me: Well, they probably aren’t needed anymore! Which is a good thing! Let’s be positive about all this!
also me: *screams, kicks around angrily, is panicking and having pretty shitty time*

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I just hope we aren't making high expectations about being near to the end because if that's wrong we'll be devastated and it will be so hard to handle. I'm sorry if I am being rude but I am just scared.

Not rude at all! Always need to manage expectations. However, I do feel that the waiting game is nearly over. And I know I’ve been saying that for over six months now, but look at the grand scheme of things. This fight has been going on for years. And we always knew it would get worse before it got better. We kept saying how could it get worse? And then it did.

Here’s how now is different. Times are shitty, but there’s so much good happening. So much pointing to positive things coming. A lot has happened this past year that has caused a lot of people to leave, question themselves, and question the boys. But it has also brought a lot of people to see the truth of what’s going on.

We are nearing the end, whether that end comes tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. I REALLY don’t think it’ll be next year. Just look at the patterns. Look at the desperation in those in power and how they are acting. Truly look. I think you’ll see that these boys are almost free and therefore so are we.


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so.. gaara doesn’t sleep but probably would sleep over at naruto’s place anyway. also, it’s hilarious because gaara’s still kazekage and just. imagine these fools standing outside naruto’s apartment door

tfw ur little brother is kazekage but wants to stay over at his boyfriend’s shitty apartment every time yall visit konoha