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Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Plot: Somehow you didn’t picture having to face Dr. Barnes would end up quite like this.

Warnings: StudentXProfessor relationship (No minors involved, Reader is a Grad student and completely legal at the age of 25), Language (you all know me by now, I mean c’mon), Shit SMUT, public shenanigans, Authority kink I guess?, spanking

A/N: TWO UPDATES IN TWO DAYS??? And this one’s shitty smutty!  And long!

I’ll be the first to admit that this is shit, and I’m nooooooot too sure if I’m happy with this one or not, but please let me know what you think.

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You weren’t sure if you’d ever get to sleep.

Saturday had gone by without incident, but it may have also been because you didn’t let yourself leave the apartment.  But now it was Sunday evening, and there you were.  

Wide Awake.


You glance at the tied up plastic grocery bag that you had folded Bucky’s clothes in.  How were you going to approach that?  “Hey, here’s the clothes I stole from you when I snuck out of your apartment after the best sex of my life.  Hope we can let things get back to normal, yeah?”

Yeah, you’re an idiot.

God!  How could you have just ran out of there?  The thought of Bucky’s face falling when he opened his eyes to find you gone kept replaying in your head all weekend.  Or perhaps he had reached out, fingers finding empty sheets instead of the curves he sought out.  What the hell is he gonna say when you get there?  Will he even be able to look you in the eye?  Will he pretend that you aren’t there?  Or will he look at you, really look at you.  Ask you why you left?

God, you hoped not.

Because then you would have to face it.

“Y/N, no,”  Nat says, standing in your doorway with arms crossed.  You simply cock an eyebrow at her.  “You are not wearing that.  He’ll know you’re sulking.  You can’t let him know.”

“But I don’t want to rub it in!”  You whined, glancing down at the sweats and hoodie you were wearing.  “I can’t get all dressed up and act like the last time he saw me wasn’t when I was butt-ass-naked in his bed!”

“Well, you can’t look like a hobo and do that either.  Happy medium, Y/N.  Happy medium.”  With that, she tosses you a pair of jeans and a casual, yet form fitting, v-neck.  “Wear the hoodie if you must, but put those goods on display.  You can still salvage this.”

“How?”  She simply shrugged as she turned to leave you to change.

“What man doesn’t love a chase?”

The classroom door had never looked so intimidating before.  You knew he wouldn’t be inside yet, he was always right on time, yet you still couldn’t bring yourself to push inside.  

Natasha stood beside you, an almost unreadable look on her face.

“Hey,”  she nudged your side with a small smile.  “everything’s going to be alright.”

You smiled at her reassurance, but you weren’t so sure.

Numb legs stepped inside, finding their way to your desk where you sat and set down the two bag next to your feet.  Your book bag, and the bag that contained the clothes that smelled entirely too much like him.

Every time the door opens, you jump a little bit, only to relax when it isn’t him.

When it is him, however, your heart all but stops.

He’s back to his usual dress, button up shirt that pushed up to his elbows and slacks that hug him in all the right places.

Beside you, Natasha clicks her tongue disapprovingly.

“You’re insane.  How the hell could you have left that man in bed alone?”  The glare you cast in her direction effectively shut her up.

Bucky hasn’t looked up yet.  Instead, he simply walks to his desk, turns his back to the class and writes two words on the chalkboard.

As he finishes the first, the entire class groans.

In big, white letters are the words ‘pop quiz’.

And Bucky is uncharacteristically quiet.

“This is all your fault,”  Natasha states simply, voice calm even though she’s lobbing all of the responsibility at you.  “You could’ve stayed, and then instead of a pop quiz he’d probably give us all A’s for the fuck of it.”

But you don’t really hear anything she says, because as Dr. Barnes turns around, yours are the first eyes he meets.

Those blue eyes swirl as they find yours and immediately you find yourself having to squeeze your legs together.  His effect is instantaneous, and immediately you know you won’t be able to concentrate.

“This quiz covers everything we’ve talked about so far, so if you’ve paid attention, you’ll be fine.”  His accusing eyes meet yours. “Once you’re finished, you can just leave.

Somehow you knew that wasn’t about the quiz…

It feels like an eternity while you stare down at your quiz.

You finished ages ago, but you wanted to talk to him and there couldn’t be any witnesses for that.  Natasha seems to have caught onto your plan and stays right next to you as student after student finishes, and leaves.

