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Hello there! May I please have a murdoc reaction to their s/o not wanting to wake up or move from bed? Thank you :)

Hey! I’m really sorry if this isn’t what you wanted.

Murdoc himself isn’t the best at getting up in the morning, and even if he is up early, he’ll lie in his bed waiting for whoever he fucked the night before to leave (no one likes the awkward morning after a one night stand, and Murdoc is no exception!). Ever since the two of you started dating, you’ve woken him up most days, be it by showering him with kisses when you enter the room as he complains that you’re ‘depriving him of his beauty sleep’ (? Shut up Pickle man ?), waking up in the bed with him and being as loud as you can getting dressed, or in a much more sexual way (those days are easier to wake him up than others). However today was an exception. Some days you’re just not feeling it, and today was one of those days.
Murdoc pretty much never woke up before you, and when he did, he knew that he’d have to wake you up or you’d get annoyed that you slept too late.

“Oi, wake up” he said, pulling a shirt over his head and throwing yours at you.
You simply made a noise to convey your discontent, and curled up into the sheets, pulling them over your head.
Despite how cute you looked tangled up in a mass of bedsheets, he was slightly annoyed you weren’t just getting up like he told you to.
“Hey, stop that. Get up, come on” he repeated, attempting to drag the sheets of you. He’d pulled all the sheets off you, yet you simply muttered a ‘fuck off’ and turned over.
“For fucks sake..” he said, leaning over you and picking you up off the bed. He pushed you up against the wall, and while holding you up with one arm, tilted your face to look at him with the other. Your sleepy expression had disappeared, and was replaced with one of shock. He dipped his head down to your neck, and bit you. He looked back up smirking, and smugly said “next time, get up when I tell you to.”, while putting you down on the floor, and walking away.

Michael Clifford Imagine → That's Not Possible Part 3

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Request: Yes

A.N: I got so many requests for a third part and well, you guys won. Here is the third part to That’s Not Possible! Oh god I think this is turning into a little fanfic.

Check out Part 1 here (x) and Part 2 here (x)

“But what about the baby?” I asked, crying. “Ask the real father.” Michael said and walked through the door, slamming it shut.

For moments I just stood there, trying to realize how one of the best days of my life could turn into one of the worst. How could this happen to me? One moment ago I could have had a family but now I’m all alone because of one mistake I did month ago. One mistake I regret more than anything.

I fell on my knees, burying my face in my hands and started screaming from the top of my lungs. What am I supposed to do now? Should I keep the baby? No. I couldn’t possibly keep it. Michael hates me because of it and Ashton would too if I’d tell him.

Two weeks have past, I haven’t heard from Michael since he left me and Ashton I tried to ignore. I couldn’t face him, I was scared of how he’d react.

I was I the kitchen eating pickles with nutella when I heard the front door open and close again. “H-hello?” I mumbled, holding the glass of Nutella close to my chest, ready to throw it at the intruder. The kitchen door opened and I was ready to throw, when I saw Michael standing in the doorframe. “Are you trying to attack me with a Nutella glass?” He asked with raised eyebrows.

“Well I have to protect myself somehow.” I said and put another nutella pickle in my month. “Well that’s not the way you do it and that’s disgusting by the way.” Michael laughed and pointed at the pickle. “Shut up.” I mumbled “What are you even doing here?” Michaels expression got serious again, “I’m here to pick up some of my stuff.” His words hit me like knifes, I put the glass aside and looked down, “Do you…do you really wanna do that? I mean, can’t we just- just talk about it? Try to fix this?”

It took him a moment to answer my question, “I don’t think I can do this. You cheated on me with my best friend (Y/N)! You can’t expect me to just forgive you!” He argued, putting his hands in his pockets. “I know and I know I hurt you, but please Michael! We can’t throw this away! Let us start over again.” I begged, tears in my eyes. Michael shook his head, “I don’t know, I need time to think okay.”

“Okay,” I said, wiping my rolling tears away. “Have you talked to Ashton?” I shook my head no. “(Y/N) you have to talk to him! It’’s his child after all.” He hissed through gritted teeth. “I know, I just, I don’t know how to tell him.” I whispered. Could this conversation get any worse? I saw the hurt and betrayal in Michaels eyes and it broke my heart even more, knowing that I’m the reason why he’s so miserable.

