anyways heres a better heliotrope we need and deserve (cough cough crewniverse)

heliotropes are medics, able to provide a healing touch of sorts to injured/cracked/etc gems after having their gem exposed to cold water. some have the ability to manipulate clouds as well, creating rain if need be to help allow for quick heals

this particular heliotrope is based on my sister in design, attitude, and wardrobe, as most heliotropes would be wearing something more like a coat or cloak, and be more reserved. this one idolized yellow diamond and her troops, longing to be a warrior alongside the jaspers and amethysts, wishing to stomp out the resistance herself and prove to herself and those around her that she can be just as powerful and capable as the other warriors. however, she does not have a summonable weapon and is physically too small and weak to fight, so she never got her chance

shes loud, brash, and a handful, but can be a fantastic ally when known better

  • <p> <b>oliver:</b> we can make a million babies if you want<p/>
  • <b> connor:</b> good let's get started then<p/>
  • <b> me:</b> wat<p/></p>

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omg what is dead chicken i haven't seen it i'm curious now. but i do hope he wears the costume from 4cc at worlds. it belongs on a runway it's the most beautiful costume i've ever seen

you sweet summer child whose eyes have never been sullied by the sight of the chicken costume…i almost feel bad for answering this because your innocence will forever be gone. but you asked for it.

imagine the betrayal. going from one of the best costumes of the season, to this:

i can’t believe i had to go take these screencaps, i need to cleanse myself now

down in the dumps- very quick announcement!

something that was really bothering me, and had been bothering me for a long while, was the way that i wrote the third chapter of Down in the Dumps. I had gotten some stinging amounts of mail all demanding updates as well as a lot of pressure in my day to day life, and doing what i thought was best, i took to my computer, wrote something and submitted it as was.

fuckkkk was i upset with it.

i didn’t like my style, the plot, or the content. and the storyline felt forced and contrived.

this was meant to be a fun project for me to persue, and with the amount ofmean things that were being said everyday about why i wasn’t working harder or what they did/didn’t like, i wasn’t following my own ideas and perspective for this story and wrote something i wasn’t happy with.


i’ve deleted chapter three (not chapters 1 or 2!), and i’m going back to do it again. i’m going to do my best to have it up ASAP. but whatever it will be, it will be more to what iwant to write and how i want to write it.

this story is my form of catharsis! it’s how i get through my day, by jotting down things in notebooks.

so that’s what i’m going to go back to doing! letting it be my project (and ignore the most frequent of steaming messages in my inbox). i’ll put up a chapter i like and then continue from there!

i have more written! but the anxiety of that chapter and my own daily responsibilities of school and family life were holding me back from publishing anything else. now that i’ve taken that step and deleted that chapter, i can start fresh! and i can have a better perspective of why i started this in the first place!

to those who have stuck with me, thank you! it means the world. and hopefully now, with this major anxiety troll off my shoulders, i can start writing more frequently again! you’ve all be so wonderful and i appreciate it. so bear with me!

(chapter 1 and 2 are still up, and if my plans go right, the third chapter will be up in a week or two! followed by the fourth!)

thank you again to all my incredible friends for their amazing support! y’all are the best!

remember that time when El/za was all “Clarke never gets to smile!!!!” but whenever I try to find gifs/pictures of Bellamy smiling I get this:

                                      ❝ 𝔈ʟɢᴀʀᴀ ᴠᴀʟʟᴀs, ᴅᴀ'ʟᴇɴ,
                                             ᴍᴇʟᴀᴠᴀ sᴏᴍɴɪᴀʀ.
                                          𝔐ᴀʟᴀ ᴛᴀʀᴇɴ ᴀʀᴀᴠᴀs,
                                           ᴀʀᴀ ᴍᴀ'ᴅᴇsᴇɴ ᴍᴇʟᴀʀ.

guys i’m planning on getting a lost tattoo before i move cause my friend and i are gonna get tattoos together and i’ve wanted a lost one for years but I CAN’T DECIDE WHAT I WAAAAAANT

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- That 70s Show
- The Wizard Of Oz
- Prison Break
- Once Upon A Time
- Suicide Squad
- Spirited Away
- Oz The Great And Powerful
- The Phantom Of The opera
- Alice In Wonderland
- Red Riding Hood
- Hocus Pocus
- Tigers
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- Sea Turtles
- Penguins
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- Return To Oz