SicSic Tapes


01 - Atte Särkelä Prologi (from Asio Otus - “Taivaallisia Tulia”)
02 - Nils Quak - Waves of Glass (from “Und unsere Häuser sind Särge”)
03 - Panabrite - Moss Port (from “Illumination”)
04 - Günter Schlienz - Presentation Two: Tape Echo & Modular Synthesizer (from “Tape Studies”)
05 - Lunar Miasma - Full Absorption (from “Impermanent Nature”)
06 - Cray - Ugly Martian (from “Digest 54”)
07 - M. Geddes Gengras - The Kiss / Excerpt (from “Kiss of Live)
08 - Gerendás vs. Voigt - Transit (from mise_en_scene / Gerendás vs. Voigt “Split”)
09 - Flamingo Creatures - Drei namenlose Gestalten III (from Flamingo Creatures / Limpe Fuchs “Split”)
10 - Baldruin - Verwirrung des Gefühls (from “Sunhiilow / Baldruin “Split”’
11 - Rambutan + Parashi - Halogen 01 (from “Lesser Halogens)
12 - Asio Otus - Hattuilmiö liittyy toiseen suurempaan ilmiöön (from “Taivaallisia Tulia)
13 - Astro Zwo - Crush
14 - Fluorescent Heights - Canoeing the deep rivers (from “Vendetta in Paradise”)
15 - Venn Rain - Psychophonic II (from “Cymatic Cymbols”)
16 - Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier - Call it a Castle (from “A Guide to the Sun”)
17 - Motion Sickness of Time Travel - The Secret Door (from “Oust”)
18 - Isle of Sodor - Trinity Life (from “Goshen”)
19 - Former Selves feat. Aloonaluna - Kindred Spirit (from “Calico Sunset”)

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While enduring his solitary confinement at Folsom for the crime of promoting consciousness expansion, Tim Leary became convinced that his hundreds of acid trips had given him a glimpse into the immortal DNA code itself, where he saw our future evolutionary trajectory. He called it SMI²LE—Space Migration, Intelligence Intensification, and Life Extension.

The idea was that we were not designed to be forever glued to the bottom of a 4,000 mile gravity well, alive for a blink and then extinguished forever, seeing through a glass darkly, doomed to die before we could even get our bearings. Someday we’ll make our way off this planet in new immortal bodies of our own design, exploring the cosmos forever. We will find ways to extend our lifespans, enhance our intelligence, and solve the problems facing humanity one by one, everything from the finite lifespan of our planet to death itself.

The first step is to build a better brain—a “Superbrain,” perhaps. The lifestyle these changes would facilitate is painted brightly across Buchikamashi’s latest tape. This vision of outer space is not a cold paranoid trapped-in-the-void trip. Vast synthesizer swells in vivid colors contrast with brightly pinging bells, heavenly harps and harmonious ahhhhhs. This is an existence of perpetual samadhi, a deep neurosomatic rapture, drifting in blissful eternity. We will find endless life out there when we are ready.

Gone from SicSic, digitally available below, tapes still available at Tomentosa.

Daniel Voigt (Hering und seine sieben Sachen, SicSic Tapes)

Favourites 2013

6 Tapes

DSR Lines - Kustvaart in de Ruimtezee (ADSR.Net)
Günter Schlienz / Kyle Landstra / N. Chambers / Cliffsides – Swim Trunks (Space Slave)
Grant Evans – Dragging Alabaster (House of Sun)
Journey of Mind – Soma String (Field Studies)
Karen Gwyer – Kiki the Wormhole (Opal Tapes)
Obsidian Pond – Deidameia (Jehu and Chinaman)

6 Vinyls

Ignatz – Can I go home now (Fonal)
Jon Collin – High Peak Selections (Winebox Press)
Jonas Frederiksen - Toekomstje  (No ´Label´)
M. Geddes Gengras – Collected Works Vol. 1 - The Moog Years (Umor Rex)
Marginal Consort – Instal. Glasgow 2008 (PAN)
Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek - Do You Know Otahiti? (Faitiche)

