Ew, So Gross (Peter Parker x Reader)

Plot: Peter and Reader get caught in a… compromising position 


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“Ned totally fell off the board. He completely twisted his ankle, and I thought he broke it! I saw something sticking out and he was crying, but his ankle was just really swollen.” Peter said whilst down on his knee to tie his shoe.

You gasped, hand over your mouth, “That’s so graphic! Is he okay? That’s ew, so gross.”

“Hey! Get up! You’re too young for this, do you want to ruin your relationship? Ruin your lives? Don’t be stupid, you’re both smart kids, but this is beyond idiotic.” Tony rambled.

Peter sent you a confused look which you replied to with a shrug of your shoulders.

“Mr. Stark, I was just-” Peter began.

“Being stupid, yes, I know. FRIDAY, call a team meeting in the living room, tell them it’s urgent.” Tony told the AI.

“We were actually gonna go out to eat.” You tried.

“Oh nice, no. Living room now.” Tony ordered.

“I was watching my soap opera.” Wanda pouted.

“Whatever, you’re probably wondering why I called you all here. Our teen love birds are being stupid! Ready to ruin their lives with such a dumb decision, I get it. I get that you think you love each other-” Tony started.

“They’ve been together for a year, what exactly is going on, why do we have to be here?” Steve asked.

“Well, Peter was proposing!” Tony yelled.

This news caused everyone to get up and start yelling at both you and Peter.  

“You’re both so young!”

 “How could you be so stupid?” 

“Where is the ring?”

“Pete, you didn’t tell me!”

“Hey! Sit down and let us explain!” Peter managed to yell over everybody.

The adults of the team took their seats, still wiggling, anxious to get more critiques out.

“Peter and I are 15, we make dumb decisions all the time, but we know marriage is a huge step and we know we’re not ready.” You stated calmly.

“(Y/N) is right, marriage would be too soon for us, we’re in high school, everybody would obviously disapprove, and we have so much going on. Oh, and we’re 15, just in case you guys forgot!” Peter reiterated.

“I mean I can see how the situation could have gotten mixed up, but Peter was tying his shoe.” You added.

“You know what? FRIDAY play back the footage from like 5 minutes ago.” Peter said.

The TV lit up with the footage of you and Peter, Peter tying his shoe, in front of the elevator, waiting for it to arrive as you both discussed Ned’s twisted ankle.

“See, I was tying my shoe.” Peter pointed out.

“Tony, you idiot.” Natasha laughed.

“I can’t believe you interrupted my soaps for this.” Wanda mumbled, going back to her room.

“Here, sorry about that kids, here’s 20 bucks for lunch. Tony do you have anything to say?” Steve asked.

“Yeah, first, that’s my wallet and second, I’m sorry I overreacted, my bad.” Tony muttered.

“Great, now you kids be safe, see you soon.” Steve waved.

“I never want to come back here.” You said in the elevator.

Peter laughed, “Don’t say that, Tony will lecture us about how privileged we are to have all this.”

“Yeah, anyways, do you want Thai or pizza?”

The Wedding Planner (Part 1)

Summary– Being a wedding planner is all fun and games until suddenly you’re saved from an accident by the man of your dreams– later discovering that he happens to be your latest client’s fiancé. 

Author’s Note– First off, I am just beyond excited for this series! I absolutely loved this movie and figured, “Why not make it into a series and add my own twist to it?” So I finally did and I really hope you all enjoy it! feedback would be greatly appreciated folks.

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🌙Mayor Bramble’s Spring Ref!🌙

✨loves people
✨but is super shy
✨reads a ton
✨loves to sew (she’s the designer)
✨lots of freckles and moles*
✨stormy blue eyes
✨smol ears

✨dark purple grid shirt with moon and star pins
✨peter pan collar
✨lavender skirt
✨lace socks
✨yellow buckled shoes
✨braided qr with added moon and star pins
✨short bobbed hair
✨bandages (of course, star patterned*)

*not really in game


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“They are perfectly normal”

He would sit alone, mind his own business. He’d get lost in his mind a lot, which stated by Steve is a very bad thing. He, of course needed time to himself, but not to the point where he would just be staring into space for hours on end. He wouldn’t even move a muscle. Eyes poring wide, bags hung loosely under his big blue pupils, nose slim and long, mouth ever so beautifully etched into that infamous frown with creases right under his pale cheekbones. His posture spoke more then he was letting on. And yet no one cared; except her.

She would bring him lunch when he decides to ditch the group and stay put in his room. She would try to grab his attention once he went cold, she would attentively pay attention to his body language. Steve would note this, but he decided to stay out of whatever is happening in hopes of something good coming out if he didn’t meddle.

