Discreet Cat-kin Gifts 

Grumpy Cat Stylus/Pen Combo - $5.29
Mint Garden in a Bag - $15.00
Angry Swearing Cats Adult Coloring Book - $5.99
Jasper Claw Necklace - $22.25
Men’s Cat’s Eye Ring - $8.51
Hellcat #1 - $8.75
Punk Patch Set - $8.99
Black Cat Fireworks Poster - $9.95

(Items are meant to be things people would like without specifically liking/being kin with cats/ that wouldn’t be suspicious to own)


This Mom Is Thanking A Girls’ Clothing Store For Making Her Gender-Nonconforming Child Feel Welcome (x)

In her post, Sirois explained that her 10-year-old had been wanting to shop at Justice, a chain that markets its clothing as “just for girls,” since he was 4. Often he ended up enviously watching his older sister shop there.

One of the store’s managers, Stephnie, assured the family that “everyone is welcome at Justice.” Sirois wrote that on the Friday afternoon they arrived at the store, her son’s eyes were “huge and overwhelmed with possibilities.”