Meet Fred.

Fred is a Basset/Lab mix (aka “Bassador”) from Louisiana. He was adopted from a rescue in LaFayette in 2008. Fred enjoys frolicking in nature, squirrels, pig ears, beef chunks, napping on the couch, staring at his loving caretakers, snuggling, belly rubs, cuddling, pillows, and pizzas.

Fred is short because one of his parents was (most likely) a Basset Hound. The gene for short legs is dominant, so if one parent is full short pup, all of their puppies will also be short.

We don’t know much about Fred’s past, apparently he and all his siblings were strays in the rice country of southern Louisiana. They were fed by kind strangers, but some people were also mean to him while he was a stray. He has a BB in his leg from being shot. Worst of all, it’s on the inside of his back leg, so he must have been lying on his back when he was shot. His biggest dilemma now is that he wants nothing more than to be petted, but he’s still afraid of people. He’s lived in Louisiana, Wyoming, and seems to have found his preferred place in California.

When people see him they invariably smile and ask what breed he is. Many people have pictures of him on their smart phones. We have even been stopped so that parents could take pictures of their children hugging him. He has brought much joy to this world, and will continue to do so!

Fred gets to go to work at Occidental College, where he is petted regularly by many people. He has fully adjusted to life as a beloved short dog, and his story is meant to inspire people that are considering adopting a short dog themselves.

If you’re interested in adopting a short dog, try searching for Basset Hounds, Dachshunds, Corgis or other short breeds* in your area on websites such as Pet Finder or Adopt-A-Pet.

*When you search for these breeds, mixes as well as pure bred dogs will show up in the search results, but only from shelters and rescues, never breeders! Fred was adopted through Adopt-A-Pet.

LOS ANGELES AREA FOLKS: This adorable pup is at a high kill shelter in Baldwin Park. She’s a Siberian Husky and Basset Hound mix! You can view more info about her here.

My boyfriend and I have a rescued Basset mix (we call him a Bassador, because he’s Basset and Lab.) He is one of the sweetest, most loving dogs I’ve ever met. Please give Lyna a chance!