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she was my first love..

she was my first love and we were madly in love. however, I was too young for serious relationships and chose career over love.

Now I’m 30, recently I met her in a shopping center, she’s now happily married and has a son. We sat in a cafe for four hours talking about everything, we both confessed we had the best time of our lives together.

well I came home and simply burst into tears, 
how stupid I was to exchange the love of my life for all this.

Don’t let “your" people go.

- Anonymous Author

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Yo: Me tomó un poco más del tiempo que esperaba decidir cómo felicitarte, porque creo todos merecen una felicitación en su cumpleaños. No sé si quiero empezar con un “Feliz cumpleaños, pásatela bien”, no es muy mi estilo, la verdad… creo que es importante que sepas que eres una de las personas más atormentadas y difíciles que he conocido en toda mi vida, pero también tienes una de las almas más hermosas y ocultas que jamás conoceré. Por eso espero que todos tus deseos, anhelos, sueños… se cumplan. Que recorras la vida sabiendo quién eres, lo que quieres, que te encuentres a ti mismo. Espero que veinte años sean lo suficientes para que comiences a vivir y dejes de lamentarte, que reconozcas lo afortunado que eres en las cosas que lo eres y que no habrá desgracia ni mal que siga haciéndote mal o que, por lo menos, sepas lidiar con ello. Sé que festejarás y la pasarás de maravilla, esta noche, en algún lugar de la ciudad, brindaré por ti, por que seas feliz y que tengas una vida maravillosa, bienvenido a los veinte.

Tú: Nunca he sabido cómo responder a las felicitaciones, no sé, no entiendo muy bien ese concepto, pero sin lugar a dudas, hay gracias que digo con toda el alma, y uno de ellos es para ti. No sólo por esto, sino, por dejarme verte, por compartirme parte tu historia, y gracias por haberme dejado compartirte parte de la mía. Tienes algo mujer, que créeme que no he visto, quizás nunca en mi vida, por lo tanto me es difícil describirlo, pero sea lo que sea, espero que nunca lo pierdas, porque simplemente te hace resplandecer de una forma que no pasa desapercibida nunca. Tampoco dejes de escribir jamás, porque pocas cosas me mueven, y palabras tuyas lo han hecho. Y deja el miedo, lo mucho o poco que tengas, a mostrar lo que hay dentro de ti, porque lo que yo vi, créeme que lo recordaré hasta no sé cuando. Sigue caminando cómo tanto te gusta hacerlo, siendo tú, sintiendo cómo poca gente sabe hacerlo. Te podría decir muchas cosas, pero extrañamente las palabras no me salen, supongo que tus palabras volvieron a moverme al punto de dejarme boquiabierto. También voy a brindar, por todo lo que eres, para que cuando lleguen las canas y las arrugas, puedas decir de que le ganaste a la vida, que tomaste todo lo posible de ella hasta que no haya quedado una sola gota, con todas las alegrías, las tristezas, las sorpresas, los giros, las vueltas, las sonrisas, bueno, con todo lo que se debe vivir para poder decir que se vivió. Y aunque sé que ya lo dije, gracias, de nuevo, con toda el alma.

—  Beth Solier y LL.

Maybe I was destined to forever fall for people I couldn’t have. Maybe there’s a whole assortment of impossible people waiting for me to find them. Waiting to make me feel the same impossibility over and over again.

Carol Rifka Brunt

“… well, I admit that it didn’t exactly go as planned…”

His eye twitched. “Didn’t go as planned? Your ‘pet’ killed a girl!”

“I was not aware that…a certain student would go wandering into this part of the school at that time…”

“It’s a girl’s toilet, Tom. Who do you think was more out of place there?”


- Tomarry [ Time Travel AU]

“Despite the success of Frozen (2013), the not-quite-short film Olaf’s Frozen Adventure (2017) received serious complaints from moviegoers in México for its longer than usual length, subpar quality compared to the source material, and it being a nonstop 21 minute long, Christmas-themed musical number. Complaints were so numerous that the two largest movie theatre chains in the country opted to stop showing the Frozen short film before the movie just a week after opening day.”

We did that. You could do that too.

Some thoughts on Aizawa’s hair

Ok hear me out, this is something that (after watching bnha for a third time) stood out to me about Aizawa. (Aka: Eraserhead) For a man so driven by logic, his hair length is absolutely illogical. I will go ahead and acknowledge his hair might be a simple design preference, or not that important. Personally I love his design and the fact that he is a predominant male character with long hair. I wouldn’t have him any other way. Anyway, let’s get one with it.


As pointed out by Shigaraki during their fight, while Aizawa’s quirk is activated his hair and capture weapon float upwards. This is a HUGE tell when he’s using his quirk which can lead to a disadvantage on his end. Shorter hair that already stands up a bit on its own would be less telling.

Long hair is much more time consuming to take care of even if the bare minimum effort is put into it. No matter the task, longer hair will always take longer (ie: Washing, brushing, drying etc) If he wanted to put the least amount of effort into his hygiene routine the logical solution would be shorter hair.

You can’t tell me that periodically getting stabbed in the eyes with his bangs isn’t 10x more irritating due to the fact that the man has dry eye.

Less important reasoning:

It gets in the way (when eating, if it’s windy, etc)

It gets hot (yes hair ties exist but that’s more effort)


Aizawa simply likes his hair long.

No matter how much he says he doesn’t care about appearances, everything I’ve pointed out above has shown that his long hair is illogical. So, why is his hair long? He likes it. He stated several times he doesn’t care about his public image, but what about his own image. Even when the mass media shows up to the school the reporters all remark about his shaggy appearance and he doesn’t even give them a reaction. He knows what he looks like and is okay with it or is at least content with how he looks in some fashion.

He possibly hides behind it.

He’s not the most social guy and he likes his privacy. He is easily read as an introverted individual and could even be read as being uneasy in social situations (In the sub comic: vigilantes, he is even shown wishing a villain would show up just so that he wouldn’t have to attend a social gathering) Physically hiding behind things (like his hair or even his capture weapon) can be effective ways to stim/calm yourself out in public/ social situations.


Anyway, I hope if you read all of this that you enjoyed it and it makes sense. If you also have this headcanon please share some of your own reasoning behind it in the comments. Again, these are merely thoughts I had and wanted to share. I’m sure other people might have thought of this before. Nothing I said is confirmed to be true, simply put, it’s all just thought provoking. Is it an important part of his character or a simple design choice. Who knows.

boy, i need to share this with you. @bulbasaur-propaganda 

In the Pikachu Short ‘Hide and Seek’ Togepi wants to hide next to Pikachu, but Bulbasaur sees the problem and knows that Togepi will of course get spotted right away. So it takes it away.

And then brings it to a better place to search for a hiding spot. Or just bring it to the normal part of the garden. Whatever.

First, thats just awesome. If Bulbasaur wasn’t there, then Togepi would lose the game right away and may be sad :(

But I just wanted to point out the face Bulbasaur makes when it sees little Togepi running to find a new hiding spot, all happy and lively. Bulbasaur even looks to Togepi before it starts running as well. I absolutely love that scene. Like, it’s like a father checking the child being happy or like a big brother. This is stuff that just fits Ashs Bulbasaur.

Bonus, Bulbasaurs own hiding spot:

The normal eye will just see nothing specific. Just a bit of mud, but if you look closely…

Nobody will find you, buddy. 12/10