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  • (◡‿◡✿) get da fuq out da club
Fuzzy Morning After

The first thing Jim registered was a very heavy, toasty weight against his back. It would have been comforting had he not realized he was very much naked and suffering from a migraine the size of Texas.  And, he was not in his own bed, in his own quarters.

Now Jim was used to waking up in strange places, or naked in a stranger’s bed, but this room looked slightly familiar. Jim shifted, trying for a better look, but an arm found it’s way around his waist and held him in place. Hot breath tickled the hairs at the back of his neck. He tried to pry himself loose, but Jim found himself firmly incapacitated. 

He studied the arm for a moment. Pale skin, dusted with dark hair, obviously very strong but slender. Jim would have thought it was Bones if he hadn’t threatened to “hypo him into the next quadrant” if Jim bothered him last night. The curvy Betazoid on Bones’ arm made Jim pout and slump back to the crowd of dancers.

So Jim had gotten hammered and apparently, gotten laid too. Take that, Bones.
The body at his back shifted, face pressing into Jim’s hair. They snuffled, and Jim grinned.
Jim shimmied carefully till he was able to turn and face his partner. His eyes slowly adjusted to the dark and Jim looked up at…


A very, very naked Spock. A very naked, warm and cuddly Spock at that. 

After the initial shock, Jim took a better look at him. Spock looked much less intimidating and harsh in the dark. Peacefully sleeping, sharp eyebrows relaxed, his soft mouth slightly parted instead of it’s usual tight line. Jim almost felt as if he were intruding on something extremely personal. 

Spock’s arms tightened again, and Jim found himself wrapped up and pulled close to the Vulcan’s warm chest. He let out a small noise in surprise as Spock nestled his face against his neck, sighing softly. Jim smiled, bringing one arm up to tangle his fingers in Spock’s soft hair. 

Jim laid there, curling his fingers through his hair and scratching his scalp, grinning as he listened to the soft rumbling sounds coming from the Vulcan. Jim would have to tease him about his purring later.

The rumbling stopped abruptly and Jim froze. He’d been caught in the act! No line of escape; he was firmly trapped in Spock’s arms and even if he could escape that, he didn’t particularly want to be seen running the halls of his ship stark naked. And covered in questionable body fluids. 

Hopefully, Jim thought, he’ll only nerve pinch me a few times before he kicks me out.


Captain? Goodness, they were in bed, curled around each other completely naked. And he called him Captain?

“Hey there,” Jim whispered, heart thudding in his chest. He was probably seconds away from his death. Goodbye, cruel world! Spock unwound himself and pulled away to stare down at Jim.

“May I ask why you are in my quarters, Captain?”

“I thought you might be able to tell me that.”

“It seems my memory of last night is as you would say, fuzzy.”

Fuzzy? Did Spock get drunk? I thought Vulcan’s couldn’t get drunk.

“Well…what do you remember?”

Spock raised an eyebrow. 

“I recall, after being turned away by Doctor McCoy, you joined Mr. Scott and consumed an example of his very questionable alcoholic concoctions-” Jim huffed out a laugh.

“Spock, my brain can’t handle your science-talk right now. Come on, you know what I meant. Why am I naked in your bed?”

“It is only logical to assume we engaged in sexual intercourse, Captain,” Spock’s expression was even sharper than usual and Jim grimaced, “I too ingested alcoholic beverages under the pretense I would not be affected by them. I apologize for the events that followed. If you wish to report me for my actions I-”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Jim interrupted again, “I might be a messy drunk but I’m not that easy!” Jim got both eyebrows at that, and had it been any other situation, Jim might have laughed. 

“Spock,” he sighed, “don’t be so quick to assume. I don’t mind this. Actually, I wish I hadn’t been so drunk so I could remember it.”

The Vulcan looked a bit confused. Jim shook his head and chuckled, tossing the covers back and crawling out of the bed. Spock watched him carefully as he stumbled about, looking for his clothes in the piles strewn across the room. Pulling on his wrinkled uniform trousers and shirt, Jim looked over his shoulder and smirked.

Spock may or may not have been staring at his ass. Jim could have sworn he saw the Vulcan blush.

“You comin’ hot stuff?” 

Spock dressed quietly, and followed Jim closely down the empty corridors to MedBay. 

