The Signs as Yume Nikki characters
  • Aries: Aztec Rave Monkey
  • Taurus : Monoe
  • Gemini: Shitai-San
  • Cancer: Madotsuki
  • Leo: NASU
  • Virgo: Toriningen
  • Libra: Uboa
  • Scorpio: Seccom Masada-sensei
  • Capricorn: Yuki-Onna
  • Aquarius: Poniko
  • Pisces: Kyuu-kyuu-kun

Final Day - Create an Alternate Ending

And so, Yume Nikki month draws to a close. 
Many thanks to @chaosxumblr for the sound and music in this video, and @freyjawion for bringing us YN Month! 

Yume Nikki is so much more than a game. It’s an experience. It’s a beautiful work of art that has changed so many people’s lives, including my own, and this month really reminded me why.

I hope you all also enjoyed this month as much as I did, and may this dream live on forever!

I drew a new Yume Nikki button set today! My old Yume Nikki buttons are among the first designs I did, and I don’t like them very much anymore… so here’s some fresh new ones! (sorry about the giant watermarks.)

Top row: Madotsuki, Seccom Masada, Poniko, Uboa
Bottom row: Monoe, Monoko, Shitai-san, Toriningen

I should have these at Anime North this year! And they’ll be on my Etsy shop eventually.