July Sunset at Ebey’s Landing, Coupeville, Washington, 2016

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Orders were something Elena always obeyed when they were given out. No matter what kind of orders they were. She never wanted to get onto Nadine’s bad side. Though these type of orders were for a woman named Gabrielle Bella Grace. She never knew the reason why Nadine wanted the woman dead but she never questioned it either. She had picture of her just in case she came across her. 

Elena was set up in the jungles of Madagascar with a tight hold on her pistol. She usually carried two but she thought Gabby wouldn’t be much of a problem. She stopped at the top of a small cliff and could see below where a small camp was set up and narrowed her eyes. Maybe that was hers? She jumped down to the lower ground and made her way towards the camp, doing a sweep around first then headed towards the middle. 

Great Bay Temple and the Western Coast

“Limitless and immortal, the waters are the beginning and end of all things on earth.”

- Heinrich Zimmer

From the shore, the Great Bay and the expanse of water beyond certainly seem limitless. The soft, blue edge of the sky mingles with the surface of the sea, and, in the distance, they appear inseparable. The wisps of cloud overhead are echoed in the white foam of the waves, and we can only imagine how the other senses are engaged by this place – the warmth of the sun, the voice of the wind, the smell of the air. Great Bay Coast is, as its inhabitants well know, a picturesque land of beauty and serenity. Palm trees dot the shoreline, towels and umbrellas are laid out on the sand, and small boats are docked nearby, all awaiting the tourist season. Yet, for all this preparation, the beach is empty. The only being we can see is floating gently in the tide, and even he is closer to death than to life. The quiet, unsettling music confirms our original suspicion: something here is not quite as it should be.

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There is an ebb and flow to life. People and...

There is an ebb and flow to life. People and situations wash upon the shores of our lives. The mighty pressures of the water gently sculpt and shape us. The tides of change have great purpose in our lives. When it is time, the waters recede and sometimes carry things away; even things we love. The tides, while powerful, can move in our lives so gently, if we allow. If you resist the awesome tidal forces of life, you are going to hurt yourself. There are some things, people and experiences you cannot have or change. When the waters of life move upon you; do not struggle — give in and let go. Be still and let the waters flow around you. Let the ancient precession of tides cut a beautiful shoreline in your heart.

— Bryant McGill

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Moonshine, Orion Rising on Vilano Beach With Notes by JamesWatkins on Flickr.

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A bit of a shameless plug here, as this is a new track, ‘Lost & Found’ from my old post rock band Satellites. Despite the fact we broke up last year due to 'geographical differences’ stemming from us all finishing uni, I, after months of putting off the task, only actually completed recording the song a few days ago. This was all thanks to the initial recording session, during which everyone else recorded their parts, being marred by the rapidly approaching death of my old laptop and all the obvious problems that that brought with it. 

That said, I think the recovery job went fairly well and the song is sounding pretty good considering the basic equipment most of it was recorded on. I hope that this can be recommend to fans of Mogwai, EITS, TWDY etc and any listens and feedback are truly appreciated.
"Living Shorelines" Will Get Fast Track to Combat Sea Level Rise
Wetlands, sand dunes and mangroves could protect shorelines more inexpensively than walls and bulkheads
By Erika Bolstad,ClimateWire

As sea levels rise along U.S. coasts, it may soon get easier for people and local governments to obtain federal permits to build what are known as “living shorelines,” natural or nature-based structures designed to protect communities and infrastructure from extreme storms and flooding even as they protect habitat.

The Army Corps of Engineers is considering a new category to its nationwide permits that would allow speedier approval of living shorelines, which include wetlands with sea and marsh grasses, sand dunes, mangroves, and coral reefs.

Currently, it’s much faster for property owners in many parts of the country to get a permit for sea walls, bulkheads and other so-called gray infrastructure than it is to get a permit for construction of nature-based systems. If the corps moves forward with the new category, though, permits to build living shorelines could be issued in as few as 45 days, instead of 215, a spokesman for the agency said.

“The living shoreline piece is a part of what we’re pushing as a nonstructural, nature-based method that is a lot less costly,” said Lt. Gen. Thomas Bostick, who ushered in the proposed permit during his time as chief of the Army Corps of Engineers, before his retirement last week. “It helps us with our environmental focus; it helps us with the endangered species, perhaps. All of that is a natural way that we can reclaim some of our land and take the focus off of expensive infrastructure.”

The move toward more natural coastline protection comes as federal agencies, state governments, and local and business leaders focus increasingly on the concept of resilience as they plan for how communities will adapt to climate change.