Do a Good Thing For Free

Did you know that if you are over age 18 and under age 45 you can register for the US bone marrow donor registry for free?  They mail you the packet, you swab your cheek and send it back with their prepaid postage, et voila!

This is a good thing to do whoever you are, but is especially helpful if you belong to an ethnic group which is uncommon in the US, because the immune markers involved in matching donors to recipients tend to cluster in people groups.  If you’re of mixed heritage then that’s even more true.

Most people are never asked to donate, but having your information out there means that if someone really needs a donor with your particular genetic markers they will be able to find you.  And the process of donating bone marrow is not much worse than donating blood, and yet can make such a huge difference to someone dealing with leukemia or similar.


I edited this wrap dress from the Showtime expansion pack to remove the undershirt from the top and the sparkles on the skirt and add a pregnancy morph with properly slotted animations. Small changes, but I think this style works well as a maternity outfit. :)

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Hey there! Love your art and style! Just had a quick question out of curiosity, is there a reason that Butch has two sets of ears? Both human and non human? Do they work in different ways or is one there that doesn't work? :0 I was just wondering

Butch is a mixture, meaning he’s not completely human. His cat ears are just a part of his hair. He can cut them off but they grow back very quickly. He does have amazing hearing though and unusually strong body strength but that’s the advantages of being the type of mixture that he is.

They don’t have any purpose or then showing he’s a humanoid and for conveying emotion. Technically his cat ears shouldn’t move but that be boring. 

Signs reacting to hate:
  • Has a killer roast to use as a comeback:Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Aries
  • Just got to kill 'em with kindness:Cancer, Pisces, Libra, Aquarius
  • lol what hate:Sagittarius, Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo

I love to see my friends posting and talking about their lives and their work and generally being awesome on my dash. 

I love to stare at their icons and stroke the screen and not interact with them for weeks at a time because I’m a Certified Dweeb with the Anxiety Problems. 


Dance Battle vs Les Twins | Krappiwhatelse

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why are yall so far up dan's ass....,,, y'know it was good but it objectively wasn't,,,,,,,,,,, as good as y'all say like take a break ppl

ur probably right but am i ever gonna shut up about this diss track? nah