Kumiko staring at Shuichi vs. Kumiko staring at Reina (Episode 11)

The above is a total shitpost btw I just wanted to point out the difference between Kumiko’s reaction and thoughts when she sees Shuichi in a difficult situation and when she sees Reina in a compromising situation. 

For Shuichi, she merely stares while perhaps feeling sympathy or concern but she does not act on it and instead thinks of what Reina has mentioned before, to be special. Or in this case, to be better. 

For Reina, she does the same, except it is curiosity instead of concern. She does feel great worry at the end of Yuko’s talk with Reina and she acts on it by confronting and talking to Reina before the auditions begin. And as you have seen, the scene between them was very GAYYY emotional and well portrayed. 

Therefore, to those who worry about Shumiko, please don’t fret because the proof is there. This is only one of many moments that can be compared. And if KyoAni does screw up, I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP