My review of Despair Bear

Before anything else: I’m disappointed we didn’t learn the butler’s actual name. So in this post (and from here on out on this blog), I’m just going to refer to him as Jean Valjean. So be warned.

The basics: 9/10. Everything I wanted out of a filler episode, and my favorite episode of the entire show so far. Excellent writing and great character moments, as well as some wonderful satire of the fandom. Hampered only by a villain whose powers and motives make no sense.

(I’ve tagged this as #mlspoilers and I’ve made it very clear that I won’t be holding back on here, so I hope this is sufficient warning.)

It’s safe to say that a Chloé episode in Season 2 is a surprise. A genuinely good Chloé episode in Season 2 is an even bigger surprise. But somehow, this happened, and Chloé got actual nuanced characterization. The idea of her secretly wanting to be a nice person was thoroughly shot down, but she had to face accountability for her actions, and this puts her in a very interesting position for upcoming events.

The first interesting dynamic we got to look at was between Chloé and Adrien. I’m starting to wonder if they’re more than just friends—I’m starting to think they could potentially be in a queerplatonic relationship (or for any Homestuck fans on here, a moirallegiance—the Chloé/Adrien dynamic strikes me as almost identical to the Eridan/Feferi dynamic). Chloé’s got very strong feelings for Adrien even though this doesn’t really come across as romantic, and Adrien clearly cares deeply about Chloé and wants to help her become her best self. And it’s a good sign that they’re both willing to call this into question in order to keep things as healthy as possible. (I’m not saying that I pale-ship this, except that I actually do kinda pale-ship this.)

And then there’s Jean Valjean, who at this point is probably the most likable character in this entire show. HE IS SUCH A WHOLESOME PRECIOUS CINNAMON ROLL AND MUST BE PROTECTED and that’s enough all-caps for tonight. Establishing him as a presence throughout Chloé’s life somehow manages to make Chloé at least somewhat more likable, and it was wonderful to get to know him through their interactions.

Which brings us to THE SCENE. Yeah, you know the one. The one where Chloé keeps being about to cause akumatization after akumatization, only for Jean Valjean to step in and get her to fix each and every one. This is easily my favorite scene in the entire series so far—it’s such a beautiful sequence, and it’s knocked the umbrella scene out of the top spot for me.

And I’ll admit, the dancing sequence was also very well-done—it was excessively over-the-top, the soundtrack was on point, Alya gracefully swooping in to fix things was hilarious. And I honestly kind of see the whole thing as a satire of how the fandom views Adrienette. I also liked the shoutouts the episode made to the Chloenette shippers and the Chloénath shippers. Combining this with the very direct statement about Chloé not being a good person even in secret, this whole episode felt like a response to the fandom’s antics during the hiatus.

The villain was fairly average. This marks the eighth time we’ve seen mind control, and the fourth time Chat Noir’s been turned evil and forced to fight Ladybug. There wasn’t really any new ground tread here, but I did think the idea of a teddy bear villain was pretty great. I also feel like his motives and his power set were both completely unclear, and it didn’t really seem to make sense that he’d agree to work for Hawkmoth. Honestly, this episode didn’t really even need a villain, and I think this is why he never fully took center stage.

Overall, this is easily my favorite episode of the show so far. The characterization was superb for pretty much everyone, and I think the fact that the villain wasn’t really necessary is actually a good sign, because it shows that the plot already had plenty going for it. Jean Valjean as a villain could still have been handled better, but that was literally the only drawback here. It was absolutely a filler episode, but it was pretty much everything a filler episode should be.

Lila Tracker: Nothing. (Total: 1 appearance.) Not even a mention. Does she still exist in this universe? (Or was she never even here to begin with????????)

Kagami Tracker: Nothing. (Total: 0 appearances.) I guess she’ll be waiting until later for her grand entrance.

Luka Tracker: Nothing. (Total: 0 appearances.) One would think he’d have been at the party. Perhaps we’ve already seen him and we just don’t know it! (Or perhaps he was secretly the fireman who was done with everybody’s shenanigans! We can never know!!!)





If ships are still open, can I have a male one? I’m a 5"8 girl, with medium length blonde hair. I have green/grey eyes and extremely pale skin. I’m pretty nerdy, and only have a few close friends. I really like drawing but my main passion is music. My two main instruments are flute and bass guitar. I’m the most extroverted introvert you’ll meet, I’m incredibly shy and value my alone time however I’m also incredibly open. I’m an INFP and a Slytherin.

- Anonymous


The way you and Sherlock met was actually really weird. You both met at St. Bart’s lab. You needed to do some paperwork for Molly but it turned out that you couldn’t do it because someone wanted to be ‘alone’.

You signed a form as you glanced at the detective. “So, you want to be…”
“Alone,” he sharply said as he was sitting on the floor playing with a rubber ball.
“Well, I’d like to be alone too,” you commented.
Sherlock caught the ball for a moment. “I cannot be alone if you’re here.”
You chuckled and sat next to him. “Just pretend that I’m not here,” you shrugged and sighed.
“That’s impossible,” he replied. “Alone is what I have…”
“But it doesn’t protect you,” you finished the sentence and finally turned your gaze to him. “It seems that you’re worried…”
Sherlock closed his eyes tightly and sighed. “I can’t…I can’t think if I have you here.”
“Neither can I,” you said.
Sherlock smirked. “You seem not to understand what the word 'alone’ means.”
“I might not know it but I know that it won’t help you,” you advised him as you stood up and took the forms.
You were about to leave the lab but suddenly he stopped you.
“You’re right,” he said and you looked at him over your shoulder. “Could you please make me some company?” You smirked and turned around.
“What do you need? I can help you with the case…I mean…if you…”
“You can,” he said and turned his gaze up to you.


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it’s kylo-renne, can I ask for a ship bb? I’m studying nursing, I love helping people. My favorite color is pink and I like dressing super cute. I like people who can hold a good conversation and who know how to treat women.

I ship you with … POE DAMERON

• y’all met when poe got a cut in his cheek from doing something super manly and u had to fix it up

• after ur encounter he started coming IN FOR EVERY LITTLE FUCKING THING

• “I have a paper cut” REALLY POE REALLY


• eventually he asks u out on a date

• it was cute, he took u on a flight and u guys kinda just soared and talked

• and trust me he treats his women well in a many of ways (-;;;;; especially his favorite women (you)

• he adores your need for taking care of other people AND HES LIKE WOW HOW DID I END UP WITH SUCH AN AMAZING GIRL?????