• <p><b><p></b> <b>When I'm sad:</b> <p/><b></b> I'm thinking about my ship<p/><b>When I'm at school:</b> <p/><b></b> I'm thinking about my ship<p/><b>When I'm bored:</b> <p/><b></b> I'm thinking about my ship<p/><b>When I can't sleep:</b> <p/><b></b> I'm thinking about my ship<p/><b>When I don't have internet:</b> <p/><b></b> I'm thinking about what up with my otp, and maybe these two are canon already and I don't know.<p/><b>When i know i fall in love in my otp:</b> <p/><b></b> Thinking about how i'm sick someone's love ಥ⌣ಥ...<p/><b></b> *story of fangirl life<p/></p><p/></p>

At this moment 211 years ago, Horatio Nelson was spotted by a French sharpshooter up in the fighting tops of the “Redoubtable”.

This ship had become entangled with Nelson’s HMS Victory and a fierce melee had ensued. Nelson continued to pace the decks in full view of the enemy, and the sharpshooter fired at the diminutive Admiral. The musket ball penetrated his shoulder and lodged in his spine. He was carried below and spent an agonising three hours clinging to life until the news of the British triumph over the Franco-Spanish fleet was brought to him by Thomas Hardy, Captain of the Victory.


Last Dance ^^

It’s not great, But imagine a few years after overwatch’s recall,the two are together and about to get married/engaged /,they’re living together and they decide to start painting the rooms of their new house together and just drop everything suddenly and start dancing and gbdeudiek something like so

eventually you’ll find out which of your ships is the one because you’ll reach a point where someone says something and you’ll be like “well eXCUSE ME in, in episode twenty seven of season three, at 22 minutes and 13 seconds in, he said (direct quote), which is a complete parallel to what he told him in episode four of season two at 13 minutes and 10 seconds in and tHEN-”

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tae and jimin's eye contact is so lethal how do they survive when they look at each other fuck

How many people do you think have like walked into a wall in their haste to get away from vmin’s weird clearly-too-intense-for-this-everyday-situation-what-the-fuck-is-happening-here gaze?

Rules: List 5 otps from 5 fandoms and then tag 10 people to pass it on.

Im not even surprising and I realise most of my otps are from DC or pokemon or voltron haha I don”t have lots of fandom … 8D

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1- Tim Drake/ Damian Wayne - DC Comics Duh. At this point is anyone really surprised haha…

2- Lance / Keith - Voltron Legendary Defender
I mean you probably already noticed if you followed my art blog XD

3- Red and Blue/Green - Pokemon
U_U Yup.

4 - Gold and silver - Pokemon 
surprise 8D (or not)

5 - Bruce Wayne & Clark Kent - DC Comic
I doooo love them haha

… I realise I have  pattern… There is always one of the two who”s grumppy/while the other just want to be loved and sweet? O_O *go hide in a corner* (exept maybe for DamiTim? )Hmmmmm

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Lucy, mard geer, cana, rouge and natsu for the ship thing. In so sorry if that to many!

Send me a character and I will tell you my top 5 favorite ships for them 

Oh boy okay let’s see…


  1. Lucy x Freed
  2. Lucy x Gray
  3. Lucy x Cana
  4. Lucy x Loke
  5. Lucy x Natsu

Mard Geer

I don’t really have ships for him crais. But maybe

  1. Mard x Mira
  2. Mard x Ultear??


  1. Cana x Mirajane
  2. Cana x Freed
  3. Cana x Loke
  4. Cana x Juvia
  5. Cana x Lucy


  1. Rogue x Minerva
  2. Rogue x Sting
  3. Rogue x Yukino
  4. Rogue x Cana
  5. Rogue x Levy??


  1. Natsu x Juvia
  2. Natsu x Lisanna
  3. Natsu x Lucy
  4. Natsu x Gray
  5. Natsu x Erza