The Witch | Camille Chew

The Witch represents ultimate power and strength, specifically feminine power. She symbolizes independence, creativity, and skill. The Witch is about making things happen; brewing potions and casting spells. Call upon her when you’re stuck in a creative rut, need that extra push to achieve your goals, or wish to heighten your power.

From a series of masks and shrines representing my moon deity characters. Made for my fellowship show last year.

altars for aphrodite 💘 ✨

Originally posted by bursting-rainbows

i noticed there isnt too much on aphrodite (or maybe where i’m looking there isnt lmao) but i love her dearly. here are some things i associate with her, and things to put on your altar!

  • rose quartz
  • mirrors
  • lipstick
  • shells - abalone, pink shells, ones you found at your beach
  • sand
  • sea salt
  • ocean water
  • poems
  • love letters
  • flowers - daisies, roses, fragrant flowers
  • fruit - apples, pomegranates
  • statues - dolphins, doves, swans, aphrodite herself
  • things you’re passionate about - art, writing, etc
  • feathers
  • rose water
  • colours that represent her- pink, red, blues
  • could be on your makeup vanity
  • lace
  • jewelry 
  • candles
  • lingerie
  • fairy lights
  • something to represent her in the middle - a picture, a statue, a woman you find beautiful
  • big abalone offering bowl, or any shell
  • hearts
  • mermaids
  • perfume
  • bath bombs
  • an aphrodite spell bottle - heres one i made!

but, in the end, it’s your altar. nobody can tell you what to put on it or what not to put on it. you do you, baby!