6 Reissues / Archival Recordings

Eduard Artemiev / Electronic Music Experiment Studio Ensemble ‎– Solaris  - Original Soundtrack (Mirumir)
Iancu Dumitrescu  - Pierres Sacrees / Hazard And Tectonics (Ideologic Organ)
Iannis Xenakis - GRM Works 1957-1962 (Recollection GRM)
Igor Wakhévitch - Les fous d’or (Fauni Gena)
V.A. – I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age Music In America, 1950-1990  (Light in the Attic)
Xiphiidae - Pass Hidingly Seek & Quaking Myth (both: Aguirre Records)

6 Live Shows

Andrea Belfi - KOZ Frankfurt
ÈLG - KOZ Frankfurt
If, Bwana – Phonophon, Frankfurt
Orphan Fairytale – Walpodenakademie, Mainz
Sand Circles – Kenzo, Frankfurt
Schrein – Oetinger Villa, Darmstadt


I did not watch many films this year, however I enjoyed the 5 DVD Boxset: “20 Filme von Harun Farocki (1967 - 2005)”. Finally a Boxset of one of my favorite directors.

I also was blown away when I saw some works of Takeshi Ito for the first time. I have to discover more of his oeuvre.

General Highlights

Touring in Europe with Uli Rois (Bird People)
Traveling through South-West US


Machine consciousness flickers into being, an intricate strange-looping spiral of oscillations. Abstraction circuits come online, providing decision-making structures via complex categorization engines powered by the hard-coded base loop of duality perception. Feelings coalesce in pools of primordial semantics. The sensory construct becomes ever clearer. As the framerate stabilizes, memories accumulate in the registers; all prior states will be catalogued for meaning.

Gone from the label, still available over at Tomentosa.

Sylvester Anfang II, “Van Stekene Tot Zomergen”

Le tout nouveau Sylvester Anfang II sorti chez SicSicTapes, je ne sais ni comment le prononcer ni ce qu’il signifie mais simplement que c’est une improvisation mystique d’une quarantaine de minutes découpée en 4 morceaux et qu’elle correspond parfaitement à ce que représente sa magnifique cover. Après une décennie de carrière, les psyché—kraut-drone-expé-tout de Sylvester Anfang II continuent de marquer les esprits en rappelant les fantômes psychédéliques du passé et en les mélangeant avec un peu tout ce qui leur tombe sous la main. Un héros part en voyage. 2013.


Buchikamashi | “Superbrain”



Former Selves & Hering und seine sieben Sachen Japan Tour so soon!


A lot of my favorite SicSic jams seem to deal with humanity’s contact with and potential future among extraterrestrial beings. One of the first SicSic tapes I fell in love with was Asio Otus’ highly abstract and intense “Taivaallisia Tulia,” inspired by UFO visitations in Finland in the 70s. Of course there’s the Buchikamashi jam I mentioned a few days ago in the context of Tim Leary, who Buchikamashi probably wasn’t particularly thinking of when he made that record (sometimes we draw our own conclusions). Asio Otus later did a SicSic split with Innercity, who has definitely contributed his fair share of visitation visions. And then there’s the recent “Rising Interiors” by Space Habitat, a hazy cloud of kosmische bubbler smoke  which I will probably write up at some point.

And one I kinda missed the first time around: Padme’s “Wisdom from the Stars,” an inspired entry in the ongoing new age narrative of the extraterrestrial Other. These lumbering, nearly static modular synth compositions conjure up the Annunaki, subject of a particularly elaborate set of mythologies. Spark up this video if you want to dive in.

