I know, I know. It’s nothing special right now, but if you could see the “before”… Wow. We worked our asses off this weekend.

Auggie has spent one night in his new big room, and he seemed to do pretty well with it. Slept the entire night, even. (Mylo started sleeping through the night when he got his own room, so I’m not shocked.) Instead of buying a crib or toddler bed, we simply kept the queen sized bottom bunk (it’s on wheels - not attached to the actual bed) and attached mesh rails on either side. August has been able to get off of our bed, which is higher, since he was about 10 months old so he’s able to get up and down as he pleases. Currently his room is bare aside from his shelf that holds minimal toys, but we’ve got plans to change that this Christmas.

Mylo’s room is the bottom picture. We took apart, carried, and reassembled the top bunk for him. His room is also bare aside from the train track rug and his chair, but again, this is gonna change within the next few months. We’re going to finally get him a train table since we have the room, and I’d like to get a bigger, thicker shag rug to go under the bunk. Then I’m hoping to add a tension rod and hang a curtain to give him a fort.

Pretty sweet set up they’re got, if I do say so myself. Dividing up the bed opened up both rooms SO much; the boys were thrilled yesterday with how much space they had. We also got blackout curtains today, so hopefully they’ll sleep in for me tomorrow. Woo! Parenting is exhausting, but kinda neat!