Shiro Iori


Just look at Satsuki trying to catch Ryuuko.

Then look at everyone rushing to help. And let’s not forget Satsuki’s lovely smile (and Ryuuko’s matching one). And the way Ryuuko said ‘I’m home, nee-san’ with that face.


Kill la Kill x Detective Conan AU in which mystery nerd and master detective Satsuki Kiryuin was turned into a child by the poison of the evil Black Organization and now lives with Ryuko Matoi (daughter of the worst detective ever and her childhood friend), hiding under the alias “Kozuki Edogawa” because she doesn’t want anyone to find out who she really is…

This started as a mere joke between me and a friend but it somehow escalated…

A request drawing about this AU for the first person who guesses the characters they are based on right :D