Finally, you are the only three left in the room.

The two of you make your way down to his desk where you turn in your papers, then with a wink, Natasha turns and makes her way to the door.

Which she shuts behind her.

Both of your eyes follow the movement, the click of the lock that seeming to suck all of the air out of the room.

Then you’re alone.

The silence that ensues as the two of you just stare at each other is deafening.  Until Bucky apparently decides he can’t take it anymore.

Clearing his throat, he nods at the plastic grocery bag in your hand.

“What’ve you got there?”  At the reminder, you shuffle awkwardly.

“Oh, I…I kind of borrowed this, uh, the other morning.  I couldn’t figure the dress out by myself.”  You admit, realizing how stupid it sounded out loud.  By the way Bucky’s eyebrows twitch up and a small smirk breaks across his face, you know he does too.

“I would’ve helped.  Y’know, if you had stuck around or even just woken me up.”

“Yeah…about that…”

“Yes?”  He prompts when your voice seems to die in your throat.  “If you didn’t enjoy it, you can always just tell me.”

“God, no.  I enjoyed myself.  Multiple times.  Christ is that even a question?”  You rambled, trailing off at the way Bucky bit his lower lip bashfully.  

“Then what was it?”

“I…I panicked.  It just hit me that I fucked my teacher and I just had to get out of there. I’m sorry, I really should’ve said goodbye.”  He chuckles at that, dark eyes tracing the way your dark v-neck offers up just enough skin.

“Goodbye?  You’re so sure I would’ve let you leave without a proper send-off?”

“Dr. Barnes, please -”  A finger to your lips successfully shuts you up.

“Now, Y/N…didn’t we establish that the name’s Bucky?”  He teases, eyes flicking down to your lip and he leans toward you.  You suck in a breath in anticipation, only he doesn’t meet your lips.  No, instead his lips latch onto your throat.  “You didn’t seem to have a problem remembering it when you were writhing in my bed.”

A moan forces its way through your lips and your knees would’ve buckled had it not been for Bucky’s large hands finding your ass and holding you up.

“B-Bucky,”  You stammer, gasping when he squeezes your sensitive flesh through your jeans.  “This is wrong.”

“Didn’t seem to stop you the other night.”  He pointed out.  “In fact, if I remember correctly, it was you that seduced me.”

“I wasn’t thinking clearly…we can’t do this.”  You feel your mouth form the words, but your fingers lace in his long chestnut hair directing him to where you want his licks and nips.  “You’re my professor for god’s sake.  We can not do - this!”  The last half of your sentence comes out as a squeak when his perfect, white teeth catch your collar bone.

“So you don’t want this?”  He purrs, pulling you closer.  Your hips betray you, rocking forward against him.  “Then tell me to stop.”

The way he speaks feels like a command and a challenge all at once.  Those eyes bore into you and you know that if you tell him to, he’ll stop in a heart beat.  But…do you really want him to?

“C’mon, doll.  Tell me to stop and I’ll stop.”  He whispers in your eat, teeth nipping your lobe a bit.  “But that door’s locked, and I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to see what you look like bent over my desk.”

Resistance snapping, your hands find his face and pull him in for a fiery kiss.  The groan that tumbles from his mouth into yours only spurs you on further.  The sound of the chair screeching away from the desk vaguely reaches your ears moments before you’re set down on the desk.

Lips and teeth collide and clack as the room warms up and your head is absolutely spinning.  You’re hyper-aware of the fact that this is a classroom, that you’re going to see this desk every other day and try not to blush but you’ll be damned if you let this stop.

Deft hands pop the button of your jeans open and warm fingers tickle at your stomach before sliding your zipper down.  You rock back against the desk, pulling away from the kiss as he slides your jeans down your legs.

“We’ve got to be quick, doll.”  He chuckles, unfastening and lowering his own pants himself.  “There’s another class in here in 30.”

But you don’t hear him.  Of course you don’t, how can you when that massive thing is staring you in the face.

“J-Jesus!”  He moans out as you lick at the sensitive head.  “Didn’t I just say we have to be quick?”  The innocent look you give him is pointless with his cock in your mouth.

“But, Dr. Barnes,” you whine, noting the way his look darkens at that. “I want to taste you.”  His eyes flutter as you take him into your mouth again, taking him in with ease.

