soulmates au where
  • all your life you see in black and white and when you touch your soulmate you see colours, but A and B are going through a busy crowd and accidentally brush against each other, left searching for their soulmate and not knowing where to look...

You know whats fun?


You know what makes people happy?


You know what brings people together?


You know whats not fun?

Bashing other peoples ships.

So don’t do it!

My life pt. 2
  • Me: fantasising about gay ships
  • Mum: *walks in* what are you doing?
  • Me: *sweating but still fantasising about gay ships* uh - just thinking
  • Mum: Oh, what about?
  • Me: *sweating even more but still fantasising about gay ships* uh - our existence and why humans were placed and reign over the planet?