Shit rich college kids say

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Just saw Shit Rich College Kids Say post that veganism is apparently white privilege now. I hear we're just all uppity rich white folks all the time, so I guess it doesn't matter that many cultures/religions have followed vegan/similar veg diets for millenia, or that I buy the black beans to make my burgers on FOODSTAMPS. I consider myself a feminist and anti-racist, and I'm not above self-critique, but how do I deal with this? Also, that post lead to me finding your blog, which I LOVE! :D

I’d just try to remind the people who perpetuate the “rich white vegan” stereotype that it’s incredibly racist and classist to erase all the PoC vegans and the vegans who aren’t economically advantaged. They DO exist and they deserve as much recognition as anyone else for their dedication to a cruelty free lifestyle. There’s a TON of vegans who break the stereotype of the skinny rich white vegan, because after all, it’s just thats, a stereotype!

sry i frankly just don’t give a fuck about quoting rich kids anymore, I think what we should be doing is writing arguments about why they’re fucking wrong instead of givin them an audience. [yes i’m aware many of you have told me this already, I’m a late bloomer lol]

Ignore bigoted bullshit, send in, or tell me to reblog, shit you write debunking their trash. They don’t need attention, they don’t need audience, everyone already knows theyre fucked up except them, so writing why they’re fucked up is more beneficial than laughing at our misery. imo. [yall can cope however you need to tho]

I mean if yall wanna start blogs giving voice to bigots too in hopes of seeing people will agree with you that it’s fucked up go ahead, but let me tell you, so many fucking people thought we agreed with our quotes, or that our actual posts were mocking hating bigotry. Literal nazis thought we were on their side.

Irony is a difficult thing to work with, because ultimately many people can’t tell what one believes on first glance, it’s best to be very direct if you want to get a message across, that’s what i’ve learned over the years. 


So, we kind of want to move away from putting college kid quotes up, because at the time of this blog’s creation I used it to vent my frustrations with my college peers, but now I feel like I’m just giving them voice on my blog. And I don’t really want to give these fuckers any more audience than they already have?

I’m pretty sure everyone [especially y'all that follow me] already know how fucked up people can be, I’d rather dedicate this blog to easily explaining things happening in the united states, giving you news updates, and opinions on things happening in the usa [If we got mods from different parts of the world yall could blog about that but alas we’re mostly all from the usa and only blog about stuff we know] 

As of late people have been confusing our political pieces as being ironic, and not our actual opinion, and we just want to put that confusion to rest by changing the name of the blog, we’ve pretty much already changed the theme, so nothing we post would be changing, we’d be writing the same shit we’ve been writing for years, we just want to alleviate confusion.

This doesn’t mean we are moving away from academic-related posts, most of our mods are still in school too and it’s important to us. Feel free to continue to ask us questions/advice regarding your college-related issues we just don’t feel the need to post submitted quotes anymore. We hardly get them anymore and they just get lost amongst the rest of the blog. 

With all that said, we are looking to officially change the blog name and would like some advice on what you think would be a better name for this blog?

I’m a psychology major so I can help psychopaths, haha. I just want to fix all those crazy motherfuckers.
—  Sophomore Psychology Major
I’m so tired of these questions in class: “What would you do if you had million dollars.” What a fucking joke. I’d call the police, because someone fucking robbed me. It was probably Obama who stole it; fucking commie.
—  Freshman Business Major