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  • Code Geass 10th Anniversary

*epic music intro*
JIBUN OOOO~ sekai sae mo kaeeeete shimaesou na
shunkan wa itsumo sugu soba niiii

And finally the last piece of this homeage/anniversary to my favorite anime of all time, with Lelouch vi Britannia of course!!

Today 10 years ago, this show was premiered and I have a lot of good memories, maybe the best ones with an anime.

Very sad for not put Cheese-kun, Fleija-chan, Table-kun, Jupiter-san and of course the most beloved character: Nina Einstein. Maybe next time~ XD

P.S. Someday Sunrise will gave me a full animation of Nonette, Knight of Nine, and I will die of happiness haha.

Code Geass 2006-2016 Goro Taniguchi/Ichiro Okouchi/CLAMP/Takahiro Kimura/Kotaro Nakagawa/Hitomi Kuroishi/Eiji Nakada/Jun Fukuyama.