i hate jensen ackles and his perfect face. i just want to squish him and just put him in a museum and just ahhhh i hate his cute nose and fucking sharp jawline and thOSE FUCKING FRECKLES AND GREEN EYES I FUCKING HATE HIM AND HIS CUTE WIGGLY HIPS AND BOWED LEGS AND HIS CUTE LITTLE BOOTED FEETSIES OH MY GOD HE IS A MENACE.

Oh my god I thought this went without saying since I’m a fucking minor, but if you’re a porn blog, DONT FUCKING FOLLOW ME maybe?? like wtf if ur posting tons of porn, don’t follow someone you know is a minor that’s fucking shitty

ok but damian wayne and pokemon

when pokemon go came out someone would show him the anime to explain to him, bc baby assassins probably dont watch pokemon

and instead of being like yo cool, he would hate it?? why are you making them fight?? youre hurting them

and hed get the app. gotta catch them all. keep them safe

hed have a gym in gotham where when you show up hed BEAT YOU UP WITH HIS BARE HANDS. STOP!! MAKING!! THEM!! FIGHT!!

I hate seeing young people promoting under 18s with plus 18s relationships. On what planet is that right. And I’m not talking like a year different I’m talking like more than 3 years plus. An age difference which is basically a child and an adult. It isn’t right, it isn’t particularly healthy and it’s usually manipulative. And if you, in any aspect, think that it’s okay, please unfollow me.

Taking a little break...

So, after some talks with a few people, especially the amazing bovaria, I’m going to take a break from Tumblr for a little bit. I have my queue set and I might pop on just to look at J2 because they make me happy, but for the most part, it may be till monday. I hope it’s sooner, but I just…I need a little bit. I understand if you want to unfollow, I will still love you. Thanks for the messages the other day, they really help and mean so much. 

You all make me very happy and again, sorry. Love you guys so much like you don’t even know. 


Need New Blogs to Follow

Hello my lovelies! My dash is dead and I’m in desperate need of new people to follow. If you or someone you know blogs:

  • SPN - Specifically Dean and preferably ship free
  • Harry Potter
  • Sense 8

Please reblog this, or message me their URL and I’ll check you/ them out. Thanks!

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