shuffle + synopsis challenge: Bridget Regan & Tabrett Bethell (suggested by theladylefay)

song: the trees keep growing by Azure Ray

“The trees keep growing”:

Sarah (Regan) and Anne (Bethell) are friends since the first day of college. And since that first day Sarah is secretly in love with her friend. Time is running but woman still can’t tell about her feelings. College is over, they grew up and  life send them to the opposite ends of the country. 

Now Sarah tries to let go of her feelings, step by step, getting rid of memories of her unspoken love. And, when seems like everything is finally forgotten, one door bell once again turns her life upside down. Anne is at her doorstep, with bags in her hands and tears in her eyes. Could this be Sarah’s second chance?

Shuffle and Synopsis Challenge | cakeandbluejello asked: Amanda Tapping, Matt Smith, Emma Watson, Ryan Robbins

Song | If I Had A Heart - Fever Ray

If I had a heart I could love you
If I had a voice I would sing
After the night when I wake up
I’ll see what tomorrow brings

Synopsis | Set in 2031. The world is in turmoil, on the verge of collapse. Governments have been crushed and millions dead, all because of an unstoppable, and unseeable force, codenamed: the Spirit. While escaping the burning metropolis of Washington D.C., Moira (Amanda Tapping), a former CIA operative, bands together with ex-drug addict and martial artist Armand (Ryan Robbins) and his sister Theta (Emma Watson) on a mission to find the abandoned city of Grassham Gable, said to house the mythic Safe-Zone; a place impenetrable by the Spirit. But when they arrive, the city is deserted. The only thing still standing is a mansion harboring Callum (Matt Smith) a scientist hell-bent on destroying the Spirit. Little do they know, both the illustrious Mansion and Theta herself hold many secrets, including how the Spirit came into existence, and how to stop them. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Thriller.

Asked by: Psychadelia child-

Cast: Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, Ben Barnes, Taylor Lautner

Song: Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol

Story: When the body is in danger, the mind protects itself. Life for Amelia Baxter (Watson) has been turned upside down. Her devoted and stable parents just announced that they are getting a divorce. Her mother is moving her to other side of the country away from her seemingly perfect boyfriend, Zack (Lautner), who doesn’t even seem to put up a fight. The night before her flight out her life-long best friend, Caleb (Lerman), admits he has always loved her right before they get into a car accident landing her in a coma. With so many huge changes in her life and the trauma from the wreck, her mind creates its on fantasy world of good and evil and magic to help her sort through what to do with her life. Guided along through the various realities by her Conscience (Barnes), Amelia learns that things aren’t as simple as they seem, not to take anything for granted, and how to stand up and make her own decisions.


this took me far longer than it should, it’s not perfect but i like it. if i go back and fix/change it, i will post it again.

Miss Everything
Starring: Nina Dobrev, Matt Bomer, Charlie Hunnam and Naya Rivera

“And as I watch you disappear into the ground
My one mistake was that I never let you down
So I’ll waste my time and I’ll burn my mind
I’m Miss Nothing, I’m Miss Everything”
Miss Nothing – The Pretty Reckless

Milly Radcliffe (Dobrev) thought she had everything figured out – until her parent’s sudden death leaves her re-evaluating her life. Dropping out of law school she decides to trek across the country in pursuit of the fun and adventure she’s been missing her entire life. Along the way, she runs into best friends and con-artists, Lea (Rivera), Tyler (Hunnam) and James (Bomer), who show her that breaking the law, can be the most fun you ever have. An action packed comedy of self discovery where you learn that friends who lie together, stay together.

shuffle+synopsis challenge: emilybrownings asked — gaspard ulliel, emily browning

Stay Now - Jem
Daylight comes, daylight comes
And you’ve gotta go
Breaks my heart, breaks my heart
To have to watch you go

Taylor (Gaspard Ulliel) is a Professional Assasin, everything in his life is under control, no strings attached and no fear. Until he meets Elliot (Emily Browning). Without telling her the truth about his profession, Taylor keep doing his job and slowly falls in love with this girl. When Ellit tells him she is pregnant, Taylor decide to take one more killing contract before starting a real and safer life with her. But maybe its too late?

