Decided to sketch out some humanizations of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. I’m usually not very good at drawing children, but I think they came out okay for the most part. Spoon’s pose is like the most awkward thing on the planet and I’m not satisfied with Tiara’s outfit, but other than that, they came out looking better than I expected.

Metalocalypse rant

Episode 2, Season 2 - Dethlessons

1: Skwisgaar had tried to help Toki learn to play the guitar better, but he was terrible at it.

2: Skwisgaar’s nightmare. Wow. All that fear of Toki being BETTER than him. He’s SCARED that Toki is going to surpass him, because he KNOWS Toki has the potential to excel in the guitar.

3: Skwisgaar getting jealous of Toki’s teacher, can I say that sounds like a lovers jealousy. He called the man trash, but later accepts Toki and his teacher’s father/son relationship. Skwis actually realizes that Toki needs his teacher, for that closure because Toki’s own dad was horrible.

4: AGAIN WITH SKWISGAAR. Getting so jealous that he actually attempts to kick Toki out of the band. Unsuccessfully. GOD DAMMIT SKWIS, JUST LET THE KID BE HAPPY.

5: Murderface stirring shit up between Skwis and Toki. STOP IT YOU DILDO.



8: Toki realizing that Dethklok is his family.

You are the BRONY FANDOM, the louder half of this wretched body you are forced to share with the MY LITTLE PONY FANDOM. You like to think you are breaking GENDER ROLES by watching a tv show intended for girls, however your sister likes to point out you are DOING NOTHING NEW.

You enjoy justifying your OBSESSIONS such as making PASTEL COLOURED PONIES appear DARK AND EDGY so you can be as MANLY as possible. This includes making HIGH QUALITY ART where your favourite characters are SAUCY and NOT HARMING YOUR IMAGE AT ALL. CLOPPING is a MISUNDERSTOOD AND HARMLESS PAST TIME you tell yourself.

However life is HARD AND NO PONY UNDERSTANDS so you try to get other fandoms to LOVE AND TOLERATE you by alchemising their beloved possessions with BRIGHT PONY CHARACTERS. However you would not be caught with dead your sister’s DUMB GIRLY STEREOTYPICAL PREVIOUS GENERATION PONIES.

You have attempted to get into FANDOMSTUCK by presenting yourself as FLAWLESS and LIKEABLE, however all attempts have failed, especially with your treatment of the HOMESTUCK FANDOM.

You are often trying to murder your sister, as you feel she makes you LESS MANLY.

Yeah, I love the pony fandom, but every brony Fandomstuck I saw needed more… omph.

Okay I wanna document what dolls are what in MPGIS

I listed the doll company first, included the doll line and the year they were released. A character list with names can be found here.

  • Trisha/Mackenzie/Deandra: Dollar Store Knock offs
  • Shaye Van Buren: Mattel 2012 Wave 1 Fashionistas Summer
  • Camereon Van Buren: Mattel 2012 Wave 1 Fashionistas Barbie
  • Brittnay Matthews: Mattel Barbie “I Can Be Cheerleader” 2012
  • Blaine: Mattel 2012 A Mermaid Tale Ken 
  • Matthew Derringer: Mattel 2012 Steven A Mermaid Tale 2 Doll 
  • Tanner Christiansen: Mattel 2011 Wave 2 Fashionista ‘Sporty’ Ken
  • Jonathan Glitzenhamer: Mattel 2011 Wave 2 Fashionista ‘Cutie’ Ken
  • Rachel Tice: Tyco ’90s The Little Mermaid Ariel doll
  • Saison Marguerite: Mattel/Disney ’90s Beauty and the Beast Belle Doll
  • Justin Michaelson: Mattel Toys R Us 2011 Exclusive Kids Pick Ken doll
  • Judith: Lucky Toys Fashion Corner doll?
  • Brigit Tice: Mattel 2012 Merida Doll
  • Ashley Katchadorian: Mattel 2012 Camping Sisters Skipper
  • Lunch Lady Belinda: Disney Store Exclusive 2012 Gothel Doll
  • Amber Lynn: Mattel 1991 Birthday Surprise Barbie
  • Steven Carmichael: 2010 Beach Party Ken
  • Tristian Mckey: Mattel 2012 Fashion Fairytale Liam
  • Mom Van Buren: Mattel Barbie “I Can Be Cheerleader” 2012
  • Mikayla Van Buren: Mattel 2011 Chelsea A Perfect Christmas Target Exclusive
Also side note, since Trisha/Deandra/Mackenzie are knockoff dolls, finding their specific base dolls would be pretty much impossible, heh. Mackenzie seems to be transplanted onto a “I Can Be Cheerleader” body while Trisha seems to have a 1966 Twist and Turn body.

Also, Judith seems to be also a knock off Barbie, and I’m very unfamiliar with knock offs, especially around the 80s-90s era so a bit of help would be nice. 

You are the MY LITTLE PONY FANDOM. You enjoyed a quiet existence, interacting with the other fandoms and COLLECTING MINIATURE PLASTIC PONIES. You are warm and motherly to other fandoms, and welcome their interest in yours. You have seen the rise and fall of other fandoms, however you are happy to do your own thing. You enjoy watching CARTOONS OF YOUR FRANCHISE, weeping about what PONIES to add to your growing COLLECTION, having ‘80s NOSTALGIA and CUSTOMIZING your blobs of plastic with hair. You have often been considered ODD due to your interest in TOYS and being decidedly FEMININE, but you do not let it get to you.

However, you have a feeling your brother, THE BRONY FANDOM might be the death of you.

Just a small sequel post to my other fandomstuck post. I really hope someone actually comes up with a green blood version of the pony fandom, since I don’t think I can do it justice.

Here is my Finn the Human doll from Adventure Time. He is a Gloom Beach Draculaura head on a Scaris Deuce body with a shortening mod on his legs to make him look more youthful in comparison to my other dolls. His head was blushed to match his body and he has fur glued onto his scalp. His clothes were all made by me except his shoes which are an Action Figure’s boots trimmed down to size and his sword is from the Jazwares Adventure Time 10" Finn.

Okay I was rewatching Sweet and Elite again and I like how the show used to put in little details like this. Rarity usually tries to carry herself as a sophisticated , mature mare who’s usually above everyone. But look at her enthusiastically leaning over the edge and physically showing she’s excited in comparison to the Canterlot Elite with a distant and detached sort of demeanour. 

I mean, I love the amount of depth Rarity gets because she isn’t a vapid, social climbing ninny. She actively pays attention to her friends’ interests and actually can enjoy things like the Wonderbolts. She does have ‘immature’ moments and she often breaks her façade of high class and shows she’s a fun loving filly with actual interests beyond clothes and looks.

A PSA about the wonders of running your G4 pony hair under warm water, combing it and wrapping it around its legs. the hair is REALLY nice, it’s just the packaging makes it kinda iffy.

I’ll probably give Rarity a more show accurate do when i’m not so caught up with holiday celebrations, but for a quick fix I’m happy.