Grantaire had been eagerly awaiting the ball ever since discovering that Enjolras had been persuaded into going. The very thought of him dancing and making polite small talk with those he despised so deeply due to their status and lifestyle was amusing enough to fill Grantaire yet again with impatience, even though it was now rapidly approaching. In fact, the only imperfect detail of the whole evening was that he could not be home to witness Enjolras in his suit before the ball (his reasons being that his own suit had moved into Courfeyrac’s wardrobe about a year ago and the arrangement was too convenient to ruin, and also he suspected that if he was at home to see Enjolras dressed up he highly doubted they would actually manage to leave, and it would be a terrible shame to waste the opportunity now that Enjolras had been persuaded to attend the ball). And so it came to be that an unbearably long time after arriving fashionably late himself Grantaire was drifting distractedly around the party, determined to at least see Enjolras arrive before allowing himself to get too caught up in the event.

some theories I have about Holtzmann:

-she’s a massive stephen king fan, she’s read everything he’s brought out.
- use to help out at a theatre in town, and occasionally got parts if she had the time to commit
- she has a swear jar, and the money she “raises” goes to charity, or she buys toys for foster kids
- plans to master the breakfast train from chitty chitty bang bang
- has the best handwriting when she puts effort in, it’s either 7 year old boy or Victorian era princess

i hate jensen ackles and his perfect face. i just want to squish him and just put him in a museum and just ahhhh i hate his cute nose and fucking sharp jawline and thOSE FUCKING FRECKLES AND GREEN EYES I FUCKING HATE HIM AND HIS CUTE WIGGLY HIPS AND BOWED LEGS AND HIS CUTE LITTLE BOOTED FEETSIES OH MY GOD HE IS A MENACE.