Shuffle and Synopsis Challenge | anonymous asked: Amanda Tapping, Richard Dean Anderson, Nathan Fillion, Emma Stone

Song | I Like The Way this Is Going - Eels

I like your toothy smile
It never fails to beguile
Whichever way the wind is blowing
I like the way this is going

Synopsis | Life is pretty much perfect for kindergarden teacher Jeanine (Amanda Tapping) and her policeman husband Steven (Nathan Fillion). Although unable to have children of their own, Jeanine and Stevens plan to adopt is almost within their grasp. But when Steven is killed in the line of duty, Jeanine spirals into depression, and begins abusing pills to cope. Refusal from the adoption agency is the nail in the coffin, and in Jeanine’s desperate attempt to keep herself from crumbling, she trades her kindergarden classroom for  high school. It’s quite an adjustment, but one student in particular, the enigmatic Kelly (Emma Stone) shows true promise, and Jeanine takes it upon herself to help the young woman reach her full potential. But when she meets Kelly’s father, arrogant novelist Thomas (Richard Dean Anderson), the two don’t see eye-to-eye on the direction Kelly’s future should take, and neither can stand the other. When Kelly plans a dinner to hash things out between the two, both words and sparks fly, and Jeanine starts to feel something she thought she’d lost. Romance, Drama.

Shuffle + Synopsis : Go To Him

Suggested by : fornia (un-)

Song : anna (go to him) by the Beatles

Cast : Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Chase Crawford

Synopsis : Anna (Stewart) is a girl who is in relationship with Paul (Pattinson). She seems so in love with him, until she meets Tom (Crawford) in the shop she works. At first, they were just friends, but it seems that wasn’t enough for Tom. Anna is too blind by her emotions and madly in love with Tom, so when he told her to leave Paul and be with him she follows his instructions. Anna told Paul he didn’t love her as much as Tom does and she wanted him to set her ‘free’. Paul can’t do else but leaving his girl go away, to have a better future. After a couple of months, Anna returns to Paul crying because of breaking up with Tom, and Paul, no matter how much he had hurt, he forgives her.

shuffle + synopsis challenge:  Craig Parker Bridget Regan, Craig Horner & Tabrett Bethell (suggested by ilovekahlancara)

song: shampain by Marina & the diamonds


They are creatures of the night. But not vampires, as you may think. They are party people, those whose life begins with the last lights of the sun, when their doors opens best night clubs of the city. An insurance agent (Parker), an unclaimed fashion model (Bethell), a librarian (Regan) and a salesman of vacuum cleaners (Horner). By the will of fate, or because of a drunk accident, but they  wake up in a locked room of a suburbs hotel. They don’t remember each other, have no idea how did they get here and don’t know what happened last night. A room key is lost and they can’t find it. So, all that they can do – sit and try to remember how they ended up here.

Shuffle and Synopsis Challenge | queerandnerdy asked: Amanda Tapping, Alex Kingston, Torri Higgingon, Catherine Tate

Song | Pocket - Sam Sparro

It’s a small world
What a type cliché
But it’s a small world
How many times can I say
That everything you do will end up
Coming right back round again

Synopsis | Four women, four very different lives. One thing in common: Murder. Told from the perspectives of the four women while serving life sentences. The story of Valerie (Amanda Tapping): HR representative for the prestigious Baylor company, killed her boss Mr. Phillips. Claimed she did so in self defense because he was trying to rape her, but the evidence, along with his rather violent death, did not support her case. The story of Sharon (Alex Kingston): Housewife and stay-at-home mom, killed her husband and two children by setting their suburban home on fire. Claimed mental disease/defect at trial, but evidence of premeditation made the jury find her guilty. The story of Melody (Torri Higginson): Prostitute, killed a John after he refused to pay. Claimed she wasn’t in her right mind, being forced to use crack-cocaine by her pimp so that she’d be complacent, found guilty. The story of Ann (Catherine Tate): Freelance designer, attacked and killed a stranger in broad daylight for no apparent reason, having absolutely no connection to the woman. Plead guilty. All these stories are more complicated than they seem. One of these women is innocent, and the revelation of who it is will shock you. Drama.

