it occurred to me that peridot would probably love my favorite online fashion brand too

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THE SHOES IN THIS PHOTO ARENT FAKE AND THIS PICSURE IS NOT PHOTOSHOPPED OK SO THIS IS SO FREAKY I think this happened like yesterday night or today because I swear it was called ‘Sketchers’ yesterday. I had these shoes in my hands and I read the name out loud and I didn’t notice that these were called ‘Skechers’, if they were I would simply notice because I’m atm really into the Mandela effect n shit. So the Mandela Effect is pretty active rn. I don’t know exactly what the cause of this Effect is. I believe it has to do something with Time Traveling or different dimensions similar to ours, bumpimg into each other - idk I’m very bad w/ explaining. BY THE WAY NOW I’M WRITING ABOUT DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS WHERE SIMILAR ‘US’ EXIST AND THAT KIND OF STUFF, IT REALLY REMINDS ME OF AN EPISODE IN FUTURAMA. I will write about this later, but the things that have been going on lately are freeking me out. My snap chat is http_ok, for anybody who wants to talk about the Mandela Effect, I am more active on there.

Untitled #480 by ambershad featuring bobbi brown cosmetics

Paisley dress, 170 INR / LE3NO summer jacket, 2,300 INR / L*Space flat shoes, 7,950 INR / Barbara Rihl white handbag, 9,480 INR / Cara pink jewelry, 535 INR / Charlotte Russe gold ring, 400 INR / Bobbi brown cosmetic / Lipstick / Lancôme lancome mascara, 1,835 INR
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