The documentary Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure has really got it all, you guys: our dream-friend Daniel Clowes, audio verite, and the music of the Magnetic Fields all make appearances. It’s about the sprawling history of an art project that commenced when two cute ‘80s alterna-guys started secretly recording their elderly, drunken neighbors fighting. It made me cry at the end and it’s streaming on Netflix. GO.

- Amy Rose


I got a decent dinner ready!   And you CRUCIFIED it!!

(note: may be NSFW)
Boy this is interesting news for fans of the cult tape, “SHUT UP, LITTLE MAN!”, which has now been turned into a documentary.  If you’re not familiar with it, here’s the tale.  Two guys living in a dumpy apartment building became fascinated with the ravings of the two men living next door.  Their yellers’ names were Raymond and Peter, and their neighbors recorded hours of them fighting with each other.  Somehow the tapes eventually leaked out and it became a cult phenomenon not unlike the Jerky Boys or the Tube Bar tapes.  The tapes are alternately hilarious, sad and maybe terrifying.

Some of the best taunts:

“Shut Up, Little Man!”

“I got a decent dinner ready, nothing happened with the dinner because you CRUCIFIED it!  You ruined it!”

“I’ll kill you in one minute!  Not one minute - 30 seconds!”

“Do I have to throw you down on the floor again?  Do you want to see it happen?  Don’t put your hand up against me.  You want to see it?  You’ll be down on the floor.  [thump]  There ya are, you’re on the floor.”

“Don’t be a fool, little man.  I only attack when I’ve been attacked.”

“Well, I was a mean motherf*cker in my time and I still am!”“

"What did you do during the war?  You didn’t do nothin’.”

“I ended up having to be down there at Park Station because of you.  Well, I didn’t do anything.  They [the police] also said what a fool you were.  Go ahead and giggle!  You always giggle falsely! You don’t have a decent giggle in you!”

“You were a man before I was born and you’ll be a man after I die; that’s the silliest thing you ever said in your life.”

“Don’t call me darling!”
“Then don’t act like a fool.”

For the original website, which has the story – including actual photos of Peter and Raymond – and to hear samples, check out There’s a great reminiscence there of following Raymond to Walgreen’s and snapping his picture.

For more on the film, go here.

i don’t usually watch many documentaries but if you have Netflix this is one I recommend watching. 

its about these 2 guys named Eddie Lee Sausage and Mitchell D. who moved into an apartment back in the late 80’s and started making audio recordings of their neighbors(Peter and Ray) when they had drunken arguments. they started off just sending the recordings to friends on mixtapes but eventually they spread all over.

so if you ever get a chance to watch this you should because its a hilarious story.


daniel clowes interview for SHUT UP LITTLE MAN documentary. this interview is beautifully shot & i like the moments the editing creates with the sound design