Dumb Propeller Knight Rant

I really don’t understand the unpopularity of Propeller Knight in the Shovel Knight fandom. Yes I KNOW his boss battle was hard as fuck and it kept a lot of players from getting to the climax of the story. (I was stuck on it forever also) But it seems that the fandom has characterized him as a horny french stereotype which is not really fair as he seems to be the most friendly member of the Order of no Quarter.

  when you first go to fight him, dude’s just chilling and watching the sunset and asks if Shovel Knight liked his airship. (Well, probably not. The airship was a HARD LEVEL. Not everyone can fly like you, Propeller) And he does not want to fight Shovel Knight after he insults Propeller Knight a few times. 

After you fight him again in Boss Rush, he’s not mad at being defeated, but actually excited by how awesome Shovel Knight is and wants to have adventures with him. Aww.  

The last time we see Proppellor Knight, he’s seen flirting with several ladies- this may have contributed to how the fandom sees him, and one very beefy man. (It’s hard to see but Propeller Knight does his cute laugh thing and hearts fly around each person) Yep, Yacht club games managed to sneak in a bisexual character. I know it’s not really amazing proof, but it’s pretty great they could get that in there. 

In short, from what we see from the games is that Propeller Knight is a happy carefree individual that likes flirting and fun but is certainly not an annoying french stereotype that wants to bang everything. besides, I though slut shaming was a bad thing (Male or female). 

TL:DR His boss battle is hard as hell, but Propeller Knight seems to be a pretty cool guy who is canonly bisexual, and I would love to see people expand on his character more in a positive way like the fandom has done for nearly all of the Order Of No quarter.

Beware of those you think you know, their actions they may not control

and when your moment is at its best, a strike may be enacted yet

HURRAY I finally finished one of my more impressive (and HUGE) pieces~! It’s always been a head-canon of mine that since the Enchantress magically brought back Specter Knight, he’s really easy to manipulate as a puppet with the same magic that grants him life.

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oh my god so apparently king knight and propeller knight drink a sip of their goblet, presumably wine or something like that, after a knight is defeated and I just, imagined they made a drinking game out of it, and the other knights are aware of this so tHEY KEEP GETTING UP AND FIghtiG SHOvel knight AND By the TIme iTS DONe king and propeller knight ARe fuckING wastED