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[[I have a small note to make: I’m very sorry if some of these descriptions aren’t 100% correct, it’s hard to learn about countries relations outside of bussiness articles! Jones helped me a bit but I’m sorry if I’ve portrayed some of these not correctly. Feel free to help or explain if you are from these countries and feel like they should have said something different!

(but try not to take it too seriously, it’s just a small simple phrase) 

Thank you for understanding!]]

Birthday Surprise // Pietro x Reader

Request: Anon-You should do a one-shot where it’s the reader’s birthday soon, and everyone plans a party without reader knowing, but the reader doesn’t know that Pietro likes her. So he gets something for reader’s birthday (anything cute) and he confesses his feelings, and you can decide what the reader says. I don’t think they should say “I love you” since he just confessed his feelings for her, but it’s up to you, and lots of fluff and cuteness :-)

A/N: I may or may not have forgotten about the whole fluff…sorry! ALSO! I AM SORRY I HAVEN’T POSTED MUCH LATELY, I HAVE BEEN KINDA BUSY, BUT I’M BACK AT DOING YOUR REQUESTS!

Warning: Cursing

Word Count: 1397

“Alright, alright…everyone, (y/n)’s birthday is in a few days and I want it to be the best birthday ever! And you all will make it happen,” Tony pointed a finger to the group, pacing back and fourth in the conference room as everyone else sat along the oval table. “Now, she is turning twenty-one, it needs to be phenomenal…of course, I have no doubt that it’ll be, I am the one putting it together,” Tony scoffed with a smirk as everyone rolled their eyes and groaned, “BUT You guys need to make sure she does not find out, it’s going to be a surprise and she CAN NOT go near the tenth floor…what so ever!”

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theshadowcollective’s follow forever thing:  

{~So I realized I should do something cause I’ve now hit 504 followers, and i know for a fact that 500 of them should not follow me cause I am trash (4 of those are like porn blogs so shrugs), but still i am so happy I've gotten this far. I wanna take some time to thank you guys. I’ve been in a lot of dark times as of late and driven to bad places. Hm I’ll do categories first, sorry if this clogs the dash but its important.~}

Would be family if I could:

vxctorycry Who helped with my theme and becoming a multimuse, as well as being critical and helpful when needed. We’ve had some rough patches but you’re irreplaceable and a dear person to me.

inabaleader:  Some one i care about deeply and whose muse opened mine’s eyes and made Umbra a better person. Even when really you should have killed him then and there. In a few ways sometimes i feel you’re like that for me. I’m happy you’re around still Kay. You’re irreplaceable and a dear person to me.

expirationdaycrimes A total sweetheart who scared me at first cause she had a verse with her awesome friends. She is sweet and adorable and deserves the best. You’re irreplaceable and a dear person to me.

tacticalmedichealer is the other big sis i didn’t know i wanted but she exists and I care about her alot, even when she feels like she isn’t worth much she is. I wish her well.

lunare-renovamen You good sir are clearly the brother I don’t have but god damn you would be an awesome one. You deserve literally so much more than you think. You’re an amazing Shinjiro and you always will be one.

mxgidolaon You are adorable and great and a treasure and I wish you were in  a better place in your life and i’d do anything I can for you.  

People who have helped me start out and I owe a great deal:

crookedtie who kinda helped get me into the persona community and was the first blog that attracted me to it, if i didn’t see this Adachi i probably wouldn’t have come here when I did. 

detectiveegocentricjester Who helped teach both my muse and me and was a big inspiration for some of my early stuff. A great and creative rper.

pocketjester Purge is a great person who also helped me fit in here and helped spark my love of thousands and thousands of complicated au’s and i can’t thank Purge enough for that. I enjoy talking with you so much whether its dumb or not.

Mutuals I care about and like to interact with:

rottenmiso, mariko-marie-kusumi-rp, magiciantofool, clandestineking, genesisfortune, oblivionsounds, crudelisx, mad-hatter-teacups, killjoy-sleuth, duxfides, goofyfacade, yasogami-braids, yipping-shrine-fox, abrokenjester, headphonedraven, pintsizedcarnivore, yosukehanachan, septentrixne, animierrantis, rubykyokoroseteddielicious.

I know I am stupid and I’m missing some people, don’t feel bad if you didn’t get mentioned keep in mind its my inability as a person with memory. I’d love to interact with you guys all 504, maybe even the porn blogs idk. Ask box is ALWAYS open guys 83.

Several of you I really wanna interact with, I am willing to try almost anything. I met a group a few days ago I am interested in interacting with as well.

Thanks for being here guys, this means more to me then you could possibly know.