Maybe Bones can shed some light on last night.

The harsh, white lights made Jim’s eyes hurt; he squinted as the doors slid open and they walked in, finding Bones already tending to the wounded. And by wounded, he meant the fools with extreme alcohol poisoning. It happened every time they had shore-leave. Bones swiveled around and shot them a glare, pointing towards his office.

Jim felt like a puppy running away with his tail between his legs and by the looks of it, Spock wasn’t any better. He stood stiffly, hands clasped behind his back, eyes fixed on the wall in front of him.

Bones stalked in a few minutes later, breaking the silence with a grunt as he collapsed in his chair. 

“Don’t think that battin’ those pretty blue eyes is gonna get you out of trouble, Jim. Now, who wants to tell me what the hell you two were up to last night?” Jim sighed, “Oh, don’t tell me, you can’t remember can you? Well lemme tell you, I remember seeing more than I ever wanted. I contemplated burning my eyes out with acid cause of you two.”

“That seems like a highly dramatic and illogical react-”

“Don’t pull that ‘logic’ card with me, you green-blooded hobgoblin! I wasn’t the one all over him like a cheap suit!”

“Bones! Calm down!”

The Doctor grumbled under his breath and leant back in his chair, scowling at the pair.

“Bones,” Jim tried, rubbing his temples to soothe his headache, “can you just tell us what happened last night?”

He sighed.

“Scotty got you two drinking his “homemade” shit, even after I told you that was a bad idea. But since when does anybody ‘round here listen to me?” Jim rolled his eyes, “Now you were already up to your eyeballs in booze and that never surprises me, but this one here took more than he could handle and I ain’t ever seen such a mess. Don’t you raise that eyebrow at me, mister! You were all over Jim here and he wasn’t any help! Half of your bridge crew saw you two going at it.”

“Going at it?” Spock stared at Bones, looking somewhat scandalized.
Spock has different eyebrow-raises and that was definitely a scandalized one, Jim thought.

“Yes, going at it! You had that boy in your lap purring like a well fed kitten and you were lovin’ it!”

“Bones, your southern colloquialisms aren’t helping.”

Bones threw his hands up and groaned.

“You,” Bones pointed at Jim accusingly, “were straddling Spock in that club booth with your tongue down his throat and not a care in the world.” 

“And you,” he turned on Spock, “had your hands all over him, down his trousers a few times, mumbling shit in Vulcan that I don’t even want to hear translated. Thank God y'all got out of there before it got any worse.”

Spock was definitely blushing at that. Jim wanted to take a picture and frame it.

“Stop making googly eyes at him, you idiot! I don’t need a repeat of last night!” Now it was Jim’s turn to blush.

Apparently I was utterly fucked last night and I don’t even remember it. 

Bones scowled again and pulled out his bottle of scotch as he pushed a pair of hypos across his desk.

“Now take these and get out of my office. You are both off-duty for the rest of the day so don’t even try to fight me on it.”

The walk back to their quarters was quiet. Spock trailed behind Jim the whole way.


“Yes, Captain?”

Jim stuck out his hand, two fingers outstretched. Spock stared at them.

“What do you say we make up for last night?” 

Jim could have sworn he saw the Vulcan’s mouth twitch into a smile. He beamed as Spock reached out, resting his fingers against Jim’s. 

“That sounds…logical, Jim.”

Jim’s laughter boomed down the corridor as Spock pulled him by his waist into his room, the doors swishing shut behind them.

Mile High

Summary: When Katniss Everdeen boards Pan Em Flight 1213, the last thing she expects is to be flying a mile high with Peeta Mellark.

A/N: Modern AU. Explicit sexual situations and language.

With many thanks to my amazing betas and friends myusernamehere and hutchhitched. All mistakes, errors, artistic liberties, and flights of fancy are mine. A million thanks to the incomparable loving-mellark​ for making the hottest, most gorgeous banner. Girl, I do not know how you do it. You are a magical unicorn. 

You can find Chapter 1 here or on AO3. Swing by and let me know whatcha think. <3

For dandelion-sunset. XOXO 


Chapter 2: Takeoff

The woman walking toward me reminds me of someone I used to know in high school. Or, rather, someone I wish I’d known.