Shuffle + Synopsis Challenge : Here, There and Everywhere

Suggested by : coeurbelle

Song : here, there and everywhere by the Beatles

Cast : Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart

Synopsis : John (Pattinson) lives a bachelor life somewhere in Liverpool. Music is his passion, way of life and way of expressing thoughts, he creates a band with the view to have girls, money and fame. The band started to become really successfull in Liverpool, and John had all he ever wanted. Or not? By the time his bandmate and best friend, Pete, introduces John his new girlfriend, Chloé (Stewart), John tries with any possible way to win her. Chloé is extremely confused when after building a strong friendship with John, he tells her that he loves her, and she realises that she has the same feelings for him. She tells him she wanted to thing about it, and they don’t see each other for a month until John finds Chloé drunk in a bar, he takes care of her and she tells him that thing they had with Pete was over.

shuffle + synopsis challenge: Bridget Regan, Craig Horner, Leonardo DiCaprio & Jordana Beatty (suggested by iwillneverletgoipromise)

song: killing it by the hundred in the hands

“Killing it”:

Michael (Horner), Kate (Regan) and Sasha (Jordana) Collins are small but very close family, living in the suburbs of New York. And the fact that Michael and Kate can’t have their own children and Sasha is adopted, doesn’t change anything. But idyll of their family is broken at the moment when Charles Brendon  breaks into their apartment. This man not only a professional killer, but Sasha’s biological father. And now, when he himself became a target, he must save lives of his daughter and her new family. 

Shuffle & Synopsis Challenge

Olivia Wilde & Michael Fassbender requested by im-ceo-bitch-.

Song: Holly - Basement Birds

How much does Daniel (Fassbender) really know about his girlfriend Holly (Wilde)?
She’d always been so reluctant to divulge information about her past, and he’d accepting this, agreeing to go slow for her. However, one night he goes to her place to find that there’s no one answering the door. He crawls over the back fence and calls up to the window to let him climb through, but still receives no response. When Holly is yet to return several days later Daniel begins to become concerned.
His worries are confirmed when he receives a note from a stranger that simply read, “How much do you really know about Holly?” It becomes apparent that she has been kidnapped, and in order to save her Daniel must unravel the mysteries of her past before it’s too late.

Shuffle and Synopsis Challenge | dancequeen80 asked: Amanda Tapping, James McAvoy, David Tennant, Catherine Tate

Song | Divided - Tegan and Sara

I don’t want to live my life like a story
Always thinkin I could’ve been something
Don’t run along side and control me
Just film away and let me be
At ease I, I feel fine
I’ll go on, I move on

Synopsis | Former Child-Star Delilah (Amanda Tapping) decides to get back into the business after nearly thirty years, with a little prodding from her younger brother Jason (James McAvoy), who is now a director. Her first gig back in the biz? Starring in her brothers latest project, playing love interest to the very famous, and quite perplexing, Rylan (David Tennant) in what is to be this year’s biggest Romantic Comedy. Unfortunately for Jason, Amy (Catherine Tate), the author of the best-selling novel that the film is based on, is furious over the changes made to the script, which she also penned. First day of shooting is around the corner, but Amy is ready to wreak havoc until things are fixed. While Rylan tries to saddle up to his lovely new co-star, Delilah finds she’s more interested in the fiery redheaded author than her leading man. Can Delilah convince her brother to leave the script alone? And what happens when Delilah and Amy end up on an impromptu date after being ditched by both Jason and Rylan at dinner the night before shooting? Romantic Dramedy.

FAKE MOVIE MEME (Shuffle+Synopsis Challenge)

Starring: Blake Lively and Paul Wesley requested by dudix

Shuffle said: Teenage Dream, Katy Perry

Genre: Romance

Seventeen-year-old Lizzie Bennet was a troubled girl and drama-queen during her whole life. Used to be the it girl on school, she lived a life of lies and impulses, doing whatever she wants. Ever boy in Riversville, a small town on south California, used to fell for her. Until the day Luke, a 19-year-old british student of Philosophy exchange house in an interniship program with Lizzie’s sister, Lauren. Luke is what Lizzie used to call a BAMF. The only problem is that he seems to be pretty much the only boy who doesn’t like her… decided to do whatever it takes to prove not only herself, but the whole city that she could have anyone, Lizzie finds herself in a journey to find out what kind of people Luke was into… by getting close to him as a friend! No more gossip and scheming, neither make-up or expensive shopping… at least until he falls for her. But as time passes, Lizzie starts wondering.. Will that 360 degrees change will be for good?  

