If The Beatles were the original rock'n'roll four-piece, then Ringo was the original rock'n'roll drummer. This was the template for the next 40 years of music. They were certainly the foundation for what I do and Ringo seemed to be the foundation of The Beatles. I always thought he had a great style. He had a wonderful swing and was a showman. A lot of drummers aren’t considered showmen, but he definitely turned it on. His swing and backbeat carry so many of The Beatles’ songs. Back then, the recording depended on the feel of the song. There was no digital manipulation of drum tracks, so it was up to the drummer to dictate that feel. And Ringo had his own sound. Pull all the instruments out and you’d still know it was a Beatles song. And that’s the sound of a signature drummer. It’s the kind of thing drummers strive for all their career, but not all of them make it.

Dave Grohl

Im gonna pretend that tom is pointing at zendaya while outside of the circus because he too is excited for The Greatest Showman on Earth.

sixpenceee, your post on Colma reminded me of Forest Park, Illinois. It’s known as a “village of cemeteries” with it’s dead person to living person ratio being around 30:1. It’s also home to Showman’s Rest, a section of Woodlawn Cemetery where employees of the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus were buried after a freak train accident in 1918.

Crazy afternoon shadows notwithstanding, here’s a pair of vintage Fenders: 1968 Lake Placid Blue Jazz Bass on the left, and 1961 LPB Precision Bass on the right. The original finish on the Jazz has yellowed and aged to a deep green, and @danocaster_guitars did a fine body-only refin on the P Bass. Hiding in the back is our ‘65 Fender Showman w/ 1x12 Tone Ring cab! #guitar #bass #fender #fenderbass #jazzbass #pbass #lakeplacidblue #nitrolacquer #showman #tonering (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)

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