Shit rich college kids say

If your parents were “well off” it’s highly likely you lived in a school district full of other kids in your family’s income/wealth bracket, so even if you went to a “public school,” that means fuck all tbh. Because schools are highly segregated based on wealth and race of the surrounding area

 with segregation comes quality disparities. this is a fact, it’s indisputable.

with money comes a better education, with money comes more opportunities for scholarships, with money comes greater access to tutors, with money comes greater access to education preparation as young children, etc. 

Like this system is built for you, the keys you needed to open gates keeping you from success were in your parent’s $ pockets.

This shit isn’t new.

Shit Rich College Blogger Says

Haha, wow. So Shitrichcollegekidssay must have read the replies that Kresh962 and I made, but rather than thoughtfully examine the fact that there just may be (there is) such a thing as sex-based oppression and it exists as part of an intersection of oppressions, they deleted the post and then went on to field 3 asks in a row about transphobia to… Put us in our place, I guess? It’s super weird because I’ve been to the blog before and there are never rapid-fire replies all having to do with the same thing like that. 

My favorite part is that one of the asks is like, hitting every offensive mark and then “said by a women’s studies major,” and then they go on in the tags to act like this is ‘proof’ that what Kresh and I said about sex class existing (and we both also said that gender class exists, and didn’t make negative remarks about trans people) is all actually bullshit and just LOOK at all of these evil transphobic feminists!

I mean, the three asks they just received rapid-fire make up about a third of the total transphobia-tagged asks they have, and the last one wasn’t since October 16th. It just seems really… Falsified. And that’s pretty rude in and of itself, like, don’t use some people’s struggle as your weird bargaining point in e-fights. Which isn’t to say people DON’T say the things submitted, because they totally do, but like come on. The posts about sex class and radical feminism didn’t even get more than 40 notes and a vast majority of those were Likes, you don’t have to salt the earth to cleanse your blog of the fact that two radicals came in and said sex class also exists and provided you with reading material you pretended you were going to check out.

As always I won’t fight anyone in Asks or reblogs about this. It just blows my mind sometimes how people who bill themselves as progressive will straight up deny sex-based oppression even occurs. 

I just want everyone to understand that I follow a blog called “Shit Rich College Kids Say” which posts the ridiculous, horrid things overheard by “rich college kids” and posts them to bring awareness to the ignorance of some people.

When I reblog these posts it is because I agree that the posts are racist/homophobic/sexist and I want to spread that awareness that these thoughts/opinions are disgusting, I do not reblog them because I agree with these opinions.

I would have thought that was pretty obvious, but I am being personally attacked by others for reblogging these posts and I would never want anyone to misunderstand and think I was agreeing with things like this.

I apologise to anyone who felt offended by this.

It gets me so much more angry about someone romanticizing being impoverished than someone being blatantly and unapologetically disgusting to the poor. I expect ignorant rich people to treat the poor like shit, but it’s such a cognitive dissonance to hear someone say “I wish I made only $10,000 a year to support my family even though I currently live well above my means because I think it would give me character

FUCK your character, and appreciate the shit you have in front of your face. You don’t need to be poor and suffer to appreciate the things you have in life and your family, but you DO need fucking money to eat and live.

probably my greatest hope for Temple U is that if I have another class on a post-colonial culture and country it will not dissolve into most people in the class arguing that colonialism was good and that ‘if we were to just learn to love each other’ everyone would stop being so racist against the white christians who brought their love to the world

like pretty much so long as there is a legitimate debate as opposed to THAT

i will be satisfied with Temple