BTS reaction to you asking them to massage your breasts while on your period

Anon asked:  Bts reaction to you wanting them to massage your breast because they hurt while you’re on your period 😊😊

ohh super cute ask, ty!


At first, he would be a little confused and not understand why your request was of importance, he had never experienced a menstrual cycle himself after all. Although he’d be 100% enthusiastic, doing whatever other tasks you requested as well. 

pizza with extra cheese coming through
“Sure sweetheart, anything for you”

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Rap Monster/Namjoon

Of course he’d comply. He’d try to think as if he massaging any other part of your body, although it was difficult for him. He would understand that you were in pain and periods totally sucked, but part of him would still see you in a sexual way. He couldn’t help but get the tiniest bit turned on, and if you eventually got into a better and more comfortable state, he might want to pursue his desires.

“Feel better, honey?”

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He’d think you were joking. I mean who was he to deny you what you wanted, but still, like touching your boobs, SURE. He’d nonchalantly slide his hands up your shirt, doing his best not to sexualize you.

“Will I have to do this for the rest of the week?”
Despite his sassy tone of voice, he would secretly hope the answer was yes.

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After a bit of hesitation on his part and a bit of persuasion on your’s, he’d for sure massage you. while he’s at it, he’d probably get you some chocolate, enough ibuprofen to last for months, a new teddy bear, some flowers, a heating pad, a giant tub of ice cream, maybe a hot tub, a new house, and his first born child.

“I love you, princess. Need anything else?”

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He’d be incredibly surprised, blush rushing to his cheeks as he questioned whether or not he had heard you correctly. It’s not like he hadn’t seen you topless or touched your boobs before, but he was still a bit flustered. Nonetheless, he’d for sure comply.

“You want me to- to touch your chest? Now?” 

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He’d be a bit similar to Yoongi, he gets to touch your breasts and you get to feel a bit better and maybe in less pain, its a win/win. As the two of you cuddled on the couch with his hands up your shirt, he’d cover your face in kisses, not caring if you were too exhausted to kiss back.

“I hope this helps, baby”

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Tae would get super giggly as soon as you asked him, feeling almost flattered or honoured. Before you could even think about getting your sweater off or undoing your bra, he’d be on top of you, slipping your clothing off over your head and unhooking the clasp to your bra (thank god for front clasps because it would have taken way too long otherwise). After a while, he’d get too absorbed in how comfortable his hands were on your chest and zone out for a bit.

“Jagiya, you’re so beautiful, I love youuu”

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I just watched GM Bear in its ENTIRETY

And for those of y’all who think that Zay just destroyed Joshaya by asking Maya to the movies, please think again.

1. He first says that he is GLAD that Maya and Josh decided that they might be right for each other someday.

2. He points out that he cares for Maya and doesn’t want her to feel abandoned because Riley and Lucas are gonna be hanging out a lot.

3. “If you really care about her like you say, then you don’t wanna see her thinking so much about later that she misses now.” (READ THIS CAREFULLY THIS IS BASICALLY HIM SAYING THAT HE KNOWS THAT JOSH AND MAYA WILL STILL BE WAITING FOR SOMEDAY)

3. He said that since Maya helped him feel less like an outsider by talking with him the first day they met, he’d gladly return the favor.

4. He specifically said, and I quote, “I’d be happy to sit next to you, next to Riley and Lucas, at the movies, SO WE CAN ALL BE TOGETHER.”

6. He does ask Maya out to the movies personally in the end, but with the things he said before, HE STILL ACKNOWLEDGES SOMEDAY.

CONCLUSION: Joshaya are still in it for the long game. Zay knows that. He doesn’t want her to feel like an outsider whilst waiting for someday, and Josh agrees. If Zay and Maya actually start dating, that’s cool because Joshaya knows that they are both still waiting for someday and are in it for the long game. 

So please, don’t just not pay attention to what’s actually being said just because you don’t ship Joshaya. Thank you!

Ships that are okay:

Het ships

Gay ships


platonic ships (brotps)

Ships that aren’t okay:


Child/adult (romance)


ships that erase canon couples for the sake of the ship

Ships that erase a character’s identity

Ships between two enemies/people who hate each other, seriously,it’s not healthy.


So I took this picture of my Team Free Will key chains…. and then I noticed the rainbow that’s only above Dean and Cas. If that’s not a sign then I don’t know what is.

Me and my ships

for example: Supernatural (but it’s mostly similar with other movies, series, books etc.)

Destiel? Fuck yes
Sabriel? Fuck yes
Wincest? Fuck yes
Wincestiel? Fuck yes
Denny? Fuck yes
Samifer? Fuck yes
Casifer? Fuck yes
Sam x Ruby? fuck Ruby I hate her. (Jared and Genevieve rule tho <3 Just don’t like Ruby.)
Gabriel x Lucifer? Fuck yes (do they have a ship name?)
Megstiel? Fuck yes. (they really are cute. Seriously)
Dean x Crowley? (or Deanley. Idk how you call it. I like Deanley) Fuck! Yes. 

Or in other words
I’ll probably ship 97% of the ships that are possible, even if I say I won’t like it at the beginning.
I didn’t feel like I’m going to like Wincest at the beginning but welp
I blame @dead-klokateer for making me ship them. Like Deanley. I never would have tried that without you. So I gotta thank you son of a-, for that. 

So if you got any ship, no matter which series, movie, books, and you want to talk about them, let me know, as long as I got a clue about that stuff. 

And people please. Don’t spread hate about a pairing you don’t like. Not liking them is alright (like I said I don’t like Sam x Ruby, I don’t like Skwistok in the MTL fandom, not a big fan of Brutasha in the MCU universe), but hating them and making people feel bad for liking them, is just douchey and dickish. Thanks <3