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Some fun finds. I bought all of them except for the Crazy Frog, I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Oddities Note: I love all of these! I was at Disney World when they decorated the castle as a cake! I wanted to eat it. Also that sweater…I love it. I hope you wear it with pride.

I’m Such an Idiot||Daniel Seavey||Why Don’t We Imagine

@ashleyyy0330117 Again, thanks for the idea, Ash ;)

You walk into Walmart with a skip in your step. You hadn’t expected your roommate to suggest a late summer house party, but the idea excited you immensely. She had sent you out to get decorations, food, and drinks for the event and you had accepted happily. You peruse the aisles slowly, taking your time in each one. You’re in the chip section when you notice a group of six boys around your age. One on a hoverboard in particularly catches your eye. His tall, lanky figure makes him stand out from the rest of his friends. He wears a black hat, casting a shadow over his face as he laughs with his friends. The six of them make a ruckus in the store, distracting you completely of what you came here to do. You shake your head and continue shopping. 

You can’t seem to escape these boys. Everywhere you go, they seem to be one aisle away. You see three of them make their way to the toy section, where they put on these ridiculous animal heads and record themselves dancing in them. You have to hold back a laugh and suppress a smile while walking away. 

You walk slowly in the snack aisle, keeping your eyes on the shelves as you debate in your head what you should get. “Ouch!” You yelp as something hits your backside. You spin around in a flurry to see the tall boy from earlier. He’s wide eye in shock, his mouth hanging open. His hands are on a shopping cart (which he hit you with) and he’s still standing on his hoverboard. His friends stand at the head of the aisle, hands over their mouths, trying to hide their laughter. 

“Oh my God, I am so sorry!” The boy says sincerely. He pulls the cart away and gets off his hoverboard. “Are you okay? God, I’m such an idiot!” He says it so apologetically. You realize that this was clearly an accident and smile up the boy in front of you. 

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just watch where you’re going next time.” You giggle at the shock displayed on his face. His blue eyes sparkle when they meet yours, his face lighting up. He smiles, showing a gap between his two front teeth. “What? Why are you smiling like that?” You ask, suddenly asking yourself if there’s something on your face. 

“It’s - it’s just that you’re so beautiful.” He stares at you, making you blush and look away from his gaze. 

“Thank you.” You say, peering down at your shoes. The boy looms above you, probably at least a head taller. He lets out a shaky laugh, scratching the back of his head. 

“I’m Daniel by the way.” He extends a hand. Shaking it, you realize how tiny yours are in comparison.

“Y/N. Nice to meet you… even if you hit me with a shopping cart.” You smile at Daniel’s cheery laugh. 

“I’m actually happy about my clumsiness for once. Don’t usually get to meet pretty girls at Walmart.” He winks at you, making your face flush red again.

“Are you happy about your stupidness, too?” Daniel’s curly-haired friend shouts from around the corner, followed by a series of shushing noises you can only assume were made by his other friends. It’s Daniel’s turn to blush now. He scratches the back of his head, looking down at the floor. You smile, realizing that is must be a nervous habit. 

Daniel looks up at you with a full smile. You adore the gap in his front teeth, and the unmistakable little dimples on his cheeks. You’ve never been so happy to be hit by anything in your life.