Shizaya facts you (probably) didn’t know about Izaya Orihara
  1. Izaya officially and canonically stated that he has seen Shizuo’s sleeping face and that it was cute (yep he used “kawaii” for how Shizuo looked while sleeping)
  2. He also said that Shizuo is actually fun sometimes
  3. While talking about Shizuo’s sleeping face, Izaya said that there are many fun things he could do with sleeping Shizuo; his first idea and example was to undress him and let him wake up naked on 60dori street in Ikebukuro
  4. Izaya said that yes, he wants Shizuo dead as soon as possible, but if he plans to live a bit longer, he should grow to be a bit more human, then he might like him more.
  5. Just saying there but he specifically uses “motto suki ni nareru” –> that he would like him more than he already does.

Generally all this CD is Izaya being revealed to not hate Shizuo as much as he claims and it’s perfect.

all translations and links courtesy to @roppicrimsonveil

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