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"Endings usually suck. Let's enjoy the middle, the journey together" Really ? After all the no homo, racism, sexism, after all those years running after their happy endings, we're supposed to favor this "journey" above the ending they had planned ?

Yeah. They think they’re so clever, don’t they? Sending us, the audience that message–which yeah, I bet Kitsis is patting himself on the back. You know, knowing it can be read subtextually as well, so even those they’ve shunned and queerbaited at the same time can find a glimmer of hope in it, too? (Which, scoff.) Don’t know about you, but I would’ve respected him more if he’d been less of a dick and had the balls to be honest, even if it meant losing that part of the audience he’s constantly (cowardly and indirectly) been shunning in each and every interview/panel since that blasted SDCC. Rather than ‘not giving false hope’ (or whatnot) by ignoring the pink elephant, while persistently denying us any semblance of closure and yet at the same time enforcing homophobia, sexism and misogyny with their storytelling?

So you’re right, friend. Sorry, dudes. Nothing in the middle has been enjoyable, apart from OUR headcanons/fixits that righted all the wrongs you’ve done in the writing–trying to keep our hope and interest in your crappy product. Because that’s all that matters in the end–the critical mass you can sell your drivel to?

Well up yours, you aren’t getting anything else from me anymore.

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J hear me out what IF. H n L break up, Louis devastated, sleeps with B.She pregnant Simon takes advantage n says L b4 they know. H n L get back together n want to co and wait for pat.Blacklist. Simon turns it into a shitshow now a mess so wait 2co.

HL break up after six years of a balanced out relationship.
Louis forgets he’s gay for a night the sun just happens to be there. He sleeps with the woman although even on their own grandma’s leaked pics he ignores the shit out of her.
B miraculously does hide a baby in that ever changing and disappearing bump.
H does forgive Louis because he’s so fucking in love.

Hey you didn’t mention: Do HL raise the kid together? (The most important part of the plot)

Is it chaptered?
What’s the wattpad link?
I think Z’s team would love to hire you.
Are you willing to relocate? Is travelling an issue?

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Help! I’m a 25 Year Old Living at Home and My 70 Year Old Dad Complains About My Mom’s Decorating Because He Wants to Hang Pictures of Korean and Japanese Soap Opera Stars In the House” sounds like a jerry springer episode, but unfortunately,,

Welcome to the shitshow. I figured that if I was going to brave Wrigleyville, it was going to be while I had my running shoes on during a morning when all the drunks are still asleep. Well, that sounded like a good plan at least. I decided to incorporate it into my run. Wrigley Field is less than 2 miles from my house. So I run up there hoping to get a picture with something referencing the World Series. When I arrive, there are gobs of people pushing and shoving already at 10:30am. I am a little hesitant to pull my phone out. But after finding an “open” area (of about 3 feet), I grab my phone snap 3 shots and a selfie (which was soooo bad I deleted the instant I looked at it when I got home!!). Ran down Clark and had to hurdle four people who where laying in the sidewalk because they were too intoxicated/ hungover to stand. Again. It’s 10:30AM on Tuesday. Welcome to Chicago. Welcome to Wrigleyville. Welcome to 108 years of no World Series titles. Hopefully that will change this year!

Alright so with Easter coming up soon, I felt the need to say this

If you’re gonna be buying chocolate or the like for friends and family this year, do the autistic people in your life a favor and DO NOT BUY LINDT. A portion of their chocolate sales proceeds (specifically their Gold Bunnies) goes to supporting Autism Speaks, and in spite of what either company’s website may tell you, Autism Speaks is NOT a good group; their main focus is on “curing” autistic people, not actually helping them in any way. Autistic people need love, understanding and acceptance, not more awareness (the world is plenty aware that we exist, I promise) and certainly not a cure.