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Hi, yes. Dry humping is great. You should write more of it because WHY NOT!? Anyway, let me be honest (and sorry if this weirds you out but), I tend to skip most smutty fics, except yours! Something about the way you write your smut actually makes it bearable for me. You're not too vulgar with your scenes and I just find it perfect! But I specifically love the way you've written your Sam smut! I think i've slowly become more of a Sam girl thanks to your smutty scenes with him lol.

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I feel a sense of accomplishment for giving you Sam feels. Thank you for this message! You’re the absolute best, sweetie! Omgsh, I can’t. 

Check out Sam’s Fics Here

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Ch'ney, please help. I went out for a walk today by myself, and suddenly these boys started shouting inappropriate stuff at me about my body and my weight and my legs (I'm really thin) and they said horrible stuff about how they thought I was going to snap, I don't even know like??? I felt so embarrassed and I literally ran home and I'm crying, I feel so pathetic right now. I'm never wearing skinny jeans again, they made me feel so small. I can't even go out now by myself .... :(

Petal, I am SO sorry that happened. I am SO sorry. That’s absolutely horrible. I think you should talk to someone about it. I find that when someone mistreats me, I tend to hold it inside, because part of me believes that maybe they’re right and I deserved it. But as soon as I tell someone, I realize how ridiculous I’m being and how legitimate my anger and emotions are. So maybe talk to a close friend or family member or therapist, and go over what happened and how you’re feeling. Those boys were disgusting and knew nothing about you, and your body is strong and beautiful, and you will make it through this. I hope you feel better soon<3

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Im 16 and i want to be part of the cgl community but im afraid everyone will hate me because im underage

I understand that you might feel like a little. But you have to understand that you’re actually still a child. I remember being 16. I thought handcuffs were great and I was really pissed when I found out that I couldn’t legally practice BDSM until I turned 18. 

If I knew what being a little was, I honestly would have probably called myself a little. But I really think that you should concentrate on actually just being young right now. You can love stuffies, and coloring books. You can love all kinds of little related activities. 

But I really don’t think you need to be in a C/gl relationship. I’m sorry if that hurts your feelings, but I just can’t tell you to go out and find a Caregiver and feel good about myself. 

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What should I do? All my friends hate me because someone spread a rumor about me and now I'm hated by all of my friends and I don't know what I should do, I feel like jumping off a roof or something... They are the only thing that makes me want to get up in the morning, but now they refuse to even talk to me...

Well then your ‘friends’ are full of shit. Sorry for being forward but if they choose to believe a rumor instead of having full faith and trust in you, then they were never really good friends in the first place.

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I'm sorry Mr. Baggins, I didn't mean to say you were not worried, but he does not see it that way. I fear something is happening to him. Maybe you should talk to him, but about something else, not the events of last night.

I shall, once I stop feeling as if I’ll collapse when I look at him.

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Hey there :) I know you normally do Bagginshield fic recs, but I was wondering whether you (or any of your followers) had any 'Ri family recs? Not fussed about the shipping side of things (it feels like it's 50% Dwalin/Nori and 50% Dwalin/Ori and I like both??) but I just wanted some character-based stuff because they're all damn cute. 'Ri family FTW! Thanks <3

i don’t have any to rec that aren’t bagginshield, sorry anon, but this and this should help you look!

also check this post’s replies/reblogs later for possible recs :)

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yeah but, hannibal getting his feelings hurt isn't as bad as ppl being killed or tortured or manipulated? and just b/c they hurt his feelings doesn't mean he has the right to "snap" and send a murderer after them? i'm sorry but your opinion sucks.

So on the scale of bad, it’s less bad and thusly should be ignored…because he is bad and his pain is only a sort of bad (ever had your heart broken, anon?) and that means then it can’t exist? And god forbid someone says it does exist, that means they think no other pain can exist. Hannibal and Will just can’t be in pain at once. That’s some interesting logic you’ve got going there.

He hasn’t done any of that yet, also, just FYI, so I’m disregarding it for the moment. Saying you’re sorry when you’re not is a bad habit. I’m not sorry, for instance, for telling you that you’re being really bull headed and should probably get off my blog if you don’t like my opinions. I don’t plan on changing them. 

And I’ll really have you know “Hannibal is bad, you can’t feel for him.” Is quite literally the most bewildering thing anyone has ever said to me about the show. Complexity is the whole point. 

ok, let me write down my feelings about The 100:

I thought I wouldn’t like Clarke, but she ended up being real cool and badass.

well, this show has a pretty good amount of awesome badass women and I absolutely love it!

Octavia: best character development EVER.

Bellamy started the show being seriously annoying but now I love him so much, he’s precious and we should protect him. [insert heart eyes here]

I’m not sure how I feel about Lexa yet, but so far she seems like a realy interesting character. Also she looks awesome.

