Shriven the Giraffe

He’s been nagging me to get him merch of his crush GG since he first saw and heard her, I had to show him there was no bracelet for him to show off everywhere.

Then he nagged me to help him put this together—

“My nubby legs are not good for typing!”

I know, I know…

“But thanks for helping uwu”

No problem, gotta be a responsible friend-owner. Alright, my job is done!—

“Wait do not post it yet you can not post the kiss part!!”

Too late c:

“Nooo gosh this is so embarrassing jfhakjhajkdh”


What a surprise! A surprise because I wasn’t expecting it to get here today XD (given that it had to cross the ocean to get to Spain and they said to expect delays) now I can at last listen to the album, look at the pretty booklet art and… Shriven, what are you doing?

Miss GG!! She’s on the CD!!”

Oh, yes, yes she is— hey! Come back here with my CD! Sigh… oh well, I’ll take a look at the cards |D;

It took some effort to pry the lid open, but in the end I succeeded! The cards are really pretty, it’s nice to see some lore characters in there—

“This is much better than the CD! My little nubby legs can carry this around as a placeholder for the bracelet uwu because the GG bracelet is happening, right?”

Give them some time and it’ll happen, so far we know there’ll be a button soon.

“I’ll need that button”

Yes, I know you’ll need it, don’t worry; now enjoy your girl’s card portrait as I go to give a listen to the album.

“S-she’s no-not… she’s a QUEEN and I’m just a giraffe among the crowd u_ú… the first in line but still in the crowd”

((got to listen half the CD so far, I like how the instrumental part of the songs ties them all together. I’m looking forward to the next album))