She’s rumpled–the dark, sleek strands of her hair spring loose from her side braid and frame her oval face, and her baggy, well-worn sweatshirt hangs off her shoulder from the heavy pull of her messenger bag, exposing the sharp line of her collarbone and a dusky rose bra strap. Her cheeks are flushed, and she’s breathing heavily. Her flinty gray eyes spark a fire directly in my groin.

Suddenly I can’t breathe. 

She isn’t pretty. She isn’t beautiful. She is as radiant as the sun.

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The Affair

here’s an unnecessarily long coworkers!Everlark drabble. 

Katniss has just dropped her bag on her desk when Peeta appears, two coffee mugs in hand.

“Good morning,” he greets with an easy smile. “Two sugars, just like you like it.”

Even as she rolls her eyes, she can’t help the smile that slips into place as she takes the proffered mug. “If you suck up any harder, you’re going to collapse a lung, Mellark,” she teases, sipping the hot liquid before she sets it down beside her keyboard.

He scoffs in mock offense. “We’re peers, Everdeen. There are no nefarious ulterior motives here.” He sips his own coffee before continuing, bracing his shoulder against the edge of her cubicle wall. “You are Abernathy’s favorite, though, so…”

This time, she’s the one who snorts dismissively. “Hardly. You’ve only been here a month, and he already likes you better than everyone else,” she grumbles, flipping on her computer screen.

She’s not prepared for Peeta to lean in close, his mouth dangerously close to her ear in conspiracy. She tenses at the proximity, her eyes dropping to his lips as they shape his response. “The secret is that he takes his coffee with a shot of Jameson,” he whispers, his mouth curling up at the corners, and she laughs as he finally leans back, her face mildly flushed.

“Duly noted,” she replies, keeping her tone dry, and he just grins at her and takes a step back out of her cubicle.

“I’ll leave you to it then. Remember, it’s going to be a big, big, big day!” he chirps in perfect imitation of their office manager, Effie Trinket, and she just gives him a disapproving shake of her head, despite the grin on her face.

He heads back to his desk, and her gaze follows him until he disappears into his cubicle.

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Call me old fashioned but I don’t think you should date someone if you can’t imagine yourself marrying them. You may not even want to get married in your future but if you can’t imagine yourself walking down the aisle and seeing your other half’s face lit up and his eyes glow when they see you then he is not the one.
Imagine yourself with another 20 years, coming home after a long and stressful day. Who’s the one who runs you a bath and cuddles you in the couch? Who’s the one who pulls you closer to them and strokes your hair when you tell them you are too tired and just want some sleep? Who’s the first one you kiss in the morning?
Who’s the last one you kiss at night? Who’s the last one you kiss?
—  shit I write pt.2
Mile High- Conclusion

Summary: When Katniss Everdeen boards Pan Em Flight 1213, the last thing she expects is to be flying a mile high with Peeta Mellark.

A/N: Modern AU. Explicit sexual situations and language. 

Readers using mobile may encounter a formatting issue.

With many thanks to my amazing friend and beta myusernamehere. You’re a goddess, and I love you, bae. All mistakes, errors, artistic liberties, logical fallacies, and flights of fancy are mine. I’m also on AO3.

With a million thanks to loving-mellark for her banner wizardry! 

For dandelion-sunset. Love you so much, girl! Always. <3

Thank you so much for all the support and love I’ve gotten for this story. It’s been totally unexpected and completely appreciated. If you’ve enjoyed the ride, lemme know! XOXO -c

Chapter 4: Arrivals

“You need to get your shit together, Mellark. Now.”

The man staring back at me in the mirror looks abject and ashamed. He could also use a shave, but that’s beside the point. I press the knob on top of the faucet to start the spray of water, and, apathetic to the fact that it’s nonpotable, I bend down and splash it on his–my–face to try to dispel the self-loathing thoughts that are battering me into dust. I use one of the gritty paper hand towels to dry my face, scouring my flesh in some hopeless effort to exfoliate my filthy mind.

