Mun: I did this as individual instead of as a group just cause. If you want then group shopping too, feel free to send another ask! 💖

- Please no
- he’s so embarrassed
- tries to cover his eyes the whole time omg
- but this is what good bfs do, right????
- he’ll manage through it
- but sooner or later MC will have to calm him down
- may or may not get a little…. Excited *ehem*

- She’s not too fazed
- but it is a bit intimate in her opinion
- she won’t say it but she loves when MC models some for her
- she helps MC figure out colors that work with their skin tone and body type
- but she obviously has a bias for lace
- like omg wear matching lace lingerie to seduce this woman
- she will think about it for months

- The most chill out of the group
- has to ignore the rabid fangirls at the shop
- like OMG it’s ZEN in a LINGERIE SHOP
- at one point he hides in one of the dressing stalls
- and has to wait till they forget about him
- but after he’s so discreet
- and has MC model all the showy stuff just for him
- massive levels of self control

- No
- he might offer to drive MC
- and he MIGHT wait outside in the car
- but if MC manages to persuade him
- his face is just as red as Yoosung’s
- “This is a bit… Revealing, isn’t it?”
- he prays no one recognizes him
- but at the same time he kinda hopes someone does
- his face stays red the whole way home
- and he refuses to talk about the incident EVER again

- kinda flustered when MC first asks
- but after the initial shock he agrees more than happily
- but under one condition
- he crossdresses
- and even tries on some of the lingerie tops
- lol Seven no your chest is too flat for that
- he makes sure MC knows which pieces he likes
- and you bet he offers to pay for the expensive stuff



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A futura mãe mais hipócrita do mundo

Hoje de tarde fui no shopping com a minha mãe ver um filme. Chegando lá, pensei que o shopping estaria vazio porque hoje é sexta feira e pessoas estão trabalhando/estudando/fazendo qualquer outra coisa. Me surpreendi ao ver o shopping ATOLADO de adolescentes. Só de olhar uns 10 segundos, já dava pra perceber que metade estava cabulando aula. E tentei me lembrar se eu naquela idade fazia aquele mesmo tipo de coisa. E não, não fazia (eu cabulava sim como qualquer outro ser humano, mas cabulava pra ir pra casa dormir, e não pra ter outro compromisso).

O engraçado é que atualmente, eu, que ainda cabulo as aulas da faculdade (qualé, não me julgue. Faculdade é algo que mexe com a sua cabeça e te destrói),  penso que quando eu tiver meus filhos, vou achar o fim do mundo cabular. Hipocrisia da minha parte, é claro, MAAAAS, mesmo não querendo assumir, já tenho mentalidade de adulto e o pior: mentalidade de MÃE. 

Do jeito que sou louca, ou vou procurar a minha filha à tarde por todos os shoppings da minha cidade, ou vou comprar o celular mais atual e caro o possível de presente pra minha filha e vou instalar um chip rastreador nele (sem ela ter a mínima ideia, claro). Esse é o grande problema de futuros pais como eu: nós sabemos os meios na tecnologia pra foder a vida dos nossos queridos filhos. Acho que vou ser mais neurótica que a minha mãe.


This Mom Is Thanking A Girls’ Clothing Store For Making Her Gender-Nonconforming Child Feel Welcome (x)

In her post, Sirois explained that her 10-year-old had been wanting to shop at Justice, a chain that markets its clothing as “just for girls,” since he was 4. Often he ended up enviously watching his older sister shop there.

One of the store’s managers, Stephnie, assured the family that “everyone is welcome at Justice.” Sirois wrote that on the Friday afternoon they arrived at the store, her son’s eyes were “huge and overwhelmed with possibilities.”