Just stumbled on Twitter a few mins ago and look what I found…

The Yamaha euphonium and trumpet models for Hibigay- *coughs* Hibike with of course, the autographs of the seiyuus of Kumiko, Reina and Yuko Y. signed on le cases. 😤

Whenever I see these pretty pics, it’s either I’d wanna have that freaking trumpet aka the Reina model as my birthday present-slash-cosplay props *time to get rekt, Wallet-kun!!!*, those pretty autographs of three seiyuus in the two cases esp the ones of Tomoyo Kurosawa and Chika Anzai or these two of the seiyuus as models of Yamaha aahhh!!! 😱

Mite, mite?! Real life!KumiRei is the best KumiRei jeezus!!! 😍😭🙊

Tagging @thefirebunny and @lucinalyn for this.