“D-don’t call me that.”  But he doesn’t mean it.  So you push.

“Or what, Dr. Barnes?”

The answer to your question comes in the form of you being pulled to your feet and bent over at the waist.

“You’re pushing your luck, babygirl.”  A calloused hand caresses at your exposed ass, a warning for what’s to come if you keep pushing his buttons.  “It’s almost like you want to get punished.”  A wicked thought forms in your mind and you can’t help but grin.

“So why don’t you teach me a lesson,” you push yourself back into him, into his hands and look him straight in the eye.  “Professor.”

You cry out as the smack echoes through the hall, but don’t back down.

“Oh, Dr.”  Bucky’s jaw clenches at the sound of you moaning his title and he feels so dirty but so fucking good.  “I need you.”

“You sure?”  He asks, hand meeting your tender skin again.  You feel his cock twitch against your thigh when you moan loudly at the feeling.  “You sure you want this?  It’s wrong, after all.”

“God, yes I want it!  I want you.  Please, Dr. Barnes!”  With a final blow, you’re spun over onto your back.  Lust filled eyes meet yours and you feel a thrill run up and down your spine.  His shirt is askew, a few buttons popped open and hair all ruffled.  You’ve barely touched each other and he looks ruined.  Running your hands down the shirt and popping every button you pass open, you grab him by the collar and pull him to your lips.  “Please fuck me.”

Bucky’s growl sends a chill down your spine and his hand lands beside your head, holding himself up as the other lines himself up at your entrance.

Your head flies back soundlessly as he groans into your neck, his thick shaft filling you in the best possible way.  His left hand finds your hip, holding onto you as he rolls his hips experimentally.

The mewl you let loose gives him the go ahead along with the way you drag your fingers down his torso, and he starts a slow and agonizing pace.

“Bucky, God, go faster.” You beg, wrapping your leg around him and dragging your nails over his scalp.  He groans back, eyes fluttering shut at the feeling.  Licking your lips, your tug your fingers through his hair again, thrilling when he shivers against you.  “Bucky, baby…c’mon.”

“Dr. Barnes.”  He bites back, lips find the sweet spot on your neck as he rolls into you again, his thumb finding your clit as he moves.

“Oh, fuck, right there.”  You roll your hips against his, feeling the warmth inside you start to coil.  “Oh, god Dr. Barnes right there.”

Beside your head, his fist balls up as he continues his assault on your bundle of nerves, thrusts speeding up as you goad him on with your nails.  Your moans grow higher and higher until he’s forced to silence you with his own lips.

“Cum for me, baby girl.”

That whisper is all you need to fall over the edge, inner walls clutching at the man who’s making you feel so god damn good.  He rides you through your orgasm, thrusts becoming more sloppy as you pull him over the edge with you.  If you hadn’t just cum, the sound he made alone would’ve made you explode.

Digging the boxers you borrowed out of the bag, he cleans you up.  He gifts you with a sheepish smile and you’re left wondering how a man who just talked you out of your pants was so shy now.

It’s quiet as you right yourselves and he rights the desk.  Glancing over at him, you find yourself unable to read him and grab your bag to leave.  Perhaps that was it?  That was all he needed, a final romp to prove that you didn’t leave because you weren’t satisfied.  But then he’s grabbing your wrist and looking at you and you’re frozen.

A tender kiss is placed on your lips, one that sends your heart racing in a whole different way.  When you part, goofy grins are plastered on both of your faces.

“So, I know this is really out of order and all, but…would you like to join me for coffee?”

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∟ “I could simply change you, make you follow me. But that’s not my way. I want you to see exactly what the gods have in store for you. Because when you do, you won’t have the faintest idea what to do with yourself. And I do.

Two hearts in doki doki panic…

A moment in Paper Mario: Colour Splash kinda ruined me because I massively overthink the Mario characters. Luigi’s goes incognito and hides in a bush so nobody will sees him at a show of the confirmed queer icon Birdo.

I hope one day Luigi feels brave enough to be out and proud like his idol.