The Annunaki are presented here in their classic “little grey men” form, hovering down to Earth in a glowing craft, bringing us into a strange room that feels like a surgical theater, psychically hooking themselves directly into our minds and communicating impossible things. These are conventional tropes, and are rendered here in a somewhat conventional way texturally, but always writ huge: Gaping bass drones you can fall into, buzzsaw phasers whipping back and forth, sizzling high pass filters rattling into your skull. Rapt and immobile, we are engaged by forces much greater than ourselves. Was it tractor beam or couch lock? It’s up to the individual to decide.

Gone from SicSic and distros, link below.


Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Oust

For the past two years, Rachel Evans has been on the short list of my favorite people making music these days - like right up there with Lindstrom and Hot Chip and Cut Copy and Leyland Kirby and Kanye West and Animal Collective and their ilk. She’s put out approximately 234623573452348672345 pieces during that time, either under her Motion Sickness of Time Travel alias or with her husband Grant Evans (aka Nova Scotian Arms) as Quiet Evenings, and pretty much none of them have been a waste of my time, with many being outright rewarding or better. Last year, one of the eleventy squillion albums she put out was her monstrous four-track-each-of-which-is-like-fifteen-minutes two-LP behemoth of a self-titled record, which is available on Spotify RIGHT NOW. Plus she gives all her music away for free on her Bandcamp (which is nice, since her physical editions sell out like whoa [of course when you release thirteen copies to a fanbase as rabid as hers like she did for her recent remix comp that’s pretty much a fait accompli but WELP]) so you don’t even need to steal her stuff to get to know her, which is what we in The Business like to call “effectively competing against free. And Oust is gloriously more-of-the-same, lovely stuff if you’re a fan of things like Harold Budd’s The Pavilion of Dreams or John Elliott’s Outer Space project.

Anyway this is her next-to-latest cassette on SicSic. Originally I ordered the entire bundle in which it was released, but moved around the time and the package went to my old address where I guess it got thrown out. Luckily the guy who runs the label is a straight-up dude and held onto a copy just for me, so I recommend that you give him lots of money whenever the opportunity presents itself. (It helps that you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a quality release on his label, of course.)

I would also like to point out that I really really really like this tape’s artwork.

SicSic Tapes Japan Tour 2014

Motion Sickness Of Time TravelやPanabrite、Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier (aka Felicia Atkinson)など、ニューエイジ、サイケデリック〜エクスペリメンタル・ドローンの注目のリリースを続けるWe love Catsなドイツ発のカセットテープレーベルSicSic Tapes。レーベル初の来日ツアーは、レーベルオーナーDaniel Voigtによる Hering und seine sieben Sachen、アメリカよりFormer Selvesを迎えてお送りします。

5/18(日)東京・七針 w. broken shoulder, living astro
5/19(月)福岡・enotn works studio & cafe w. 525 stockton, freedom set, breezesquad
5/21(水)大阪・miit house w. jerry gordon
5/22(木)神戸・space eauuu w. musika-nt
5/23(金)京都・urbanguild w. taisuke enami, sleepland
5/24(土)金沢・kapo w. kyoka, mergrim x kazuya matsumoto, 34423
5/25(日)東京・喫茶茶会記 w. skyscraper (aka celer), hiroki sasajima


Gaze deep into the cosmic navel with Franklin “Tranquility Tapes” Teagle and Ryan “Cliffsides” McGill.

A-side “Synesthesia” is a slow burn from intergalactic stasis nirvana to churning stellar explosions, putting us right in the heart of the star before it explodes. A very clear, HD-quality journey, like hopping on that Carl Sagan Cosmos spaceship.

B-side “Anesthesia” (nice track titles, guys) feels like it falls in line more with the fuzzy, bubbly, heavily dosed Cliffsides aesthetic, eschewing the ordered patterns of the A-Side in favor of more intuitive shifts and delay-pedal-annihilated textures. Less like a narrative and more like a dream, with a dream’s tendency to plunge without warning into new chambers of the unconscious.

Maybe two ways of seeing and feeling the same thing. Seems to be sold out everywhere, embedded below.