Hold That Thought 9

Pairing: Lawyer!Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing. Strong addiction to coffee. Name calling. In office affairs. Fluff. Secrets.

A/N: Just a fun little AU series cause I felt like it. While I try to get my footing for Frank Castle. Btw Other Marvel cameo’s in this story.
Matt Mudrock
Foggy Nelson
Luke Cage
Jessica Jones
Frank Castle
Pietro Maximoff
Bruce Banner

The Italics are flash backs // The bold’s are Text Messages.

A one night stand at the New York Law Firms Conference, couldn’t have been more fun, and mysterious. When your new boss Bucky Barnes introduces you to his boss; the man who runs Avengers Of Law, law firm and your new place of work. Steve Rogers and your mysterious one night stand is your bosses boss. What you want to pretend never happened, he doesn’t want to let go of. When you find yourself struggling to stay away from Steve, who won’t let up on getting you to go out with him. Can you resist, Steve who is looking for more than a one night stand, while you’re struggling to get through the long days and never ending nights of being a paralegal or will you let lust and emotions distract you from your goals in life?

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i was half asleep when i thought of this + this isn't CEO tom but like imagine meeting him and ur a huge fan and oh my god it's tom holland and he's like oh my god she's fuckin gorgeous and ur all shy and u ask "do u think i could have a picture with me kissing ur cheek?" and he's like hell yes and u go to kiss his cheek and the cheeky (see what i did there) lil shit turns his head and let's just say ur at a meet up so nikki is taking photos and she catches right when ur lips meet and oh boy

this is a fucking beautiful concept and i’m actually sobbing okay bYe thank you for this AMAZING BEAUTIFUL MASTERPIECE

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Ernest walks in with a couple of bags of chips and some weed. "Hey Pablo, I thought we could hang out. I got the good shit."

*tilts head in confusion* Weed? Like flower?

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Name: Bella

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Favourite season: summer

Favourite book series: Harry Potter

Favourite Flower: sunflowers 

Favourite Scent: amber 

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Favourite animal: owls

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Dream trip: España w/ a lover

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Dream Job: work for the first woman president 

Favourite food: pizza

Nationality: American

Favourite song rn: …Ready For It?

Star Sign: sagittarius 

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Birthday: December 12th

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You can’t tell me that there aren’t conspiracy theories galore about Bruce Wayne being The Batman and you can’t tell me that his kids don’t fuel them like their life depends on it

•Tim has an entire fucking page dedicated to it

•"I found this sitting on the kitchen table this morning" *pulls out batarang*

•*a picture of what looks like a cape hanging off the back of the couch on Dick’s Instagram page* “mighty suspicious”

•"now that you mention it, Father is rarely home on nights batman is patrolling"

•"all I’m saying is that those old mine shafts go under the house"

•"you know, Jason did go missing right around the time Robin went missing" “it’s true. I could have been Robin and not remember it. Would explain the scars”

•"When Bruce is yelling it sounds a lot like Batman’s voice. It’s pretty freaky"

•*snapchat videos of what appears to be a super grainy batman entering the manor*

•"have you seen Alfred’s car? It’s totally the batmobile"

•"listen Linda, Bruce is the CEO of a technology company. One of the only company’s that has the same tech as batman" “he is always placing weird orders” “see, Damian knows”

•"I saw a bunch of bats fly out of the chimney this morning when I was coming home"

•*super bad candid of Bruce* “loOK HE TOTALLY HAS THE SAME FUCK OFF FACE AS BATMAN”

•*really detailed side by side comparisons of Bruce and Batman on Tims facebook*

•*super bad quality Snapchat video* “Alfred, is Bruce batman?” “Master Dick, you know the answer to that”

•"Bruce Wayne is rich as fuck what more do you need"

•"he had a grappling hook in his pants pocket once"

•"he’s always disappearing during galas right before batman shows up. Have you ever noticed that?“

•"the amount of sick days he uses is mighty suspicious” *side eyes Bruce*

•*video of Bruce coming into the kitchen at 4 in the morning looking like absolute shit* “where have you been young man?” “Fuck off Jason” “oh, so you can say fuck but I can’t–” “Jason I will throw this at you” “do it you coward–” *a scream and a crash as the phone falls as a metal object goes past Jason’s head*

•a shit ton of super blurry photos of things that look like Batman’s gadgets and costume keep popping up on the kids Instagram and twitter accounts

•"hey, look at this mask I found"

•Clark is getting a little concerned

“Don’t you think you should stop them?”

•Bruce just sighs

Russel and 2D’s relationship is so important

I’ve always loved how 2D and Russ are so different, yet so similar. Russel is extremely intelligent and he doesn’t take anyone’s shit. 2D’s head can get scrambled and he often lets people walk all over him. 

But they’re both struggling, emotionally and mentally, and they’re both lovely lovely people. ❤️

Russel stands up for 2D, protecting him against Murdoc. 2D and Russel often joke around and they both understand one another, and are patient with each other. 

They’re so supportive of each other. 

Their chemistry is so heartwarming and funny and interesting and brotherly and I wish it was explored more. 

They always remind each other how brilliant and talented they are. 

They’re both sweet, amazing guys that just want to rest, and they constantly support and appreciate each other. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hits Daily Double - 07 June 2017


1D STARTS CHAPTER 2: When Simon Cowell had the idea of putting together a group out of five teenagers who’d separately auditioned for The X Factor in 2010, he created one of the biggest acts of the 21st century—and that may prove to just be part one of the One Direction narrative. 

Four 1D alumni are now in play—and in competition—as ZAYN, Niall Horan, Harry Styles and most recently Liam Payne have all launched solo careers. Styles is making a huge mark with his Columbia debut album and lead single, and his forthcoming, as yet unannounced, arena tour is going to be ginormous. 

RCA is high on ZAYN, as he continues to work on his second album—the final one under his deal. Insiders anticipate a new long-term deal at RCA despite ZAYN’s infamously questionable decision-making regarding media and promotion, which was recently evidenced by his no-show at the Bible’s awards special, where he was expected to accept the trophy for Top New Artist. 

Capitol is extremely optimistic about Horan’s burgeoning career; his first single went Top 10, and the second, “Slow Hands,” is off to a strong start—at press time it’s #21 at Pop radio and #7 at iTunes. 

Payne, signed by Capitol U.K.’s Nick Raphael and Jo Charrington, looks big in the U.K., while his debut single had a strong first two weeks at Pop radio in the U.S., where Payne is with red-hot Republic.

I am disgusted by my own fandom this morning, I woke up to find klance shippers blackmailing the studio with leaks of season three if you want this show to continue airing then you’ll pull your heads in and not pull this bullshit because this is how shows get cancelled this is how we lose our favourite series, so I beg all of you please stop with this fucking bullshit I don’t want to lose the whole series just for a ship