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Poly Night second draft.pdf
It's date night for Liam, John and Sophia. Will unwanted attention ruin the night?

Hey everyone!

This is my new short film script, Poly Night. (Working title.)

Give it a read, and let me know what you think! Do you like it? Think things don’t work or have I made any misrepresentations? Feedback will help with any rewrites that might need to be made.

**Trigger warning - the script does contain scenes of a guy who isn’t taking no for an answer and becomes violent and homo/panphobic and a taxi driver being rude about polyamory**

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The Last Bastion



the full undertale animated short :D just in time for the Undertale 1 year anniversary! ^^ please reblog if you enjoyed it! I’d really appreciate it!


Hey all! During the two months, I freelanced some 2D Animation with the awesome french studio, Studio La Cachette. The thing that kept me sort of busy during my off times is now publicly online (and now I can bring it up!). It’s for the worlds 2016 event for the League of Legends tournament! It was my first time animating in a sort of Sakuga style of animation since I’m more used to a generic style of hand drawn animation. I had to look up the animation styles of Takeshi Koike and You Yoshinari (since that was the style they were aiming for), so it was a wonderful learning experience for me.

I wanna thank Ulysse for the great opportunity, and the wonderful team (Which was a blast to work with by the way). It was a lot of fun, and I’d love to work with these guys again!

Here be some of my roughs!


Dogtor (2016) | Rhea Dadoo