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I am not the cigarette at 3am
The cigarette you regret lighting after a few hits
Only to quit halfway and discard it in the ashtray
Because you were wrong in thinking it was what you wanted
What you needed
What would remedy the feeling in your gut
And in your head

I am not that one last shot of whiskey
The shot you take because you think you can take a little more
Only to find yourself dizzy and speaking out of character
Because you were wrong in thinking you could enjoy it
You could own it
You could feel more connected to something with it in your gut
And in your head

I am not that secret you keep
The secret you hold close like a cross
Only to become overwhelmed and run away
Because you were wrong in thinking you were strong enough
You were honest enough
You were brave enough to stay
And ignore the feeling in your gut
And your head

I know the taste of that cigarette
The burn of that shot
And the sorrow in that secret
And I know
I am more than it all

Will was terrified of meeting Hades. It’s not that he’s the god of the underworld while he’s a son of the Sun god, no it’s because of Nico. Nico, who is 14, fast approaching 15, while he’s nearing 18. Nico, who has a gift for appearing exactly where Will is alone, without even shadow traveling. Nico, who lips are ridiculously addictive. Nico is Hades’s only demigod son and he’d put a lot of effort into keeping him safe. Will was fairly certain Hades was going to smite him.


When Will did meet Hades he was terrified. Hades had appeared in his son’s cabin when Will was alone there. Hades looked him in the eyes and said “Thank you.”

Will, standing in front of the lord of the dead in only his boxers, was vastly confused. 

“He’s happy. That’s all I want.” Hades continued. “He can’t stop smiling when he speaks of you and even when he’s not he still beams. So few of my children are happy; you make him happy.” Hades turned to leave. Just as reached the door he turned back. “I believe your father intends to visit you tonight, so you might want to remain clothed.” Then he disappeared.

anonymous asked:

Could you drabble it? The free wedding cake sample post 😊

okay, i wasn’t but then i did. hope it’s okay! anon is referring to this post.

“I don’t know how comfortable I feel with this,” Katniss says warily as Peeta gestures for her to slide into the booth. He sits down after her.

“Why? Is the prospect of being married to me that horrifying?” he jokes, his grin flippant when he looks over at her. She’s glad he looks away then to survey the bakery so that he misses her inexplicable blush.

“What if they realize we’re not actually engaged? What if they realize you work at a competing bakery? You know I’m a terrible liar, Peeta!”

When he’d asked her to come scope out Capitol Bakery with him earlier, she’d been sold on the promise of free wedding cake samples. At the time she hadn’t realized that his plan to check out what his competitors offer so he can figure out how to do it better actually meant pretending to be engaged to her best friend.

Normally, she’s game for Peeta’s ridiculous schemes, but for some reason pretending they’re in love makes her anxious. Nervous. Scared.

Hearing the rising panic in her voice, Peeta turns back to face her. And he laughs, the asshole. Scowling, she punches him in his right kidney, but he grabs her hand and squeezes.

“Relax. It’s just a little reconnaissance work,” he says. “I’ll do all the talking. I’m a great actor. I’ll sell the shit out of this fake engagement. You don’t have to say anything. Just take mental notes on everything we taste today, okay?”

At her half-hearted shrug, he smiles and chucks her chin with his fist. “There’s my girl. Your reluctant support always enthuses me.”

She slaps his hand away, annoyed, but freezes when she sees the baker walking up to their table. Shit. Do people normally hit their fiancees? She’s ruining things already!

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There are far too many people
Blowing smoke out of windows
Far too late at night
Sending distress signals
To the nocturnal ones
Gasping for air and answers to questions like
“Why can’t I sleep?”
“Are you awake too?”
“Why did you leave?” and
“Who is going to love me now?”

And I am one
Of those far too many people

Mile High

Summary: When Katniss Everdeen boards Pan Em Flight 1213, the last thing she expects is to be flying a mile high with Peeta Mellark.

A/N: Modern AU. Explicit sexual situations and language.

With many thanks to myusernamehere​ for being an amazing, patient, and brilliant beta and friend. All mistakes, errors, artistic liberties, and flights of fancy are mine. Also a million thanks to the incomparable loving-mellark for making the hottest, most gorgeous banner. Girl, I do not know how you do it. You are a magical unicorn.

Check out chapters 1 and 2, and please swing by here or on AO3 to let me know whatcha think. <3

For dandelion-sunset. XOXO


Chapter 3: Cruising Altitude

Maybe it’s the half bottle of champagne I’ve devastated in a handful of swills, but I’m feeling bold and uninhibited. When Peeta tells me that I can kiss him anytime I feel like it, I don’t care whether or not he’s teasing.

