1989 Tour | “Style” | [7/11] | Version 5

Joseph Cassell custom

The last of the “Style” outfits. FINALLY.

This colourful rainbow fish two-piece was custom created for Taylor by none other than her amazingly fabulous stylist Joseph Cassell.

Joseph also created some custom pieces for Taylor on the previous tour as well for guest artist stints like this one on October 3 in Toronto, Canada when Charli XCX made an appearance.

Worn with: Stuart Weitzman booties

Zootopia Short 3.2

“Season Problems” part 2

Nick and Judy are at the mall heading towards Little Mac’s after they were done shopping. Nick got a seat for the both of them.

Judy: “So what do you want? The regular as always?”

Nick: “Well I might want to try something different, probably some spaghetti this time.”

Judy: “all around carnivore right?”

Nick: “Obviously.”

Judy: “Ok just sit there and wait for me ok?”

Nick: “You know I’ll always wait for you.” he said with a wink.

Judy giggled, “You are such a flirt today.”

As she begins to walk away towards the counter Nick questions himself. She’s right he’s never been flirty this much. Most of the time he liked to annoy her. He still questioning what came over him, but oh well hanging around with her just makes the day feel much more pleasant.


Judy comes back with the tray. She looks like she’s having trouble with it. Nick stood up in concern she might trip.

Nick: “Oh I should probably help you with that.”

Judy: “No I can handle it.”

She slides the trays on the table.

Judy: “Alright you got your carnivore spaghetti and I got my forest salad and our sodas.”

Nick: “I guess we should start diggin’ in.”

Both of them started to eat. Nick has roasted insects on his spaghetti all different types, now some animals especially herbivores, would find this disgusting but Judy got used to it. He always goes for insect topping when it comes to pizza. At first it was unappetizing, well disgusting and weird at the same time, but that’s what carnivores eat so she has no right to complain. She thinks its better that rather than eating other animals. Then she wonders what if? She starts to think deeply slowly eating her food. Nick notices.

Nick: “Is there something wrong sugarplums?”

Judy: “What? Oh no I was just wondering what– um never mind.”

Nick: “You have problems with your salad or what?”

Judy: ”No it tastes just fine, its full of my favorite vegetables stacked together in one with a sweet sauce. You?”

Nick: “Crunchy, mushy, it’s a mix of both.” he takes a bite crunching, sounding like he’s eating chips than spaghetti.

Nick manages to finish first and goes for his drink, Judy hasn’t, so he ended up staring at her again. While she was eating some scraps ended up on her sides, Nick smiled and let out a small laugh as he goes for the napkin.

Nick: “Hey whiskers you got some right there.”

Judy: “What? Where?”

Nick reaches over and cleans her side, Judy blushed. 

Nick: “You’re a messy eater.”

Judy: “Nick stop, I’m not a kid.”

Nick: “Don’t worry about it it was just a small one.”

Judy huffed at him. Nick just smiled sipping his drink. Then there was a moment when they both catches each others glance. Their eyes meet, and just admire one another it was like being caught in spell. Then it was broken with a laughter from the both of them.

Judy: “Ahaha, what’s going on right now this just weird.”

Nick: “Hehe you tell me whiskers, it was like there was some music playing there for moment.”

They just laughed at it for a good minute.

Nick: “Come on finish up so we can go hehe.”

Judy: “How can I when you stare at me, hehehe, looking me straight in eye hahahaha.”

Nick:”Can’t help it, haha, Im bored.”

Judy: “Just grab you phone and watch a video or something.”

Judy finishes her food and Nick grabbed the bags. They got to the parking lot an notices there was a flood of water coming down.

Judy:”Oh no it did rain.”

Nick: “ *might* ha?”

Judy: ”It was only 21% chance.”

Nick: “Still there is a chance.”

Judy: “So I guess we should buy an umbrella.”

They got back inside and bought umbrellas before they go. Nick starts the car after Judy placed the bags in the trunk. They got out he parking lot and well it is raining hard. 

Judy: “You call this rain? It’s like storm.”

Nick: “Storms have lightning, rain doesn’t”

About an hour and a half Nick got to her apartment, they both got out together opening their umbrellas but that didn’t help. The wind was so strong it was roaring loudly and the umbrella Judy was holding on to was dragging her. Her hand slipped and the umbrella just flew away. Nick got to her quick.

Nick: “Just leave the umbrella! Go inside now!”

Nick closes his umbrella and hands it over to her. She went up the stairs to the door and looks over at Nick who was struggling holding her bags getting soaked as he rusher towards her. Judy opens the door in hurry. 

Nick got in soaking wet. 

Judy: “Come on lets go dry you up.”

Judy rushes to her apartment door and got inside going after some towels. 

Nick drops the bags near the table. 

