Haruma Miura and Shohei Miura interview


You two get along very well everyday do you remember the first impression of each other?

Haruma: My first impression of Sho chan was that he looked like a cool person and he was tall too.
Shohei: Gosh (pokes Haruma kun in the side). Haruma was cool too. Sort of like someone sitting in the corner all quietly.
Haruma: What was the reason we opened up?
Shohei: Wasn’t it that thing? That skit
Haruma: Ah! The six members were put into groups of two to make everyone laugh, that’s when we started a manzai all the sudden.
[manzai- comedy skit]
Shohei: Without arrangements beforehand (laughs).
Haruma: it was definitely a spontaneous skit.
Shohei: First, Kiri (Kiriyama Akito) and Hide (Ishiguro Hideaki) started it.
Haruma: Then, it was me with (Takaki) Yuya and Sho chan and (Nakama) Junta. We got along before that since we’re all around the same age and easy to talk to.
Shohei: The first meal we ate together was Sukiyaki.
Haruma: That’s when we started talking about how Rookie is amazing…
Shohei: Then it was decided that Haruma, who lost rock paper scissors will drink raw eggs… and he drank it (laughs).
Haruma: It tasted awful~….! I thought “Sylvester Stallone is amazing!” (laughs). Just one tasted awful but drinking 5 or 6 must be one great actor.
Shohei: So it was that disgusting (laughs).
Haruma: The yolk wasn’t bad but the white! The way it went down my throat… It was really hard~ (tears).

- Did your first impression of each other change after opening up?

Haruma: The fact that Sho chan is cool hasn’t changed.
Shohei: No way~ (Pokes some harder).
Haruma: Really (laughs). But his image changed to playful and funny. I feel like he’s my older brother sometimes because he’s older than me.
Shohei: Eh!? Haruma is much more mature than me.
Haruma: But when I lose it, I really do go crazy.   
Shohei: Yeah, he becomes waru-ma (laughs). [waru means bad] His cool image was destroyed but he’s usually really nice.
Haruma: Not at all~ (blush).
Shohei: When Yuya got a cold, you said “I just go this from the hospital yesterday so take it” and gave him some pills. The cold was spreading at the filming and Haruma was coughing too.
Haruma: But I’d pretend to spread more germs by coughing around others (laughs).
Shohei: That’s waru-ma (laughs). But you’re usually an adult. You’re more experienced and I sometimes think you’re older than me too. He gave me some pointers on acting as a senpai actor.  
Haruma: You asked around “how should we say this line” and you were seriously thinking about it. But I, it’s not that I’m not good at giving people advices, I just haven’t worked enough to give advices.
Shohei: No~, Haruma’s acting is really great. 
Haruma: No way~ (pokes him back).

- Going through filming “Gokusen” again for the movie, have anything changed from before? 

Shohei: We had a special drama before that too. On top of that, we have been meeting outside of work.
Haruma: We would go out to eat, play billiards, and darts. We even played basketball once.
Shohei: Haruma is really great at billiards! I can never win. Well, I’m better at him in darts though (laughs).
Haruma: Yeah, I can never win (laughs).
Shohei: I was with Haruma on my birthday too. The Gokusen members celebrated my birthday at a yakiniku place. That’s where we started talking about if someone can “drink 30 bottles of lactic acid drink in 3 minutes”….
Haruma: Everyone said it was impossible but.
Shohei: There was one guy who kept saying “I can” so we said “then do it”. We went to convenience stores but not many stores had them so we had hard time finding them too.
Haruma: We went around 10 stores to get 30 bottles.
Shohei: Then it ended up not happening so we made him do a punishment, “sing a song out loud & back flip in Shibuya’s center gai alone” We watched him from the distance (laughs). Even though Haruma wasn’t supposed to standout because he was the most famous out of all of us, he was up in the front telling the guy to do it (laughs).  
Haruma: I have to enjoy the moment. I lead everyone and hugged him “good job!” after it was done (laughs).

-What’s the highlight of “Gokusen THE MOVIE”?

Haruma: Sho chan will say the perfect comment!
Shohei: Go to Nippon TV’s homepage for the highlight!
Haruma: He went to the easy way out (laughs).
Shohei: Just kidding, just kidding. The highlight would be where Ren gets chased by the police, after all. Then, the 6 from 3-D will prove their friendship bond between them again!

- What type of work would you like to feature together in?

Haruma: I want to do “Kyo Kara Ore Wa!! / From today, I am!!” (yankee manga)! We had a talk like this before.
Shohei: I wanted to be the leading role, Mitsuyashi.
Haruma: and I wanted to be Itou or Nakano guy.
Shohei: Me and Haruma read all the series. To be honest, I don’t care what I do if I can co-star with him.
Haruma: Right?

- You two seem to get along very well but what if you fell in love with the same girl?

Haruma: I’d say “give her to me this time since you can get any girl you want” (laughs). But if this happens for real, which one would you choose? Friendship or love?
Shohei: Friendship! (straight away)
Haruma: really? I’d probably take love. Maybe….
Shohei: Definitely friendship for me. Even if I like the same girl as you, I’d be like “dozo,dozo/please,please” (with hands like Dacho Club/comedians)
Haruma: What a broad-minded guy!  

(Not my translation, original translators page x)