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[@ jon]: I don’t want you to push me away. I hate that feeling. I care and you need to get that shit into your head. Just because we had sex, I don’t want us to change.

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i just saw a post that was a graph that showed the avg age of when women first started noticing full grown men checking them out and i don’t wanna reblog it for reasons but…. yah that shit is so fucking real….n i kinda am in the mood 2 write down my own feels abt that? my own exp w/ that shit are under the cut so just keep scrolling if u don’t wanna read 

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I was thinking about this last night while I was standing outside during the sunset, gazing at the stars as the clouds floated by in the navy blue galaxy(so deep, I know). We’ve seen how anti-fat shamers have displayed their feelings of bitterness towards people who don’t find them attractive.

Let me just say that I understand the feelings of disappointment when the object of your attraction does not reciprocate. Hell, when I was 13, I was a lot like these anti-fat shamers who believed that if a guy didn’t find me attractive, he was incredibly shallow. Thankfully, 20-year-old me finally got that shit out of her head. Anyways, yes, it can leave you a bit sullen when that happens. But(and this may have been my own internal argument that corrected my thinking)when you take a step back and do some reevaluating, it’s kind of hypocritical to claim a person is shallow because they don’t find you physically attractive when there’s probably been a few people you’ve seen that have made you go “ugh!”. You’ve got your own set of beauty standards for the kind of person you’d find attractive just like everyone else.

Our standards can change over time as well. When I was 13, I thought guys who looked like the guy I was into at the time were hotter than Satan’s asscheeks! Nowadays, I find guys with really long hair attractive. Everyone’s got standards but why is it considered shallow? Yeah, you should be with the person you’re into for more reasons than just because their looks make you wanna cream your pants to Neptune and back but there should also be a healthy level of physical attraction as well. Really, you’re only being shallow if you want them solely because of their appearance. 

So, anti-fat shamers, smarten the hell up. Your idea of ending fat shaming is that everyone should find you physically attractive and that is nothing but a fantasy. Stop acting like everyone who doesn’t find themselves attracted to you is shallow, stop branding it “fat shaming” and stop acting like the world is out to get you. 

Okay Jill so it’s okay for Abby to exclude Nia and Jojo from the dance, but it’s not okay for them to go off and do their own thing with out the other girls. I swear Jill is so full off shit. Her head is so far up Abby’s ass. She wants to be like Melissa so bad. They’re mad because Holly is taking action into her own hands instead of standing in the back ground and watching the other girls do their  thing, and now they’re all upset that Nia is finally getting the recognition she deserves. 

2008: Partyhard, drug addict, rebellious, ‘popular’, got in fights all the time, total shit head.

2012: Depression, social anxiety, shy, lack of confidence

2015 (present): I’m literally the fucking shit lmao bye, always angry probably, stressed all the time, has been called a ‘role model’ by many, hard worker, McManager

Me and fooexe got into this convo about our past selves and I wanted to make this.

I’m like a pokemon tbh.

The Punisher would tear off Batman’s head and shit down his neck, I’m just saying.

The Punisher eats billionaires and mob bosses for breakfast. He would fuck Batman up!

I’m a huge fan of the Punisher.

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omg I've fallen into your amazing rpf garbage can -the olsen/evans division, to be precise and if you wanted to write about Lizzie walking into her boyfriend's trailer to find him asleep spooning Hemsworth, let's just say I wouldn't be opposed AT ALL (this is such a cute crackship, btw!!)

You know what the tough part about writing Elizabeth Olsen is?  Trying to figure out who would call her Liz vs. Lizzie and what she’d call herself at any given point in her life.

The EOlsen division is fun times, not gonna lie.  The HAtwell division?  They have t-shirts.

And cake.

What is my life?

Liz lets out a huge sigh of relief as Connie takes Wanda’s wig off her head.   There’s a reason why Liz keeps her hair relatively short and it’s mostly because she just doesn’t like that much shit on her head.  She also has like, a super sweaty head, and by the time the wig comes off, the hair underneath the weird little cap thing is damp and gross.  She really need a shower, some food and some sex.  Definitely in that order.

“Is Chris done?” she asks Connie, who handles hair for her, Chris and Frank.  "Hair" for Chris and Frank is basically shoving some gelled fingers through it, so Connie spends most of her day touching up Wanda’s waist-length hair.

“Yeah, sweetie,” Connie says.   “I think I saw him running around with Hemsworth a little while ago.”

“Ugh,” Liz grunts.  So much for sex.  Whenever Aussie (the nickname Liz bestowed upon him because calling him Chris when HER Chris is in the room - basically all the time because they can barely tear themselves away from each other -is weird, and Hemsworth is just too long) is around, Chris turns into a ten year old boy on a sleep over with his bestie.  It’s cute, but less cute when Liz is looking to get laid.

Normally, Chris is waiting in her trailer as Liz’s shit always takes longer to do, but considering Aussie is on set, she knows before she opens her door that he’s not waiting for her.  She shucks off the rest of Wanda’s get-up and leaves it draped over the small loveseat in her trailer for wardrobe to pick up later.

Once she’s changed into a comfortable pair of shorts and a shirt that Chris says makes her look like a weirdo hippie from a commune, she goes looking for said asshole.  Cobie stops chatting on her phone as she passes Liz to high five her along the way.

She cracks open the door to Chris’s trailer.  Chris and Robert are top billed on Cap 3, so their trailers are fucking ridiculous.  Chris has a thing about couches, so instead of one, there’s a giant bed in the middle of the trailer in front of the tv.

And right now, he and Aussie are asleep on it.

And spooning.

“That’s going on instagram,” Liz says, whipping out her phone to take a photo.  The TV is playing the theme from Assassin’s Creed over and over and over again, so she taps the power button to save her sanity.

Weirdly, it’s this that wakes Chris, who immediately wipes at the drool on his mouth and tries to wrench the xbox controller out from under his kidney.  He freezes when he spots Liz standing at the end of the bed.

“I swear it’s not what it looks like,” Chris says as Aussie murmurs, “Don’t try to deny our love,” into Chris’s neck.