Judy hurriedly hands over the towels, “Here’s use this.”

Nick takes off his soaked cloak and puts on the hanger. He then starts to dry himself up.

Judy: “Are you ok?”

Nick: “Yeah, I’m glad that the rain only got my cloak and not my long sleeve.”

Judy: “Alright just wait at the couch.”

Judy puts down her cloak, grabs the bag and starts stacking them inside the fridge. Nick was on the couch still drying his head, he looks over by the window and see the wind and rain blowing harshly outside. He’s not gonna get home anytime soon.

Judy: “I’ll make some hot chocolate to warm us up.”

Nick: “That’ll be great whiskers.”

She goes ahead and prepares the the drinks. She turns around and see Nick shivering from the cold. She turns on the heater in her room hoping it would help. 

About a minute later after stacking the groceries the chocolate was heated and ready.

Judy: “Alright I got the chocolate” 

She sat besides him and hands them over, “Careful its still hot.”

They both took small sips and sighed feeling relived from the cold weather as the chocolate warms them up.

Nick: “It looks like I wont be going anywhere right now.”

Judy: “It’s ok you can stay with me for now. We could watch some movies that I have, it’ll be fun.”

Nick turns on the TV and went for the news. It said that the rain would last all night. All night? staying with Judy in her apartment, all night? Until tomorrow!? Judy wont agree on this for sure he thought. 

Judy: “So I guess you’re gonna have to camp here for the night.”

Nick: “You ok with this?”

Judy: “Of course, I wouldn’t just tell you to go home in this kind of weather. Im mean what if you get into an accident or something.” she then turns “I wouldn’t know what would I do if something were to happen to you.” she said in a quiet tone.

Nick held her in his arms, “Don’t worry nothing like that is ever gonna happen to me.” Judy leans over to him laying together on the couch.

Judy: “So what movie would you like to watch?”

Nick: “Well what do you have?”

Judy: “Some action, mysteries, suspense.”

Nick: “You know what you choose.”

Judy gets up and try to pick one. 

About a couple of minutes later they are watching a suspensive movie. Judy laying right next to Nick while both of them eating popcorn. Nick couldn’t help but smell her fragrance or scent. She was so close to him that he could feel how soft her body is. A tough bunny with a soft body? What a contrast Nick thought. He stops eating and places his hand around Judy’s waist. She doesn’t seem to notice. She’s way into the movie. His heartbeat was racing bit by bit, something was coming up to him, like an instinct calling out to him. 

Judy: “Hey Nick look its about to get good on this part!”

Nick then started to get flirty by kissing her on her ears to her neck.


He was giving her butterfly kisses, it felt ticklish, but soft and sincere. 

Judy: “N-nick are you- are you even watching?”

She turns around only to find herself pinned down and looked at Nick. He looked as if he just captured his prey and still continue to kiss her all over. She felt her heart beat fast and couldn’t help but moan on how good Nick was with his kisses. Then he caressed her face, with him staring directly to her eyes.

Nick: “You look so beautiful.”

Judy: “Nick we shouldn’t”

Nick then kisses her on her lips, holding her head to his, and she held his jaw as if she was drinking from it. Their kiss lasted so long neither wanting to stop, who knows how long it was going on until Nick finally snaps out of it. He suddenly let her go jumps back, holding on his heart, surprised from what he was just doing. Judy looks at him with that dazed look, feeling pleasured from the kiss they’ve been having.

Judy: “Wh-why’d you stop?”

Nick: “I-I’m I’m so sorry Judy I-I don’t know what came over me.”

Judy seems to snap out from the daze, “Nick, what- what were you doing?”

Nick: “I don’t know.” then he remembers. Its’ winter. “Oh no”

Judy: “What?”

Nick: “I can’t believe this.”

Judy: “What?”

Nick: “You know that animals have their seasons?”

Judy nodded but she didn’t get it.

Nick: “It’s winter, its a fox season.”

Judy widen her eyes, realizing what he just said.

Judy: “Didn’t you take any medication!?”

Nick: “I didn’t think I needed to! I didn’t know this was gonna happen!”

Judy: “But its your season! How could you forget that!?”

Nick: “It never activated for me! Ever! This is the first time!”

Judy: “But that doesn’t mean you should not take any! You still have to!”

Nick panics and stood up looking pale “I’m sorry.”

He get’s up and grabs his cloak and leaves immediately. 

Judy: “Nick! Wait!”

He already closes the door. He heads outside to his car and drove away. Nick regretted what he did.

Nick: “Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!”

Judy wont likely to forgive him. He was almost getting to the point where it could have gotten to ‘that’. He couldn’t get it off his mind. Then a car lost control in front of him.


Wow this got intense real quick. 

Well tune in next time for the last part of this short.

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