“It felt like together we were a sturdier creature, Grace-and-Sam.”

I was playing around with the idea of redrawing this piece I did last year of Sam and Grace. But I kinda liked the sketch too much, and I was scared of possibly ruining it when I went to do proper lines for the thing. So, I thought I’d just leave it as a sketch.

Book challenge

Day 5- A book that makes you happy.

The Shiver Series. Even though this book wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine it was really cute and adorable. The main characters were such a cute couple. Every time i think about it i just kinda smile. :)

Day 6- A book that makes you sad.

oh boy.. The Forest of Hands and Teeth series. my Buddha these books scarred me for life. The writer is so good, her words are so powerful they just make you feel afraid and hurt and laugh. So much suffering those books. It takes place in the future when theres a zombie apocolypse and it follows 3 girls. There’s like two love squares. shits crazy.

Day 7- most underrated book.

The Scorpio Races for sure. This book got no attention but it was so unique and written in a poetic way that i love so much. A great love story about two teens trying to find themselves and race on killer man eating water horses. Holy Buddha. Why don’t people love it!??