For a start, you may call me Captain.

Or: Join the First Order today - we have coffee! ;D


The amazing photos from my shooting with Roxy at the bookfair in Leipzig! Being Phasma was sooo much fun, I got to meet so many great people and would’ve never thought that this casual thingie gets so much love! ♥ Thank you, everyone!

Casual/coffeeshop Phasma - @kassna
Photo & edit - RoxyPhotography  ♥ ♥ ♥


1964 Clarks Shoes ad by totallymystified

This is one surreal old comic book ad for shoes that seems to think the way to sell them is by saying that getting a pair will mean that a silent imp (who still produces word balloons) will at your command fill your sneakers with laughing gas so you can go zooming like a human butterfly into the middle of rioting prison yards to subdue the prisoners. 

but what IS H saying that we can’t hear?


oh geez…