I guess it would be really nice one day to be someone’s everything, someone who can’t stop thinking about you and all the little things you do, someone who genuinely loves you for whoever you are and whatever mood you’re in. Someone who’s proud to call you theirs and tell their parents and all their friends about you. Someone who’s so perfect they quite clearly never exist.

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wtf somebody sent hate mail to lauren montgomery? what the fuck????

Here’s the horrendous letter–

honestly just the first paragraph and I was done–like who do you think you are to be sending one of the creators hate over you own bull shit head canons

They also brought abuse victim survivors into it and that really ticked me off because it has nothing to do with abuse survival because the ship isn’t abusive and I just–


“The Romans” Chapter 13 (We’re Back) Sneak Peek!

Its not much but here you guys go!….. I have three more scenes to write before its done completely. Enjoy!

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“DEREK PLEASE YOU’RE SCARING ME!! Ahsha yelled. Derek looked over at his wife and she was terrified. Derek eased his foot off the gas and snapped out of his own head.
“Shit baby, I'm sorry” Derek looked back and forth between Ahsha and the road. “I didn't mean to scare you, are you okay?” Derek reached over and rubbed the back of her neck to comfort her.
“Yes, I'm fine” Ahsha calmed down and took a deep breath; they were five minutes away from the hospital.

Hope that only made you guys even more anxious!!! When the entire chapter is ready to go up Ill make sure to let you guys know…

Can we just talk about and appreciate how my boyfriend ( @guywithamohawk ) is such a perfect sweetheart
Like, I know I drive him nuts sometimes and make him scratch his head at shit I say
But that’s my soulmate
My Best Fuckin Friend!!!!
I’m just so happy and full of extra love tonight and I wanna give it all to HIM
That’s my babyyyyyy

Fun fact: before knowing Kageyama’s name I called him potato head.