Emmys' Acting Races Poised for Shake-Up Amid Glut of Ensemble Shows
This year, awards hopefuls are finding themselves competing against more of their co-stars within certain categories.

Showtime, for one, will pitch Homeland’s Rupert Friend as drama lead, instead of supporting, where he previously competed with Mandy Patinkin. (Initially, Friend was nominated in 2013 for his Homeland work in the guest race, but he’s seen his screen time climb in subsequent years.)

“What time is it?”
“Showtime showtime, yo”

'Billions' Will Make TV History With Gender Non-Conforming Star
Asia Kate Dillon says they are here to "change the game."

A nonbinary actor portraying a nonbinary character in a major TV series!

Taylor, they said, is different from other cultural depictions of non-binary and gender non-conforming people in that the character’s storyline didn’t focus on coming out or rejection from their friends and family. Calling the role a “personal breakout,” they said. “Not only is Taylor different from anything we’ve seen on television before, but I am something new, too. I’m here to change the game.”


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