I am pleased to announce I have joined the Milestone Strength & Conditioning team as Director Of Content.

Over the past 2 years I have worked closely with head trainer Layne Fletcher in creating a unique training platform, combining a variety of fitness techniques to condition and strengthen.

I am often asked what sort of training I do, and commonly misdiagnosed as doing “crossfit”
It wasn’t until after Layne and I sat down to really label what it is that we do that we came to realize that this form of fitness needed a category of its own.

Hence; istraining.

Combining elements of Calisthenics, traditional bodybuilding, powerlifting, some of the ideas behind Crossfit, and functional training, istraining utilizes the best of everything to offer a unique approach to health and fitness.

The beauty of this form of training is that it has something to offer everyone and anyone. From pure aesthetic benefits, to strength building, to simply honing skills and gaining better body control, there are elements to this style of training to help wherever you want to improve.

If you are interested in improving your fitness, or want that summer ready body, click through the link below and let’s get this party started!


Coffee–Aficionados & Tea Lovers: FvF Workplaces of Chris Onton & Shawn Barber, Berlin

We visit the café of Chris Onton & Shawn Barber, situated in a quiet backyard of Berlin’s Kreuzberg district and offering a fine selection of quality coffee and hand-picked teas.

Chris & Shawn discuss what it’s like to work together as friends and how they came to name their business Companion Coffee, on Freunde von Freunden.

Thank you Robbie Lawrence & Katie Hill!

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