Sia Furler


… I’m sorry, but if you don’t think siamusic is one of the most evolutionary, boundary defying artists out there… we simply can’t be friends. She’s a goddess. She’s everything.

  • Don't vs Chandelier
  • Ed Sheeran vs Sia

Ed Sheeran and Sia are two of the biggest artists in the world at the moment but considering how different their styles are I don’t think you’d ever expect them to work this well when combined. However Sia’s powerful backing music combined with Ed Sheeran’s soothing vocal make this mashup something great and unexpected in a really good way - Jakk

( We do not own this. Original produced by: Isosine )


                                                   What is she actually like?                                             She’s like the sweetest person and she’s pretty much my family now and I would treat her just like- as like my mom or my sister or something. She’s such a kind-hearted person, she’s always been there for me since day one. The first day we met, we just clicked, we ran and gave each other a big hug, and so, we’ve always been close, this whole time.