“What do you think, Bucky?” The brunet asked, as she ran her hand through her flyaways and strummed them behind her bitty ear. She would always try to make him join a conversation. Because she was just like that.

He stared at her, face stoic. Void of any emotions, because he was genuinely trying hard just for her, but being in his shoes at the moment was getting harder to pay attention to her. “What do you think is better, My new shoes-” She added a wink his way to signal him a subtle hint to pick hers, “Or Nat’s?” She let her hand fall to his thigh,  over his bigger more rougher one.

Nat, who sat beside her glared at Bucky. They shared many memories, both good and bad. Not that his history with the black widow would ever come between being fair for the girl who cherished her time with him.


At the moment, the young girl didn’t even see the bitty smile Bucky had sported her way. It was warm; something he hadn’t felt in eons. She dipped her head back and laughed at Natasha- who had already started getting up from being picked over by.

“Did you even see my new shoes?” Came her soft reply, she watched him play with his finger nails, getting lost in thought. One leg under him while the other hang over the couch.

“No,” He loves to look at her when he answers her. It was something the team noticed- not only Steve this time- but once Sam commented that Bucky was only respecting (Y/N) everyone took heed on the thought. Which was somewhat a good thing, Bucky has preferences, and he now realizes that he doesn’t have to do anything to please anyone.

“Do you want to see them?” She asked, Bucky knew the girl loved her shoes, she broke all of Clints arrows because he hid one of her newly bought pairs just to get a rise from her.

“Sure,” Bucky’s eyes were warm, almost as if he belonged somewhere. He looked at peace, all the burdens washed away by an unknown force. He would be light, wholeheartedly speaking, more genuine, more… happy.

“Let me get them!” Seeing the excited smile she gave his way, had him smiling. And he watched her figure disappear into the hallways, once so, he returned back to gaze at his friends who had just went silent.

“Your smiling!” Sam shouted, if anything he was more scared them relived that his foe was capable of such act.

“Do you like (Y/N)?” Vision questioned, sitting correctly from Wanda, at the question everyone was interested to know more.

They knew Bucky wasn’t a liar. He never told a mistail until he was sure it was right. But they never expected him to be this honest and open. “She’s wonderful, Yes.” Yet he looked down, embarrassment evident in his actions. Before anyone else- especially Steve who was ready to holler and smack his friends back in congrats- The girl came back running, holding her beige flats.


“You got to put them on, Doll.” Bucky was just doing this for show now. He wouldn’t know foot fashion if it hit him with a shoe. But seeing her smile just peeled all the black from his heart. Watching as she took off her flip flops and smoothly slip on the new shoes she twirled around and showed off her shoes to the one person she really cares about.

“Natalia obviously found hers in the dumpster,” He said, watching as she grinned wider and turned to go put them back. “Have you worn them out yet?”

Steve, Sam, and even Clint dropped everything in their hands to turn to see what she would answer him. The others just stared intently- more normally.


“Well, I didn’t have dinner so would you join me?” He stood up, signaling no room for further arguments. He knew for a fact she didn’t eat as well, considering she was busy listening to him blab about the 70’s. But it was fine in her book, even when Natasha and Tony roll called for the dinner plates. She never got up, or even flinched to get food. “I’ll take you to that fancy diner Tony took us last month-”

“Gold Rush?”

“Yah, I’ll meet you by my motorcycle in thirty.”

Steve was worried. He had every right to be. His friend just woke up from a freezing chamber to be put under the pressure of being normal once again. But once he saw at least one more team Member putting in the effort to be his best friends friend, had him ease up. Less grey hair in his book. But he never expected to get up in the middle of the night to catch a glimpse of Natasha warmly gazing at Bucky and (Y/N) asleep in each other’s arms.

They must have stayed late, because after midnight Tony would purposely auto lock every door in the tower. Something about his anti soft wear glitching and he needs to fix it. Not that anyone had complained about it, they just have to access FRIDAY through their voices that is after the clock went past three AM…

But, seeing as (Y/N) had a book open midway resting on her chest, with Buckys head resting on her shoulder while he hugged her close to his body had him warm inside. Because, not only did he watch his friend die, become the worlds deadliest assassin, be torn apart by law, but he finally had the gift of seeing his friend happy. Something Bucky was rudely snatched of.

“Weird seeing Bucky like this…” Natasha spoke, safely placing a blanket over the two of their bodies, Bucky stirring in his position before fixing on pulling his lover to rest over the couches full length.