I feel like it. So I do it.

I wish everything could be as simple, that it could always be as easy as just reaching out and taking whatever I want, whenever I want it.

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Five kisses that should have been, and one that was

Katniss and Peeta keep meeting on New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, it’s just never the right time.

New Year’s Eve, 2013

Weaving around the patches of frat brothers and sorority sisters stationed throughout the Phi Kappa Tau house, Katniss clutches her Solo cup to her chest as if it’s some precious thing and not merely the vehicle to get the cheap keg beer into her mouth. It’s empty anyway, the plastic crinkling under the pressure of her fingertips, but still, it’s a comfort to her amid the sea of mostly unknown faces.

It’s a fluke that she’s here–really, it’s a fluke that she knows Finnick Odair, who invited her. They met in their water aerobics class this past semester, Katniss looking to take a fun PE class that kept her active, Finnick needing an easy PE credit so he can graduate in the spring. 

She hadn’t liked him at first. He was cocky and brash and a show-off and a perpetual flirt. Still is, actually. But she warmed up to him. For some reason he took an interest in her, even though she’s a mere sophomore, and they eventually became pretty good friends. She’s still convinced he mostly talks to her just to annoy her, though.

So here she is, a fish out of water at the Phi Kappa Tau New Year’s Eve party. Dateless. She’d convinced her friend Madge to come with her, at least, for safety reasons, but Madge is doing her damnedest to find a willing pair of lips to kiss at midnight.

Katniss couldn’t care less. All she wants is a nice buzz to ring in the New Year.

She dodges a couple of laughing drunk guys stumbling out of the kitchen as they pound each other on the back and high five. One looks a little gray in the face, like he might puke. She’s relieved to find the keg free of any line, and she grabs the hose, aiming the nozzle into her cup.

“You might not want to do that.”

She looks up across the kitchen at a guy standing at the counter. Blond, wavy hair, blue eyes, rueful smile. He’s dressed in gray slacks and a black sweater. 

She frowns, confused. “Why not?”

He nods his head in the direction she came. “They just did keg stands off it.” The drunk guys she just passed, he means. She blinks, not really understanding his point. She’s not sure if she even knows what a keg stand is. He turns to face her more, hand braced on the counter, his smile widening, carving a dimple in his cheek. “Meaning their mouths were all over that.”

“Oh.” Wrinkling her nose in disgust, she drops the hose, not exactly keen on putting her mouth anywhere near where a couple of frat boys’ mouths have been. “Thanks for the heads up. I guess.” Except now how is she going to get that buzz?

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Favorite Costumer

Drabble: A Modern AU of how Peeta can’t keep his eyes off a girl that comes to his bakery every day.

From the bakery marble counter, he watches her. She’s beautiful, always is, but today there’s something especial about her. For starters, her hair is not in a braid as usual. Not that he doesn’t like her braid. Actually, he loves it. But today, with her dark waves falling perfectly above her shoulders and a light make up applied to her face, she seems so more mature than she actually is that it makes his heart glow with hope and possibility, even though he can’t. Even though he won’t.

Also, she’s smiling. A lot. Like he never saw before. She also giggles. And it makes his glowing heart do flip flops inside his chest. Because if there’s someone that deserves to be happy in this entire world, this someone is Katniss Everdeen.

He feels like a teenager, spying her like that as she laughs and talks with her little sister. At least, he assumes the light haired girl sitting close to her is her little sister, judging by the way they seem intimate. Although she seems like a sixteen year old girl, when Katniss always talked about her like she was five. Anyway, he can see that she likes this girl, that could or not be her sister, and it makes him happy that she’s happy because he saw her scowl too much on the past couple of years that he knows her.

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Bros Before Ho!Ho!Hos

Summary: Finnick, Peeta, and Gale attend Thom and Delly’s annual New Year’s Eve bash in the hopes of sending the year out with a bang. 

A/N: Rated E for explicit language and sexual situations. With many thanks to three girls on my star squad, @myusernamehere@dandelion-sunset, and @jennagill for their friendship, support, and betaing skills. I love you girls! 

