Shiro Iori

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hiya there mun! are there any active kill la kill rpers you could recommend? thank you!

Hello there anon buddy! The Kill La Kill rp fandom is pretty dead ( as is the fandom in general ), but there are still some people I can recommend! Here’s a list:

Ryuko ( Ryuuko ) Matoi: lmao ur already at a ryuko but / @horosuru / @thatsuitsmejustfine

Satsuki Kiryuin ( Kiryuuin ): @inlustriis 

Mako Mankanshoku: @assortedgays / @koiroquettes 

Kamui Senketsu: N/A

Kamui Junketsu: N/A

Ira Gamagori ( Gamagoori ): @kinkagori 

Hoka ( Houka ) Inumuta: @inutechy 

Nonon Jakuzure: @koyossei 

Uzu Sanageyama: @mendoukote ( it’s my sanageyama bUT )

Aikuro Mikisugi: N/A

Tsumugu Kinagase: N/A

Ragyo Kiryuin: @queenoffibers

Nui Harime: N/A

Rei Hououmaru: @reiviatxrs / @redeemedsecretary

Shiro Iori: @fibermancer ( Tyler also has Soroi going on occasionally )

Kaneo Takarada: N/A

The Mankanshoku Family: N/A

Maiko Ogure: @themaikodiscourse

Omiko Hakodate: N/A

Takaharu Fukuroda: N/A

OC’S and other blog recommendations: @way-of-flowers, @murderontheairwaves, @ladysatsukiseyebrowsonthings, @shitpostclub

These are the people I can say you should more than definitely check out and go love! I may be forgetting some people, and if so, I would like to be notified so I could add them to the list. Other than that….we…are so small…and dead…….we need more people to join us in hell….pls……rip……….

(Listen, it’s best you guys play it off as a cosplay around Konata.

The INSTANT she finds out the KLK universe is like, real, Iori and Satsuki are going to have a hell of a time because:

“Okay I understand Honnoji isn’t a thing anymore but you gotta make me the head of the Anime club you don’t understand that’s an Otaku’s dream come true!”

“I HAVE to have an Anime Club President Two-Star Goku Uniform! Imagine if I showed up to a con with THAT and showed off it’s awesome powers and revealed the REAL Satsuki Kiryuin authorized it and the REAL Shiro Iori made it for me come on! I know he was still doing research on Life Fibers from the OVA Special so he’s gotta have enough spare to make this one!”

“Imagine how many costume contests I’ll win at cons then!”

God help them tbh.)