“They are perfectly normal,” Steve answered.

Because they are. Nothing here wasn’t normal, he was a man who needed love; and she was just the one to give him that. She had a big heart, Bucky was just the lucky man to receive all of it. Walking over to Natasha, he placed his arm around her shoulder and they both strolled to their respected rooms.

“They are perfectly normal,” he repeated, getting the slightest nod from Natasha.


I have 27 drafts and I’m ready to publish the shit outta them. 

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Naya Rivera Says Glee Costar Heather Morris Has ‘Big Shoes to Fill’ Following DWTS Winner Amber Riley into the Ballroom
Dancing with the Stars season 24 premieres Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC

Another Glee alum is stepping into the Dancing with the Stars ballroom — so will Heather Morris be as successful as Amber Riley was?

PEOPLE caught up with Naya Rivera, who recently partnered with Nioxin to promote growth shampoos and treatments for thinning hair, and the actress opened up about how she thinks her former Glee costar Morris will fare on the ABC dance show’s upcoming season 24.

“When I saw the news I was so excited,” gushed Rivera, 30. “I definitely am going to be rooting for her and watching like I was with Amber.”

Riley, 31, previously took home the season 17 Mirrorball Trophy in 2013 alongside partner Derek Hough.

“I feel like Heather’s got some big shoes to fill,” added Rivera. “But I’m not worried about her because she’s a fantastic performer and a great dancer. I think she’s going to bring so much fun to the show. I’m excited!”

At the Zoo - Chapter 3

Thank you, really, to every single one of your comments on the previous chapter.

I was afraid you would hate it …. really afraid.

A little reprieve for our favorite baker, now. Time for him to look at the Red Pandas. (I know, they are the cutest ever.)

My deepest thanks to @xerxia31 and @dandelion-sunset for their beta skills and their help in making the story right :)

To @akai-echo you are a true artist, a magician of the images … thank you for lending me your talent.

I know, it’s not Monday, but I’ll be busy like a bee tomorrow so … early present :)

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3.  Ailurus fulgens.

“Have you written or painted anything lately?”

Peeta turned away from the windows he’d been gazing through for a couple of minutes - he had been lost in the simple movement of the willow tree, whose branches had seemed to be swaying with the gentle music of the wind.

He looked at Dr. Aurelius, seated in the armchair on the other side of the little table, looking the same as ever, focused on him, the same little smile on the corner of his lips as any other day.

And nodded.

“Which one?” the doctor asked, curious.

Peeta just shrugged. What did it matter to the doctor?

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okk here are those quick refs I mentioned, I never made this sort of refs before so I’m not sure exactly what you need to know, so there are some back/fronts

I also added some shoes and versions of outfits with less skin exposed in case you’re not comfortable with tha t

also in case of characters that are wearing more regular tshirts (like Roxy, Sollux and Jake) be free to add their “symbol” on them if you want!

you can find better views/different angles on some things on this tag!

I Love You, Not Your Gender

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Request: howdy, could you do a tyler x reader where they meet at a coffee shop or something and they fall in love, but turns out that the person ty falls in love with is trans Ftm (female to male) and they get beat up or something and ty is like “fuck man. i really love them……” idk just an idea!!!!!! thank youuuu!!!!

Summary: So basically Trans!Reader (FtM) meets Tyler one day at Molina’s Coffee House and they hit it off but then some bad stuff happens but happy ending as always.

A/N So this was definitely different than what I’m used to, but I really got inspired this morning while I was at Starbucks working on some other stuff with some friends so I wrote this! Kinda long, but I’m actually very happy with how it came out! Hope you guys enjoy! Also, I do support the LGBT community, so please don’t take anything I wrote in this fic (slurs/intrusive thoughts) as anything that I personally believe. As always, anything in italics is a personal thought in first person that the character is having. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1572, much long I’m v sorry

Warning: I cursed, used a homosexual slur, a little bit of violence, and mention of mental issues such as anxiety, intrusive thoughts, and being self conscious.

This request really got me out of my comfort zone, but I’m very happy with how this came out. I’ve never written a Tyler fic or a trans!reader fic so please be nice. I tried my best to get into the mind of what someone in this situation might be feeling and experiencing, but I obviously am not perfect. Anyway, feel free to request! I’ve got a few lined up in my drafts, but the more the merrier!

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Model and Sk8-Hi ambassador Natalie Westling is adding shoe designer to her resume with a Sk8-Hi Reissue DX that she designed exclusively for  Opening Ceremony.

Photos: Christin Rose c/o Opening Ceremony