Riverdale end game ships:

Betty x Veronica
Archie x Valerie
Cheryl x Josie
Kevin x Joaquin
Jughead x a safe place to live and people who genuinely care about his well being

Here's a tip


I’m just tryna look at cute fanart of my otp kissing and I don’t need these bad bad vibes up in mah face, Kay?


Everyone can have an opinion, okay, I would never try to change someone’s mind about shipping. However, please don’t hate on ships. You don’t have to agree with it, you don’t have to ship it, but hating it and posting hate about it only puts shippers in a bad mood.

Imagine, there’s a person on one side of the street, protesting or advertising an opinion you don’t agree with, and they are being rude, quite aggressive, and acting a bit crazy!
(Cause let’s face it shippers be crazy no matter what they ship)
What do you do? You walk past, or cross the street!!
So on tumblr or Pinterest or whatever you use, scroll past, or hide the post, and don’t post hate!!

Also, if you see hate or receive hate directly, that targets your ship, don’t retaliate, because it makes the whole thing worse.

Thank you this has been a rant from a very tired fan.
(Ps, sorry to bother the fandoms but I’m gunna tag the ships I’ve seen hate in while searching their tag)

Bughead & Varchie fav moments

My feelings are so high right now:

  • Bughead:

Jughead’s face when Betty tells Trev that it’s a date … God! 

The way Betty looks at Jughead for wearing a tux.

  • Varchie:

Veronica’s  jealous when Archie mentioned Valerie.

That kiss that Veronica gave to his wrist was so cute.

Keep giving me these moments… makes my fangirl heart be happy.


On a side note, let’s just appreciate this conversation I had with my best friend Lily.

Yes we are going to prom together even though we live in different states. We’re making it happen.also viviluna basically means moon of my life because we have this thing where she is the moon and I am the sun

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Yoonseok 16 pleasee

Yoongi’s not quite sure how he wound up in Hoseok’s lap. 

That’s a lie. He knows exactly how. Hoseok messaged him from his workroom. ‘Come over, I wanna show you something.’ Yoongi, frustrated with his own project, easily abandoned the solitude of his own workspace, and went to join Hoseok in his. 

“Come here,” Hoseok said, waving him in. “Listen.” 

As Yoongi bent over awkwardly and put the headphones over his ears, he felt Hoseok grab his hips and guide him down gently onto his lap. 

But it’s comfy and it’s warm, and he likes leaning back against Hoseok, the other’s breath against his neck, chest moving slightly against his back. It’s almost on beat with the song, which is soothing and gentle, lacking the usual brassy percussion that Hoseok’s attracted to. 

He could fall asleep to this, he determines. 

With a slow voice, almost like he’s been drugged, he murmurs as much. 

Hoseok laughs, and the sound vibrates inside Yoongi. He realizes with a little discomfit that it turns him on in a sleepy sort of do-nothing-about-it buzz. 

“You can fall asleep anywhere, hyung,” Hoseok retorts quietly. 

Yoongi wiggles backward, settling in even more. “I could fall asleep here,” he admits with a tiny smirk,something a little smug in his tone. 

“You could,” Hoseok replies. 

Yoongi reads it for what it is: an invitation, not just a comeback. He exhales slowly, feels himself go lax, and Hoseok…Hoseok reaches around his midsection, holds him close, and lets him nap.

pick a ship and a number and i’ll write a drabble

genocraft  asked:

Do you have any Undertale ships, or... IF ships?

Alphyne. :P

Honestly, though, I’m one of the chillest of the chill when it comes to ships. I may not like every ship, but I like to keep an open mind because I think most pairs can be believable under a capable writer’s hand.

…That being said, Voltra and I do have a pet ship for A Shift in Fate, as you can see over here. ;P Blame hours of brainstorming and realizing how much the two dorks have in common. Ships aren’t a focus of the crossover, though, so if that’s not your thing, don’t worry about it. There’ll be lots of other wacky shenanigans when we get back to updating.

But within IF itself, I wouldn’t expect much in the way of ships besides Dogamy and Dogaressa, Alphys and Undyne, and the obligatory silly that is 02 and 01.

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jimin+namjoon and 12?

Namjoon doesn’t share space easily, not like the rest of them who swap beds and sleep in puppy piles on the regular. He’s self-contained, maybe even a little withdrawn, but he reaches out for Jimin. 

Jimin’s made sure that Namjoon feels comfortable with him. That’s what he does. He makes room for everyone. He likes everyone to feel appreciated. 

So that night, Namjoon makes room for Jimin in his bed, and Jimin crawls in with him. He doesn’t ask why. He just knows that Namjoon needs him there. That’s good enough. 

They fall asleep facing each other, Jimin feathering a fingertip down Namjoon’s nose until his eyes close. 

Jimin sighs. 

He lied earlier. He knows why Namjoon needed the extra comfort tonight. 

