Sakurako-san: Anime for Vultures

This is my first real review, and I normally don’t do these, but I stumbled across an anime that will definitely appeal to my fellow vultures.

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru/A Corpse is Buried Under Sakurako’s Feet/Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation (boy, that’s a mouthful)

The story follows Sakurako, a 20-something osteologist with a talent for forensic investigation, a major sweet tooth, and a fascination for finding corpses and collecting bones. She’s followed by highschool student Shotaro, her doubtful protege who is more terrified of the dead than anything.

The anime (actually it started out as a series of novels) is part slice-of-life, part mystery drama, with a good helping of character interaction, detective work and, my favorite, finding dead things and talking about how cool they are.

Pros: Gorgeous animation and backgrounds! I love love loved looking at the backgrounds in Sakurako’s house. The colors are mostly muted but soothing. The main characters are very likeable, imo (I’m definitely Sakurako). She’s a vulture! Vulture culture! Despite the show focusing a lot on solving mysteries and putting ghost stories to rest, Sakurako spends plenty of time scouring the woods for dead animals (occasionally humans), articulating skeletons, explaining her hobby and opinions behind it, and drooling over dead things (occasionally humans). And it’s pretty damn accurate! There are a couple of wonky looking skulls and farfetched solutions to mysteries, but they definitely did a bit of research for this show!

Cons: Not many I could find! The story takes a bit to pick up, but is still enjoyable. Sometimes it can feel a little like they’re going around in circles. But thankfully, since there’s only 12 episodes to get through they can’t sidetrack too much. I was a little uncomfortable with the occasional “fan service” and Shotaro’s apparent kid crush on Sakurako, but it’s few and far between and not overdone or anything. Also, the story ends on a bit of a cliffhanger and there are some major loose ends that need wrapping up (I’m assuming these are explored more in the novels).

Warnings: Talk of death, suicide, murder, self-harm, dead people and animals (obviously), blood, mentions of child abuse. possibly others I’ve forgotten

Other info: Currently, it’s only available with subtitles and I don’t know if or when it’ll be dubbed. I watched it on Hulu, but I do believe Crunchyroll has it too. It’s a bit hard to track down or find info on.

If you like anime/animation and are a vulture (or love forensics/mysteries/dead things/etc) give Sakurako-san a try!