1. Jack leaning over to give Gabe a simmering glare, which Gabe returns with a frown. Shpinxes can each other pretty well non verbally and quiet stare downs are not uncommon.

2. Young, shaggy Jack being intimidated by one of his many sisters. Jack has over 30 siblings and they’re mostly bred for a market that looks for sphinxes like Morrisons. Old concept because I tweaked his sibling’s designs a bit.

3. Old design of Jesse. He no longer has a snake tail, lol.

merrypaws  asked:

I saw that picture of demon!Nath and shpinx!Chat and then browsed through your monster AU tag, and suddenly it just popped into my head... If a teacher at school uses a laser pointer would Adrien have to suppress the urge to chase the red dot?

Well pretty sure there are some werecats somewhere in the school, so i guess laser pointers are forbidden…but yes, Adrien will pounce and chase for it if someone decides to use it

It’s kinda dark but he’s still cute. I can send more too if you want. My parents got me him for my birthday, and I think he was around $1500, probably a little bit more. He’s a seal point and will forever be bae 

OMG he is adorable! and yeeaahhh I remember an episode of friends where rachel accidentally bought one or somthing

but I want a cat like this one day