With a quirk of his lips, Jimin says in rusty satoori, “You’re the visual, hyung. Don’t listen to what others say.” 

pick a ship and a number and i’ll write a drabble

Last Day Filming:

On the last day filming season 1 we have the first photo that lili (betty) put in her snapchat.

And then the Barchie photo on lili’s twitter.

we don’t know the time when those pictures are take, but If we comparate the betty’s sweater, we can say that are the same, and knowing that, there’s a big possibility that are taking in the same day on set.

We also know that KJ (archie) says that Archie may have a crush or end with one of the girls in the end of season 1, so maybe it was with betty (then maybe is the reason for this pic)

IDK This is just a theory. 

But I’m becoming in a detective like Jughead lol

Hello! Love your work!!! Can you do a selca ships (private) with Got7, BTS and Monsta X please?

A/N: Thank you so much for requesting!!! Hope you got your biases and sorry if you didn’t. Btw you’re really pretty!! :)


I ship you with:


Best Friend Out Of the Boys:


Secret admirer:


First date:
-Where you go:



Cute Couple Moment:


I ship you with:


Best Friend Out Of the Boys:


Secret admirer:


First date:
-Where you go:



Cute Couple Moment:


I ship you with:


Best Friend Out Of the Boys:


Secret admirer:


First date:
-Where you go:

Stay at home movie date


Cute Couple Moment:

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yoonmin 3 please ^^

Jimin can’t sleep. 

Jimin can never sleep. It’s kind of a problem. His brain is always chattering away at him, thinking, thinking, thinking; he spins in circles or maybe cycles that ultimately take him nowhere. 

It’s anxiety. He knows. He gets it. He’s not the smartest, but he’s smart enough to figure that out. It keeps him tense and wound even when he wants to be relaxing, so that even relaxing becomes a challenge, another thing he gets anxious about. 

So he stays up most of the night playing on his iPad, or listening to music, or watching TV, or drawing, but that all involves the lights on and he thinks if he doesn’t settle down soon, Yoongi’s going to crawl out of bed and truly strangle him to death. 

“Jimin-ah,” his hyung pleads, “just relax.” 

He knows that. He knows, but he can’t. 

Finally, “get over here, Jiminie,” is grumbled at him. 

He’s a good dongsaeng, so he listens. He crawls into bed with Yoongi, and lets Yoongi wrap spidery limbs around him, and pet his hair. 

Jimin bites his tongue, literally nibbles at his inner cheek to fight off the urge to start babbling. 

Yoongi falls asleep on him. His breath is warm against Jimin’s neck. A little bit of drool hits his skin. 

Jimin’s still rattling away inside, watching the slender beam of light get brighter underneath the blackout curtains, but he feels warm and peaceful kind of, maybe a little zen. He doesn’t realize when his eyes close, finally giving in to his self-hypnosis, but he knows when he wakes that Yoongi is still dead to the world, even though the birds chirping outside their window are loud as hell. 

He turns carefully to look. Not because he’s creepy or anything, but just because he’s kind of fascinated with sleeping faces. Everyone looks softer and young, and Jimin’s a little in love with that. Yoongi is no exception. His nose is oily; he looks like a child, no trace of his tired cynicism on his face. 

“Love you, hyung,” he whispers. 

Yoongi makes a little moue with his mouth, but remains asleep. 

Jimin is at peace. 

pick a ship and a number and i’ll write a drabble

For Audrey.


Ship - I ship you with Tom Holland because you guys seem to have similar interests and personalities plus you both love Peter Parker. 

Blurb - “Paint me like one of your French girls.” Tom said as he tried to pose in front of Audrey as she painted the scenery in front of her. She rolled her eyes at her childish boyfriend. 

“That pose is horrendous. Now move because I am trying to finish this piece by next week. My boss is going to kill me if I don’t give this to the client soon.” Audrey responded to Tom as he pouted.

“I know it’s going to be absolutely stunning, Audrey. Just like you.” Tom complimented her and she blushed trying to hide behind the easel. Tom moved behind her and put his arms around her waist. 

“Tom, you’re being quite distracting you know that right?” Audrey giggled as she stroked the paint brush onto the canvas. The view was beyond gorgeous and she was not surprised the client had wanted a painting of this. It was splendid.

Audrey felt Tom kiss her neck trying to guide her attention towards him, “Audrey, you should take a break so we can eat our picnic that we packed. This was suppose to be a date.” Tom whined.

“No, this was suppose to be me working but you decided to tag along.” Audrey turned to her needy boyfriend and kissed him on the lips. “I will give you my undivided attention once I’m finished but until then occupy yourself some other way okay?” 

“Fine but I’m going to eat your sandwich.” Tom declared as he marched over to the picnic blanket they had set up. 

“Okay–wait! Fuck no!” Audrey shouted as she ran to Tom grabbing the sandwich out of his hands.

“So now you take a break?!” 

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