“Michael I’m -” I stopped myself from talking as I heard the doorbell ring. “Sorry uhm, hold on a sec.” I said and rushed to the door. To my surprise I saw Ashton standing in the doorframe. Great, just great.

“Hey there (Y/N) how are you doing? Haven’t seen you in a while.” He smiled and walked inside. “I’m uh I’m good. Listen Ashton I’m kinda busy right now so if you don’t mind -” “Ashton. Good to see you man.” Michael cut me off. His face dead serious. “Yeah you too! Haven’t seen you, in what, two weeks now?” I looked at Michael, I swear it looked like he’d rip Ashton’s head off any moment.

“Yeah well like I said I’m busy so please leave.” I tried to push Ashton out of the door before Michael stopped me. “I think what she wanted to say was, she has to tell you something really important Ashton.” Ashton’s head immediately shot in my direction. “Oh, what is it?” He asked smiling.

I glared at Michael before looking back to Ashton. I tried to find the right words but I couldn’t get them out. “I- I am uhm- ” “She’s pregnant and it’s yours.” Michael answers for me sharply.

“What?” Ashton asked confused. “Are you fucking deaf? She’s pregnant. You’re the father.” Michael repeated angrily. Ashton looked from me to Michael, and back to me. “You’re not serious are you?”

“It’s true. I’m pregnant and Michael can’t have children and you’re the only one I’ve had sex with so it has to be you.” I mumbled, looking down at my feet. “This is fucking ridiculous! This can’t be true!” Ashton said loudly, “Obviously it can!”

“You’re not gonna keep it are you?” I looked at him shocked. I didn’t want this child either but hearing Ashton telling me I should have an abortion hurt like hell.

“Are you suggesting she should have an abortion?” Michael asked shocked. “Of course! If my girlfriend finds out she’s gonna kill me and I don’t want a child!” Michael looked at him blankly, “You’re a fucking idiot!” He told Ashton with clenched fists. “You’re not gonna have an abortion! Don’t even think about it.” Michael told me and put his hand on my belly.

I was confused, why would Michael want me to keep this baby? I didn’t understand. All of a sudden I felt a terrible pain in my stomach, worse than anything I’ve ever felt before. I let out a loud scream and collapsed on the floor. “Shit shit! (Y/N) what is it? What’s wrong?” Michael asked trying to comfort me.

“I -I think something’s wrong with the baby.”

I hope you enjoyed it. Feedback is always nice. :) x

‘Okay, so me and my main ladasaurus-rex, George ‘Poor Fucker’ Osbourne (he shagged a pleb once for a bet 'cause he a boy like that), were chilling at Number 11, doing some filthy shots and watching a load of Socialist wankers protesting against us or some shit (they never taught us to speak Commoner at Eton, so I had no idea what they were saying). We were pretty damned railed after a while and needed something spicy and/or packed with carbs to soak up the vods we’d been downing. George 'Disabled People Are Just Lazy’ Osbourne turns to me and comes out with this sterling idea.
'Dave, brav,’ he says. 'Know what would be complete banter?’
'Selling off the NHS to the Americans through the TTIP?’ I ask.
'Nah mate,’ says George. 'More banterish than that.’
'Legalising it?’
'You mean weed?’
'Nah, fox hunting. 420 blow a bugle and kill an innocent creature!’
Davo,’ George sounded annoyed now, like my ex-boyfriend, Nick Clegg, used to when I wouldn’t let him pass shitty, Liberal legislation. 'Shut the hell up. Eric Pickles could run a marathon in the time it’ll take you to get what I’m saying at this rate!’ He took a deep breath. 'Bruh, let’s go for a cheeky Nandos.’
So, we donned out snapbacks and River Island, extra-large jumpers, climbed in the PM-mobile and drove to the local Nandos.
—  David Cameron
Watch Me - Mashton Smut

Requested: No

Rating: Smut

Author: Jersey x.

It was just a regular lazy Sunday day. I was watching watching High School Musical with Michael in his room. It was very quiet since Calum and Luke are out at the movie theater and Ashton taking a nap next door.

“We’re soaring flying..” I hear Michael sing with Gabriella while he play with my hair.

“You messed up Gabriella’s solo, doorknob.” I joked

“Shut up, pickle stick.” Michael battled

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