To the beautiful and wonderful spnjensenlove02, misswhizzy, and geeklibrarian, I love you all so much. 

Here’s a big ole hug right back atcha!


THOSE “movie fans”…

so, I’ve been tagged approximately 80 times by so many people ( vastiias, lucyheartfllia, urmilkovich, mardgeer, and I have a feeling there are a couple more from several weeks ago!) for the beautiful people challenge, and finally got around to making a post. 

took this photo back in march, I’m pretty sure I already posted it on my birthday but here ya go, have some more of me! I never know who to tag in these things but here we go! a-song-of-dragons-and-stars, kailsalad, dracaux, muffindragon227, dark-ecriture, tinyjudar, jjuvia, nalunatic netsudragneel ryzaphelle (I keep adding people oh my g od) @TBH IF YOU WANT TO DO IT, JUST DO IT! if you do not feel comfortable enough to do this, please don’t feel pressured to at all! 

My Tumblr Crushes:

  1. eyes-of-a-disney-princess
  2. skidaddle-o3o
  3. spnjensenlove02
  4. geeklibrarian
  5. sammit-janet
  6. jacklesonmymind
  7. beakaleak32
  8. femmedplume
  9. justjensenanddean

You’re all so amazing I really don’t know what I’d do without you.