Help me afford to fix my car and also move! <3

I’ve had about 3 big things go wrong with my car in the last week and it is now unsafe to drive! This is the car I need for my job, and the car I’m sharing with my partner, which he also needs to get to work. On top of all of this, we’re trying to move by April 1st to avoid a rent increase and live with our friends (which I wanted to do anyway, because I miss having roommates and everything is more affordable that way in the long run). I’d also really like to print the 3rd volume of my collaborated comic, Collision Course for our conventions this spring (Omaha Zinefest, Art-a-Whirl, and probably more), but I really don’t know how that can happen in this current situation…

I have no idea how we’re gonna afford to do any of this stuff and still pay our other bills and y’know, eat. So I just wanted to remind everyone that I have all of these comics you can buy/download on gumroad! Or if none of these are your thing, I’m always open for commissions. Hit me up at marissaluna1990@gmail.com with questions and reference pics!

I totally get that times are tough for everyone right now. If you could reblog this, that would help me out a lot! Thank You <3