I decided today was a cheat day after weighing in this morning. Involving Pizza Hut, doughnuts, and Starbucks. I have Starbucks maybe 3-4 times a year so I thought I would participate in the Starbucks selfie tag that seems to be a thing? Lol.

Went shopping looking for a few deals on some clothes that will fit me. Lucked out with some clearance and also hit up the 30% off C9 at Target. Hit up Victoria Secrets too. Down just over 60lbs and my boobs are maintaining cup size haha. At least I didn’t lose my boobs in addition to the lack of ass I now have. Lol. Also found out I’m wearing a size 10 jeans they carry at Old Navy. :)


Empty Nesting aka Let’s Get This Place Sorted For The Duration!
24 June 2017

I could barely stand up after run training but Rob begged me to go to Bunnings with him and, being a supportive wife, I acquiesced despite my severe shopping aversion. We got paint, a high pressure cleaner, a new letterbox, various hardware items, and chose a new back door. When we were ‘nesters’ - newly-weds and young parents - decisions about paint colour and household fittings required much cogitation and debate. As middle-aged empty nesters sprucing up the old pad, such decisions are made in a snap! In-Out-Done!

I must get CPD points each year to upkeep my accreditation so dinner prep was accompanied by snack prepping for tomorrow’s all-day running rehab workshop. This course is worth a lot of points plus, as a novice runner, I figure I might need it! 😂 In truth, gait and postural biomechanics are highly relevant for sporting and clinical populations.

I cooked an extra piece of salmon so I can make a salmon salad for tomorrow’s lunch too. Now to roll out my legs before chilling & bed. Apparently we will do a lot of foam rolling tomorrow. Yay.


check out today’s wins

i rarely wear dresses but i thought the cold shoulder was cute, the print was cute and not overwhelming, and it’s a really cute length- hits an inch or two above my knees.  i need to get a full-length mirror.

trying to decide if this is formal enough to wear to a wedding in a couple of weeks…

and obv the earrings were too cute and i had to have them!


*** by Gabriela Tulian
Via Flickr:


Sometimes when I go shopping I think about what it would be like if Aelin was with me and I think she would literally become addicted to Earth as a shopping centre and it would include:

- Aelin going around with huge bags and sunglasses even when raining just because she’s an extra bitch;

- Aelin stopping at every single shop;

- Aelin saying “but I need that!” every time she sees something she likes;

- Aelin having a fidelity card at Gucci and Chanel;

- But also being addicted to Tiger;

- She has learnt to enter Sephora with no makeup because she always accept shop assistants to do it for her;

- And she has a Sephora Gold card;

- “What do you mean you don’t have my size?”;

- Aelin buying stupid shit for anyone;

- But also buying extremely expensive stuff because she doesn’t understand our currency;

- “What do you mean this coin isn’t made of gold?”

- That time the shoplifting alarm started when she passed unknowingly through it and scared the shit out of her;

- She always being a bit intimidated by them after that episode;

- She’d have a wallet exclusively for fidelity cards;

- She’d subscribe to every magazine possible;

- “Why doesn’t Amazon ship to Terrasen?”

- She’d go with Lysandra to wedding dresses’ shops pretending to get married just to be offered free champagne;

- Lysandra always shifts into a new person so they can go to the same shop more than once;

- OMG Aelin at Lush;

- Aelin taking Rowan to Victoria’s Secret and trying every single piece of lingerie existing in front of him and then buying all of them;

- Aelin entering McDonald’s for a quick burger in between shopping sessions with a Prada shopping bag;


My pretty new find from eBay, perfect for todays sweltering heat, along with slightly better photos of my Alchemy Gothic & Spin Doctor collab’ dress. Although I had taken the slip out due to the heat, and went with shorts instead.
The eBay jobby is from H&M and has splits up the side to make is super cool and floaty in this heat.