For @etherealfinnick, from your truant THGSS. I didn’t forget about you, chica. I’m just a horribly slow writer, especially since my family has been in town for the past two weeks (cue the violins). You asked for a fluffy holiday Odesta drabble, and hopefully you’re okay with whatever this turned out to be… <3c   

The house looked like a PG-13 version of a strip club. Thousands of gaudy lights pulsated in time to the “Carol of the Bells.” Thom’s idea, no doubt. A neon sign in the front window cheerfully proclaimed the presence of “Ho!Ho!Hos!” beyond the glass pane, a classic Delly touch if ever there was one. On the snow-covered lawn, a winking plastic Santa, finger knowingly nudging the side of his nose, sat like a pimp in his sleigh. His paunchy gut and rosy cheeks implied a shade or two of debauchery, a taste for something stronger than the occasional Christmas cookie. And the twinkle in his eye suggested he’d been more than a little naughty, too.

There was a fine line between a stripper pole and the North Pole, and Thom and Delly had plowed gleefully through that line, balls out and no looking back.

Finnick half-expected to be greeted at the door by a scantily clad elf in sequined pasties and reindeer antlers—he just hoped Thom wasn’t the elf. There were hardships he could endure in this world, but the sight of Thom’s voluminous manbreasts was decidedly not among them.

“Okay, here’s how this works, broskis,” Finnick said to his friends, flipping up the collar of his wool coat to shield his pretty face against the bracing wind. “Tonight shall henceforth be known as ‘Operation Hit and Quit It.’”

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anonymous asked:

prompt: turns out that random hookup from the club last weekend is the son of my mother's childhood friend, and they're both spending Christmas with us.

(also partly inspired by an episode of “Master of None.” hope you enjoy!)


The solid body on top of her goes still, and Katniss’ eyes fly open. The blond man–Peeta–lifts his head, his blue eyes wide. “Don’t?”

“No, I mean–don’t stop,” she huffs, frustrated, undulating her hips to encourage his previous movements. He immediately responds, thrusting into her again.

“Oh,” he breathes in relief, lowering his mouth to kiss her jaw, her collar bone. Katniss arches her lithe body beneath his and hikes her thighs up around his waist, holding onto his shoulders as they chase the rhythm they’d lost. It’s a little awkward, their breaths hot and quick against the others’ sweaty necks, but the tension is coiling in her belly again as he moves inside her, her muscles and tendons already tightened and plucked from an earlier release.

She flexes around him inadvertently, pawing at his back to feel the rippling of his muscles with his quickening thrusts. “You feel so good,” he pants. She’s glad he’s not much of a talker or a screamer, but the intimacy of his words against her ear, like he means them just for her, like he’s not trying to put on a performance, is too much. It twinges low in her gut, and she squeezes her eyes tighter, pulling at her bottom lip with her teeth.

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since a few people have been asking, here’s a small continuation of my 2014 s2sl fic Crush.

Katniss wandered through Peeta’s house, the one he shared with Finnick off campus. She nursed the solo cup of whatever mixed drink Annie had fixed her and weaved around bodies from room to room. Looking for Peeta.

The last time she’d seen him was at the beer pong table more than half an hour ago, after they’d played four games together–and won each one–before she’d had to beg for a break. All combined, she’d probably only drank three-fourths of a beer, but she didn’t want to end up drunk around a bunch of people she didn’t know at her first college party.

He’d just squeezed her hip, the most physical contact he’d given her since…well, everything over the summer, and said, “Come find me when you’re ready to continue our winning streak.” Then he’d grinned before being dragged off by two girls she didn’t know to do god knows what. Play a drinking game or indulge in a threesome in his bedroom, maybe.

She was annoyed, though she didn’t know if she had a right to be. And jealous. And a little wounded. She wasn’t sure what she expected when she agreed to come to his party, but now she was beginning to see that when he’d invited her the other day in the student union, he’d had no ulterior motives.

Did she even want him to have ulterior motives? She was the one who put a stop to everything between them, hadn’t spoken to him in months. She didn’t particularly want to incur Madge’s wrath again, and she definitely didn’t want just another meaningless, sexual relationship with him.

But seeing him again had kicked her hormones into high gear. He was just so attractive. It made everything inside her pulse just looking at him. Especially when he smiled at her. She realized she’d stupidly hoped he was interested in something more with her.

She was an idiot. And, she realized as she looked at all the people around her, way out of her league. She had to be the only first-year at this party. How embarrassing.

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