Shuffle + Synopsis Challenge

Colin Morgan, Arthur Darvill, Michael Seater, and Catherine Tate | Suggested by dytmvicky

A kick in the teeth is good for some
A kiss with a fist is better than none

Emmaline Baker (Tate), a passive-aggressive and naive woman, is downgraded from her job filing reports when one of the lower-ranks dies in a freak accident and Emmaline is the only one who volunteers to take his place. She assumes the role of probation worker for three delinquents, charming and crafty Gabe (Seater), brainy and resourceful Cory (Morgan), and sardonic and reluctant Dylan (Darvill). Emmaline must shape up and learn how to administer some tough love before the young men realize how much of a push-over she really is.

shuffle + synopsis challenge: Tabrett Bethell, Lucy Lawless & Erin Cummings (suggested by evanevieve)

song: deep secret by x-ray dog

Deep secret”:

Theresa (Lawless), Sophia (Bethell) and Marina (Cummings) may look like quite ordinary duplicitous bitches. Secular lionesses, they all got here thanks to their rich old husbands, all of which died shortly afterwards. However, now such a thing won’t surprise anybody.

But, actually, these women are far more mysterious, than you may think. They never appear together on the same parties, but lives together in a large old country mansion. Very few people knows what exactly going on there, but it’s rumored that Marquis de Sade’s characters themselves would envy their private parties.

Shuffle and Synopsis Challenge | lazoey asked: Catherine Tate, John Barrowman, Alan Rickman, Alex Kingston

Song | Black Poppies - CocoRosie

Underground bodies stir with no sound
No one to hear them under the ground
Ghosthorse and stillborns turn in their cradles
Silvery meadow mummers the song of
Tiny glow worms glowing

Synopsis | Set in 1850’s. Consummate bachelor Theodore (John Barrowman) thinks he may have found his match in widow Elizabeth (Alex Kingston). Unfortunately, his overbearing father, upstanding lawyer Benjamin (Alan RIckman), along with his former ward and now wife Beatrice (Catherine Tate), are vehemently against the idea, and will do anything they can to stop the impending matrimony, perhaps even commit murder. Period Drama.

Shuffle+Synopsis Challenge asked by ilovekahlancara   

Every girl an’ boy 
Needs a little joy 
All you do is sit an’ stare 
Beggin’ on my knees 
Baby, won’t you please 
Run your fingers through my hair 

Title: Do you wanna touch me?

Cast: David Boreanaz, Alyssa Milano and Eliza Dushku


George(David Boreanaz) has always been a businessman, without a business, until he meets Jessica(Alyssa Milano) and Jennifer(Eliza Dushku). They need someone trustworthy, someone out of the police radar to bring back their streaptease club. Of course George says yes, what he doesn’t know is that streaptese is the most innocent thing going on in there.

Shuffle and Synopsis Challenge | puffandruffle asked: Gillian Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Tim Roth

Song | Welcome To Your Wedding Day - The Airborne Toxic Event

And we know its begun from the crack of the guns
And the screams from the mouths of babes
And we pray as we’re watching the charade
Welcome to your wedding day

Synopsis | Mardi Gras, New Orleans, Louisiana. Best friends Jill Proust (Gillian Anderson) and Ramona Wheeler (Amanda Tapping), both recent divorcees, vacation down to the bayou to celebrate Mardi Gras. Too many drinks later, they stumble back to their hotel in the middle of the night, only to be stopped by a man who calls himself Narcisse (Tim Roth) and claims to be a Bokor (voodoo sorcerer). Narcisse offers them an opportunity of a lifetime: to go back in time to their respective Wedding days. In their drunken stupor, the women accept, not realizing Narcisse has an ulterior motive. Flash backwards to their Weddings, Jill does everything she can to make sure it’s perfect, hoping that her actions will prevent her marriage from failing again. Ramona, however, decides to get even with her ex-soon-to-be husband. But both women’s actions have unexpected consequences, and when they return to the present, New Orleans is in chaos, overrun by the undead. Can they find Narcisse in time to fix what they’ve done, and if they can find him, will he be willing? Fantasy.

shuffle+synopsis challenge: ihearttron asked — andrew garfield, jesse eisenberg, garrett hedlund

Ride - Cary Brothers
If I told you ou were right
Would you take my hand tonight?
If I told you the reasons why
Would you leave your life and ride?

A drama that is centered around a troubled young man and his ex lover during the 1978 fight for gay right in California. Danny (Andrew Garfield) is an activist for the gay rights, he is open about his homosexuality and not afraid to be himself, but his boyfriend Nathaniel (Jesse Eisenberg) is not so confident about his sexual orientation. They constantly fight about it, until Danny mets Sean (Garrett Hedlund) another activist. When Danny and Sean become a couple, Nathaniel realises his mistake and tries to get Danny back by any means.