Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat, World Figure Skating Championships 2013 (Short Dance)

I give up.

Do you know how hard it is to find pictures of this short dance that don’t have Nathalie flashing us?

Almost impossible. And is that a zippered corset? Dear lord.

It’s not even nice looking costume underwear! And why is Fabian’s look so dull when Nathalie’s look is so outrageously over the top cheap? The single garter strikes again!

I just cannot get behind this at all. 

Grade: C-

No but just imagine…

They are about to go on a difficult hunt, that might cost their lives and all, and then the night before Dean and Cas are in the library with the radio on, and start some slow song, and Dean is just like ‘fuck it’, and take Cas’s hand and tells him “let’s dance”, and Cas is like “What? Dean I don’t know how to do this” but Dean says “so just move”. Dean puts one hand on Cas’s back and the other still honding his hand, Cas does the same. At some point Dean closes his eyes and one single tear escapes. Their bodies were close, they were breathing the same air, and when the song ends Cas just tightens his grip on Dean, and they continue to move slowly, because if something happened the next day, they had this moment.

I just discovered that I want this to happen

never forget when the king of china snatched everyones wig


Just Dance: Moonlight x Alvin Ailey dir. Anna Rose Holmer (2017)

An original dance piece pays homage to director Barry Jenkins’s award-winning drama, Moonlight

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Big Bang


Jay Park




Monsta X





Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir - CAN by Danielle Earl Photography
Via Flickr:
Copyright Danielle Earl/Golden Skate

life has gone to shit in the past few weeks and so i decided to start waking up early and taking charge of my life. it’s going ok so far. i am a night owl, though, soooo listen to me my tips work y’all

getting ur sleep hours

  • okok so iK that this is not always possible n u stay up late doing crap for school or smthing BUT
  • waking up early becomes so much better and easier and calmer when u get ur hours ok
  • find out how many hours u need (varies from person to person; me it’s 8 hours which kills me bc so much frigggging time)
  • depending on what time u want to wake up at, calculate it backwards and this new hour is ur hour that u absolutely cannot stay up past*
  • (* unless u absolutely absolutely have to. i understand that sometimes u just have too much stuff to do and u gta get it done. so in that case u would have to go to sleep as early as u can - meaning after ur deadline has passed, u focus focus focus n don’t do shenanigans.)
  • the idea here is u want a routine ok bc ur body likes routines ur brain likes routines and eventually it’ll wake up naturally at the time

ur alarm

  • this can either go both ways, whatever works 4 u:
    • make it RLLY RLLY shrilly n hella annoying that u hate it and u go and turn it off
      • warning: this can backfire bc u just turn it off and don’t actually wake up
    • or u make it like soft and happy and pretty
      • warning: similarly this can backfire bc u r still sleepy bc soft and happy and pretty
  • either way!!!!!!! DO NOT HIT THE SNOOZE
  • u made the promise to urself to wake up early, honour it. don’t be a shitty person who can’t keep their word. (look @ me guilting u)
  • some ppl like their alarms far but i don’t have enough self control for that lol like my alarm is my phone n getting out of bed b4 sleep to put my phone across the room eh

ur awake. now what?

  • ur probably still sleepy af bc ur a sleep-deprived person who would ideally be sleeping but u persevere my friend
  • ok first thing u do is get out of bed bc the bed is ur enemy and it distracts u ok it sucks!!!!!!!!!
  • couple things to stay awake:
    • in the winter especially i blast light in my face 2 tell my brain “yooo it’s like the day now can u wake the hell up” and then serotonin comes in and it’s like “yooo ty
    • wash my face w/cooold (diduthinkiwasgnasaycool) water bc that wakes u up !!! if u’ve ever been woken up w/water!!! yes it works !!!
    • some ppl r like exercise but be warned: this only works if ur body is somewhat used 2 exercise like mine is not and so exercising in the morning just makes me tired tbh
    • stimulate ur mind ya ok some ppl r against electronics in the morning but idk watching a funny vid or smthing cheers me up a lot (laughing!!! important)


  • bc we r humans driven by desires
    i make like a nice breakfast that i like w/like fruits and like good things and it makes me feeling nice n it’s usually rlly tasty
    • things i like to eat: berry smoothies, burrito wraps, congee, dates lol i’m obsessed w/dates rn
  • sometimes i also plan my outfit n i’m like yooooooo i look so good and it gets me feeling rl nice
  • i also have a short impromptu dance party bc like i can afford it w/the time i have now like i don’t listen to music that much anymore :( but now i have a special time to dedicate to music and dance and it’s gr8

final words

  • pls persevere; habits r not made overnight n u will miss some days n it will be totally ok
  • sunrises r nice to actually see and it’s x108908394 easier in the winter bc later sunrise time soooo js
  • my best friend just texted me “can we nap together tmrw” and that pretty much sums us up idk why that’s relevant but s.o. to him !!!
  • i rlly want a burrito rn
  • ur a superstar u can do it also wtf is sleep who needs that???
  • <3

Thank you so much to everyone that voted, we had over 5,000 votes cast! Here are the official prompts for Otayuri Week 2017, which has been moved to run from February 20 - February 26. These prompts can be romantic or platonic and as specific/broad as you like. All forms of media (fanfiction, fanart, graphics, cosplay, meta, etc) are accepted. Please read our About and Rules/FAQ for more information.

In addition to selecting the most popular prompts, we’ve also given two possible prompt options for most days as well as examples of topics for each prompt (note that these examples are just guidelines/suggestions and aren’t required). Feel free to pick whichever prompt you like best, or combine them, or do something for both! Contact us or check our Prompts page if you have any questions regarding the prompts or would like further explanation.

