hey fellow gays whose shows are on hiatus, how about checking out the bold type?

It’s got a really supportive friendship between three amazing ladies

they have a really amazing boss too and totally destroys the mean boss stereotype

and the main ship is between a proud muslim lesbian hijabi and a beautiful queer woman of color.  Kat and adena (Kadena) is the ultimate slow burn and they have angst that doesn’t involve either of them dying and they’re really really gay

So how about checking it out? Trust me i didn’t think it was my kind of show either but i was complete trash for it after one episode. It surprised me in a good way and i think it will surprise you too. 

Watch the bold type on freefrom tuesdays 9/8 central. Binge on Hulu or the FREEform app. Also ABC spark in canada

When you’re busy af but your mom calls to ask you, why don’t you have a boyfriend, why you only watch series with wlw in them, why you own so many flannels, why don’t you let your nails grow and why do you have the whole discography of Tegan and Sara.


My dear lesbian activity fans. If you are thirsty for more queer material, please go and check this comedy web series called GAL PALS. It’s a small but entertained funny series. The main characters are Bee (sexy, cute, charming) a girl openly gay, and Dylan (pretty, friendly, flirty) straight girl. I really got onto that ship, definitely I’m rooting for #Beelan.

Give it a chance, you can watch the whole season in less than an hour. Let’s support lesbians series makers. Here is Episode 1. You can follow on @galpalsseries.  Enjoy!