Dylann Roof is noted for one of the worst race-related mass murders of the past decade, but according to his friends, Roof was never racist or even remotely preoccupied with race issues. The shooter was never bullied as a child, but he was quiet, polite and had a couple of close friends. One of these friends, Caleb Brown, was mixed-race and says he is baffled by his friend’s callous crime. As he got older, his teachers described him as “emotionless”. He became isolated, and this could be one of the many reasons he felt the need to commit murder. However, Roof did show a sense of empathy toward his victims, which is not unusual among terrorists:  Roof told police he almost didn’t go through with the shooting because people at the bible study were being so nice to him.

Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold during the filming of their creative writing school project; Hitmen for Hire. In the video, the pair talk about shooting and killing other students, an eerily foreshadowing moment considering the nature of their crimes. They were graded exceptionally well for their efforts, and the teacher noted that “Yours is a unique approach and your writing works in a gruesome way — good details and mood setting.“


Frontier Middle School shooting; February 2, 1996:
Loukaitis was widely believed to be frequently bullied in school, which impelled him to cause the murderous school rampage.Those who knew him claim that he complained of being beaten by other students, being sexually harassed, having his head repeatedly stuffed into toilets, and being held down while another student urinated on him.He was also taking ritalin at the time of the shooting.
On February 2, 1996, Loukaitis dressed as a wild west-style gunslinger and used a duster to conceal a hunting rifle and two handguns. He was carrying approximately 80 rounds of ammunition.
Loukaitis could be re-sentenced due to a US Supreme Court decision, in which people convicted of a murder they committed under 16 years of age can be paroled in 25 years. Loukaitis could be released as early as 2021.

Sadly, it seems that Aurora Shooter, James Holmes, was only responsible for the crimes he committed due to his crippling mental health issues. Holmes was given several different psychiatric drugs to try and stabilize his mood, but none seemed to work properly. The last form of medication he tried before the horrific shooting was Zoloft, a common antidepressant used to treat a range of disorders. For whatever reason, Holmes decided to go “cold turkey” and withdraw completely from the drug, which caused dangerous side effects such as homicidal ideation. It’s unlikely that this alone caused the shooting, but it may give us some insight as to the factors that caused it. Holmes is currently being monitored and psychiatrists hope they can find the right dosage for him.


in august of 2013, 35 year-old tasaphol haekla opened fire on his fiancée (kewelin hongthong, 28) and her mother (wimol hongthong, 48), having no idea that his actions would be caught on cctv. when asked why he danced away from the crime scene once both women were dead, he explained that he was celebrating the release of pressure the women had been putting him under.