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lvrdsnow  asked:

is it just me or does skam show teen life so much more accurate than the us-shows?? idk if it makes sense but i see so much more from my own teen years than in us shows?? also you made me watch it thank you its so lovely

yeah i definitely agree with you! i think one of the main reasons is that us shows are often very censored, like culturally its very different what you (can) say or do on television. american shows also have a very typical standard for how people are supposed to look and dress, i mean it’s not always bad, i love american shows but often its not really that realistic. 

but of course not everything is because of cultural differences, it IS a very realistic show and that’s one of its main selling point in scandinavia too. i read somewhere that the showrunners has done countless in depth interviews with norwegian teens to make it as accurately as possible. they also talk a lot to the actors, who are also teenagers, to get it right! you can tell the writers aren’t just people in their 30′s thinking back at what it was like when they were teenagers but have really captured what its like to be a teenager in the 2010′s

I’m not giving up on the show.

Yeah, things haven’t been great in some ways… but I still care about the characters and the over arching story that is being told.

When I look back on previous seasons I never rewatch everything, I have a group of eps that I enjoy and tell the parts of the story I am most invested in. This season will be no different.

anonymous asked:

6, 7 and 8 for the mysme ask thing!!

omg thank you for asking!!!

6. favorite voice: seven’s! something about it is just…perfect and i love it i re-listen to his phone calls all the time just to hear his voice

7. favorite chat emoji: i’m going to pick one for each person because otherwise i can’t choose! so…

-zen: the one where he’s confused (with the question mark) lol it’s cute

-yoosung: the party popper one!!

-jaehee: the one with the flowers because she’s so!!! happy!!!!!!

-jumin: the one with the -_- face lmao

-seven: is…..all of them a valid answer or????

8. favorite kiss: i can’t pick between seven’s and yoosung’s ;-;

anonymous asked:

i'm hetero, and i love Yuri!!! On Ice. well, i'm a fujoshi as well, so that helped me love this show. i guess those who aren't really into the whole BL thing won't look twice at YOI even though it shows so much more than a love story. they should learn to open up more...

I guess it’s because people assumed that there’s a gay couple and their relationship would be like all the other yaoi genre anime’s, and I know that those aren’t everyone’s type, and that’s what’s setting them back from watching YOI.

Person: “What do you think about Yuri!!! On Ice?”

Me: “It’s a great show, certainly figure skating and the love for one’s mentor/idol is a wonderful concept for an anime.”

Me to me: “I know you still feel bitter over the name of the show being misleading, I know you wanted a lesbian figure skating anime but don’t want to admit that to everyone or else they’ll think of you as a Yuri fetishizer.”

anonymous asked:

I was just curious as to what shows your currently following / if you're thinking about expanding into any other fandoms any time soon.

I watch (and rewatch) not so much stuff these days, and way less than I used to. But at the moment I’m currently watching Steven Universe, Voltron (er, when it returns), Elementary, Yuri!!! on Ice, First Contact (Australian show), Brooklyn Nine Nine, Episodes, Halt and Catch Fire, Black Comedy (an Australian show), The Great British Bake Off, So You Think You Can Dance (US) and The Fall.

That doesn’t include any of the stuff I rewatch (currently Fringe and Parks & Rec.)

I love TV. And film. I mean I spent 5 years of my life at university majoring in it, and if I hadn’t gotten as ill as I did, I’d be lecturing it today and pursuing (or hopefully having already attained) a PhD in media. Media is like…a big deal to me.

However, my relationship to fandom is really…idk, eclectic, and it’s not always wholly positive. I’m in a lot of fandoms. You only need to go to my fandom blog @capillata to see everything from Pokemon and Pokemon Go, to ice skating and dance culture, to stuff regarding movies like Thor/Marvel (I am a massive content consumer of Marvel fandom, which is why my other AO3 name is ‘thespectaclesofthor’ lol), niche films like The Eagle, anime, video games like Dragon Age, Stardew Valley etc., other TV shows etc. It’s eclectic, and while it goes through intense phases, there is never a consistent theme, because I’m always floating around through what feels like a ton of different places at once.

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listen I’ve never really thought of myself as kin with characters like some can be super relatable & I love them but just?? if I was ever to have a kin it would be Wander. like its hard to say that I could have a favourite character like we’re talking ME with my infinite number of fandoms and faves but I can say with almost 99.9% confidence that Wander tops the list. I just love him so much and see so much of myself in him??? my heart swells every time I see art or gifs of him wow?????

anonymous asked:

show me the straws I love that true friends sharing food like it's so natural and I feel like it would've used to be something they would avoid but :') rebranding will save us all

i mean they are old videos and i can only remember one rn but here :,)