A Clear And Present Shitshow

October 9, 2012, perhaps emboldened by a few tasty beverages, I went on a bit of a rant on Twitter:

11:45 PM Apparently tip-toeing around it isn’t enough so I’ll just come out and say it: Windows 8 is going to be a shitshow.

11:46 PM One man’s opinion perhaps, but it’s not really. I’ve talked to a lot of folks on both sides and as we get closer I’m much more confident.

11:46 PM Total. Shitshow. Just wait.

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OKAY so one of my friends is in a production of As You Like It I’m going to see tomorrow and I just found the production photos and oh my God Duke Frederick’s court looks like a BDSM dungeon, Charles is wearing mesh, this is about to be the biggest Shakespearean shitshow of all time, I can’t even, I cannot go sober to this show
Windows 8 Became A Reason *Not* To Buy A New PC

Ben Thompson:

In other words, instead of alleviating the problems facing PCs – no reason to buy – Windows 8′s increased complexity added a reason not to buy. That was certainly the case in my family: in early 2013, when my father asked me for advice on a Windows computer, I found myself advising him to seek out Windows 7. Were he to have had a suitable computer, I likely would have advised him to do nothing at all.

Good to see the shitshow I called right before the Windows 8 launch is now becoming crystal clear to everyone.

anonymous asked:

Hey Lulu, why isn't the pic legit? Sorry for sounding ignorant.

hi babe.  never ignorant, love.  you’re asking for info you don’t have, that alone makes you sound anything but ignorant.  okay, so i’m going to list the points that a few others and i have noticed and made points of in our chats and then below the cut i’ll put the photo for you to observe again.  these are just our opinions and thoughts with our experience in various fields/with children, so you can obviously come to your own conclusions should you disagree.

when i first saw the photo, it was the closer crop and i was more confused as to how they got into that position, but then i saw the full photo.  as soon as i saw that, i think both @silentlarryshipper and i wanted to reach our protective mommy selves through our phones and help support that little darling.  when my babies were 2 months old i only picked them up similar to that (i say similar to because i ALWAYS support their heads with my hands until they are at least three or four months old) after a diaper change.  i would pick them up and immediately rest them against my chest for better support and then i kiss the baby.  see, the babies are not only growing, but their bones aren’t well placed or held into place because the muscles and ligaments that do that are still developing.  you need to be extra gentle and supportive of the baby in every way to make sure you don’t unintentionally harm them.  it is easier to do than one would think.  louis, being the older brother of 6 and the son of a midwife would know this.  also, who took the photo as he was posing like this with the baby?  i just cringe thinking about it.

@larrymama and @unintentionalarry have talked about amanda’s dear e as well. see, e is a braniac and we know this because his noggin is unusually large in order to contain his incredibly sized brain (i’m being sarcastic here because i love baby e, please know that i know his brain is normal sized and he just is blessed with a larger than average head).  that being said, when you compare the size of the baby in the photo’s head with e’s, that baby’s head looks close to e’s.  please note e is 6 or 7 months old, if i remember correctly.  that’s an amazingly large head for a 2 month old.

our dear art analyst @bearmustard also pointed out the amazingly large size of louis’ hands.  see, in comparison to the baby, the hands are fine.  COMPARE THE HANDS TO LOUIS.  it doesn’t matter what angle or anything, his hands are incredibly and unnaturally huge.  and if there’s one thing we know about louis, it’s that basically nothing about him is huge.  so just…yeah.

this is completely ignoring other things about the photo itself such as the odd shading, where the baby’s nose is, why louis’ left eye looks so odd, etc. as well as the fact that agnes had a great anon that pointed out jay posted the photo on her “private” facebook.  posting it there keeps it safe from being used in the media, but also means that it was obviously placed there to be used within the fandom and not otherwise.  so just…think about that for a second.  and with that i once again present to you under the cut the photo.

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frederick-the-great replied to your post “is there even a government anymore”

Did you see IDS’s declarations today?

my bad, so he has slithered out to walk back that claim about £350 million for the NHS. ‘i never said that £350 million would go to our NHS, you silly twits. i just said that amount is what we give to brussels and some of it may go to the NHS even though i was photographed next to the leave campaign bus with that giant slogan plastered on it numerous times.’