So yea i really like the short film In A Heartbeat! I’ve been doodling these two all night! I went to sleep at 06:00 but woke up at 09:20 to feed my doggos and let them get fresh air, and then after that, my doggos and I fell asleep again and woke up at 15:00.

Well that’s not important! What’s important or these cute kids! (and cute heart!) I want to draw more of these two but I also want to watch a movie too because i’m so tired. So i choose movie! 

One last thing! Excuse my handwriting if you can’t see what it says!

Thank you Beth David and Esteban Bravo for making such a nice film!  @inaheartbeat-film

In a Heartbeat

A little tribute and my way of expressing my gratitude to the @inaheartbeat-film team for all the hard work, artistry and passion they put in to creating such a meaningful and beautiful short film. Keep up the amazing work and congratulations!! =D

All I own here is the art; In a Heartbeat is the product and property of the @inaheartbeat-film team.