I hit 2000 followers which is insane so I wanted to say thanks by officially shouting out my friends and favorite blogs!!!

Firstly I’m gonna say my favorite people who are mostly my close friends irl and people I’ve been talking to for a long time so you should definitely be following all of these really wonderful people:

@in-the-west-wing @wetshrimp @cinnabonanna @a-drunk-giraffe @hideawaycoll @jetblackjaspar @mauriel676 @professergamer @becausedodie

Everyone in the @doddlexddle net is really cool so you should follow them:

@doddlepoddle @ilikeyoumorethancake @uhhtrash @pastellhowelll @titan-i-um

And in general I follow a ton of amazing blogs so here are my faves in alphabetical order:


@aanothermusicblogg @absolutely-smitten-with-dodie @adoredbydoddle @anaoddle @angel-dodie @avocadodie @beautifuldoddle @becausedodie (again bc I love nova) @birthdaycakeandstorytimeandfall @blazing-eyes @bluedodie @blushinlester @blushydodie @bobbleobble @callingearthitsme @candle-dodie @cansadda @cheekbones-n-freckles @cloverlester @coldwaveclods @confettidodie @constellationphil @cutedodie 


@daily-doddle @dandelion-dodie @dannivanloon @datrandomone @dazzling-dodie @dearhappydodie @doddle-dodes @doddle-obsessed @doddle-vloggle @doddlecddle @doddlemoddle @doddleodd @doddleoddity @doddleoddle (obviously) @doddleoddledodiee @doddles-mind-boggle @doddlesunshine @doddlewoggle @doddloddle @dodes-trash @dodie-stuff @dodieable @dodieanddottie @dodieandtessa @dodieclarkedits @dodieclarkofficial @dodiedefensesquad @dodieislove @dodielovestea @dodies-tea @dodiesclarks @dodiexclark @dodieyellow @dorothyoddle @dotsandstars @drawingdodie @duckslikedodieclarktoo @eevee1001 @eggododie


@fairylightfluff @falafeldodie @fireflies-in-the-sky @floraldodie @flowerdodes @freckles-and-constellations @frecklesnconstellations @fuckyeahdodieclark @gigglygaymush @glowdodie @haunted-plants @heartwithwings @hedyweddy @imaginedodie @insertagoodpunhere @light-176 @lilskeletonprince @mauriel676 @meldodie @mindsintertwined @ndbrt6 @nolimitwords


@oddiedoddie@oneforthedods @onehellofaphangirl @onlydodie @pastel-dxdie @permanent-memories @permanenthugfromyou @pillowfortphil @poddleoddle @poppys-a-dancer @she-means-everything-to-me @shutupevanedinger @sickoflosingsoulmates @simplydodie @teaandukuleles @thecatwhofangirled @thedodieclark @theriverdaily @treephil @wifeofdodieclark @wonderdodie @wouldyoubesokind-blog 

Thank you all again for 2000 followers and I’m really sorry if I missed anyone