso and rest my head against his chest as he picks up a book from my nightstand and begins reading from the last page I had marked.

“Remus?” I ask, looking up at him through half closed eyes. I could barely keep my eyes open with the sound of Remus’s honey voice and his large hand stroking up and down my spine calmly. He pauses the sentence he was reading and looks down at me before humming. “Why did you stay with me today? I mean you could have just gone with your friends to class.”

He laughs, making my cheeks burn with embarrassment, and sets the book down before using that same hand to stroke my cheek and lips. He leans down and presses a kiss to my lips but I push at his chest, not wanting him to catch the cold that I had somehow picked up. He doesn’t pull away and I finally begin to kiss him back, my hands clutching at the black shirt he was wearing, pressing my body up against his. The kiss was becoming intense but before it could lead to something else he pulls away and gives me a cocky grin. “Only a dick would leave his sick girlfriend all alone.”

He finish reading the thin book within an hour and  we snuggled together on the queen bed. During our nap Remus was the small spoon and I was the big spoon, my arm wrapped around his body while his rested on top of mine, fingers laced together, and my head was buried into the back of his shirt as my mind begins to flutter in and out of consciousness. “I love you, you big fool,” I mumble and he chuckles before saying how much he loved me as well.

When we wake up from our four-hour nap Remus managed to sneak downstairs and get us some chicken noodle soup and lemon tea for my sour throat. As the day began to wind down and the sun was setting behind the horizon I looked up at Remus and pressed a small kiss to the corner of his jawline,” Thank you for staying with me today, I feel better already.”

“I’d do anything for you sweetheart,” He mumbles, his pale lips pressed against my cheek as his twiddle with mine absentmindedly. I was seated between his legs with my back pressed firmly against his chest and our bodies facing the large window that gave a view of the black lake below the tower and the beautiful golden scenery that stretched out for miles upon miles, I found it to be the perfect ending to a day that started horrible. 

Please fire me. My coworker collapsed on the bathroom floor and was rushed to the emergency room with really bad gall stones. But he was so afraid of missing work to get surgery for his gall bladder, he made his doctor get him painkillers and came back to work after one day.