DAY ONE (Feb 20):
• First times/Confessions
(pining, first time dating/kissing/cuddling, love declarations)

DAY TWO (Feb 21):
• Social Media
(Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Snapchat, selfies, online relationships) OR
• Celebrations
(medals, holidays, birthdays)

DAY THREE (Feb 22):
• Childhood/Memories 
• Future/Coming-of-age
(both to do with family, friends, ‘agape,’ dreams, goals)

DAY FOUR (Feb 23):
• Domestic/Intimacy 
(pets, cuddling, cooking, living together) OR
• Long Distance (long-distance relationships, reunions, traveling, visits)

DAY FIVE (Feb 24):
• Fears
(misunderstandings, jealousy, fights, temptation) OR
• Encouragement (support, ‘davai’/thumbs-up, promises)

DAY SIX (Feb 25):
• Pair Skating
 (training/practicing together, competing, just-for-fun) OR
• Rivalry (competitions, team/national rivalries, enemies-to-friends/lovers)

DAY SEVEN (Feb 26):
• Fantasy
(fairytale, hero/fairy, soulmates, destiny, royalty)

• swapping
(uniforms, costumes, hairstyles)
• hair (long/short, undercuts, braids)
• ballet/dancing
• motorcycles can be included with any prompt but are not required!

Reblog this post to spread the word, and follow us at @otayuriweekfor updates! We look forward to receiving your submissions! The official tags are #otayuri week and #otayuri week 2017 (within the first 5 tags).

Sincerely, @howlingmoonrise​, @nikyforov​, @otayuri-queen​, and @otayurism

Top 5 Challenge! Short Dances!

Tessa and Scott - Prince Medley

This program is simply magnificent. The packaging is on point. Gotta give credit to Marie-France and Patrice for that! I love the way every move goes along with the music perfectly. The costumes look fantastic. I love the details in Tessa’s one-piece. I like how suave Scott is the whole way through. The subtle gestures here and there really help in shaping the feel of the program. The unity between them is just amazing. Two bodies truly moving as one. The quality of this program shows how experienced they are as skaters and as performers. The world record they earned is a testament to that. What a comeback!

Kaitlyn and Andrew - Michael Jackson Medley

I love this program. It definitely had a striking first impression. Great choreography. It’s cool. It’s hip. It’s smooth. I love the vibe and I love how much they get into it. The ending is a knockout. The costumes are so on point. Kaitlyn looks gorgeous. Overall, a killer choice for Kaitlyn and Andrew. This program definitely suits them.  

Alexandra and Ivan - At Last, Bills

This young team is slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite ice dance teams. I love the modern, youthful energy they bring to the table. It’s so nice to see a Russian team do hip hop. Such a breath of fresh air. Great choreography. Great chemistry. I love that they really get into the zone before they perform. Although I believe that this team is one of the most improved this season, I still think they need to build on their basics a little bit more. Thorough polishing would get them to the next level and with good coaching, I believe they can go far.  

Isabella and Ilia - Real Life, Can’t Feel My Face

This is the first season they’ve captured my attention. This program is pretty cool. The choreography is good. I love the music choice and I love the staccato movements that go along very well with it in the beginning. The costumes are cool. Isabella really knows how to works her cat suit. I love the mysterious vibe of this program. Politics may have gotten them that fourth place finish at Euros earlier this year, but there’s no denying that this program is pretty cool, overall.

Madison and Zach - Evolution of Blues and Hip Hop

I have to admit, I was not a fan of this program in the beginning. Just like many of the viewers’ opinion, I thought the music was too choppy and the program was too messy. When I was watching Trophee De France earlier in the season, where Ilinykh and Zhiganshin beat them in the short, I honestly thought that they should just scrap this SD and start over. I initially thought that this program was holding them back, but believe it or not, it actually grew on me as time passed by. When they revised it in GPF, I was like alright, this is better, much cleaner. I found myself enjoying it more and more, as the season progressed. They really sold it. I’m so proud of them for not giving up on this program. It really paid off in the end. They EARNED that small medal at Worlds. True pros, without a doubt.


Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir - CAN by Danielle Earl Photography
Via Flickr:
Copyright Danielle Earl/Golden Skate

team sleepovers
pt. 1

•it’s at suga’s as he’s an only child and his parents treat them all like their own children

•with noya and tanaka on snack detail, there isn’t a single item of healthy food in sight

•sleeping arrangements are,well, there are none, just a mess of pillows and blankets and duvets all over the floor of the living room which is also the seating area for the team

•monopoly, destroyer of friendships, is played with daichi as the banker
~he cheats big time;
~suga finds out and makes it his mission to bankrupt him
~he succeeds and wins
~ennoshita manages to spend 99% of the time playing in jail
~tanaka and noya get bored and forfeit in favour of an intense mario kart session

•yamaguchi forces everyone to watch shrek two as it’s ‘the dankest of them all’
~this confuses everyone apart from enoshita and tsukishima and they all end up unironically enjoying it

•tanaka initiates a creep shot war between himself and kageyama
~kageyama is sorely losing
~other people slowly get dragged into it
~turns out it’s impossible to get a bad picture of nishinoya

•there is a short game of just dance™ but everyone gives up when daichi gets serious because he can out dance all of them

•despite jumping off the walls for three hours, shouting that he’s going to pull an all nighter, Hinata is the first to sleep at ten (10) pm
~sadly falls victim to a permanent marker
~he somehow falls asleep on yamaguchi and he’s too kind to move so he falls asleep shortly after

•everyone but suga and enoshita is out by twelve meaning the pair can have their 'we’re not gossiping just sharing information’ chat that lasts a good hour

•Tsukkishima is the first to wake up and is glad to wake the others by blaring evanescence
~of course, after checking suga’s parents are already gone for work
~suga somehow sleeps through it