I don’t ship Bellarke AT ALL (sorry guys). I ended up shipping Braven and that leads me to…

my absolute fave RAVEN REYES.

OMG! I don’t think anyone else in this world will ever love Raven as much as I do! I’m completely in love with her! She’s very clever, very skilled, strong, brave, cool. And she’s also flawed and impetuous and stubborn… and… I just looooove her SO MUCH!

What is it with vegans constantly telling people to feel bad about eating meat?

They act as if they matter. They act like telling me I’m a killer and that I should feel bad will keep me away from my meat. Now I know not all vegans do this but the ones that do

You want to tell me that eating meat is bad?

Well sorry. I can’t hear you over my 


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If you ever tell me to feel bad for eating meat I will literally eat meat, slowly, tenderly and fucking enjoy it right in your fucking face out of mutual disrespect.

Okay, but Winry Rockbell is so important. Winry should be praised for her strength in Fullmetal Alchemist - she’s probably one of the strongest characters in the series, despite, or well especially, because she doesn’t use alchemy.

Alchemy throughout the series is used by characters as a coping mechanism and a solution for problems otherwise thought unsolvable. Vase shattered into a million tiny pieces? Solved. War? Bring in some alchemists and no one stands a chance. Your mom is dead? Want to bring her back? Not guaranteed, but if you want to try, the option is there.  Sure, when Ed and Al use human transmutation it back fires and everything is worse, but - as a whole, alchemy is used to fix things.

Winry does not have that luxury. When her parents die she does not even have the skills to attempt to transmute them. When Ed and Al are torn to shreds, she can’t draw a circle and make it better. Neither can Ed. She is completely helpless to the hand she has been dealt, and as a child, trauma like this can be the start of an adulthood riddled with questions and anxiety.

But, Winry does find a way. While there are many things that Winry cannot change, she cannot fix - she does find something she can do. She builds automail. Automail gives her the tools to make a difference - she is a main reason that Edward is able to continue life with the ease he does, and the strength to combat the forces which seek to take life from them. It’s almost a mirror to Scar’s brother’s sacrifice when one really looks carefully. Winry is Ed’s Arm. Winry is the catalyst for change.

In FMA we’re initially invited to use alchemy as our own coping mechanism in the fantasy. However, if one pays attention, automail is the metaphorical statement that we should rely on our own strength and the power of our loved ones to make changes in our lives. Even Ed declares it when he laments over not being able to save Nina - he’s just an ordinary human. When we are powerless, we can’t just clap and fix everything - but, if we take time and focus, we can build our own strength. With such focus we can also determine if things are capable of change. We learn the limit of our power and when it is time to ask for help. We’re all ordinary humans, after all. We should all try to be more like Winry.

‘no offense but not even niall lynch gave a fuck about declan’

lmao if niall lynch dictates your standards i feel sorry for you. i mean are you seriously telling me i shouldn’t care about declan lynch because this egocentric piece of shit who dreamt himself a wife and proceeded to neglect his children, this fucking asshole, you’re telling me i should value his opinion? are you telling me you are? are you telling me a neglected kid who despite all the hate directed at him still cared about his family and tried to protect them has no value because his piece of shit father didn’t give a fuck about him? HONESTLY?

Fancy a Roll in the Hay? (Pt 13)

Hey guys, sorry this is such a late upload, I took a break to go floss and series of events you would not even believe happened that stopped me from writing for a good hour. Plus I seriously struggled with this part. I’m still not 100% happy with it but I figured it was as good as it was gunna get. I hope it’s ok! xox (also sidenote apparently the name for this has been shortened to Farith and I am not sure how I feel about this. I should have named it something catchier at the beginning when I had the chance ahaha)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15
Part 16
Part 17

Suddenly, the pain was gone and you were awake, but the world was still black.

“Any sign of her waking up?”

“No, they said we need to wait a bit longer.”

“Weren’t they just going to inject her?”

“Her body isn’t stable enough yet. They need to wait a bit longer.”

The voices around you were hushed and sad, talking about you as if you weren’t in the room.

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Okay so I'm a little lost, sorry. Is that post about KC using EBR like she used Willa n Colt? Sorry can you just explain? I think KC has always been a little fake but then wouldnt it be one sided? Maybe I'm missing sonething. Can you please explain??

There were a few Periscope vids last night… I did not watch them. They were filmed/posted by KC.  EBR was reluctant to take part.  Perhaps someone else can better explain… I don’t feel like I should since I didn’t watch them (and don’t WANT to watch them, tbh).  

I’m not much of a fan of Periscope anyhow, I hate the thought that someone can just stream me live to the internet and I’m not even a celebrity.  Ya know?  

Can someone else do a better job here at explaining what went down?