Shippuden Episode 497

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Kankuro you got some extravagant money? Since we’re big spenders all of a sudden. But I was still happy to see Kankuro 😝

Temari is soooooo me right now. I like this boy, but I stay trying to avoid him smh.

I’m just sitting here thinking, you’re really gonna try and feed Naruto for a year?? 🤔

The way Lee’s still so nice to Gaara even though he almost ruined his career as a shinobi warms my heart tbh 💕

I felt like I was watching Rock Lee’s spin off lmao

Gaara is adorable as fuck, look at his little gourd.

I don’t where either of yall think this money is going to come from but..



Peep Yamato in the background looking at Orichimaru lmaooo. He’s just waiting for him to step outta line.


Wouldn’t a relationship like ShikaTema be nice? As extra as you are sometimes, they still will find their way back to you.

They’re so beautiful 😭😭 (lol @ Ino and Choji)

And then this happen, like okay Kishi you’re trying to make me bawl.

Lee admires Gaara much it’s so fucking cute 😇

Because she got the 

There isn’t nothing like some good dick to help your mood.

Another blessed episode 😍

naruto shippuden episode 497

what’s it about:
-naruhina’s wedding special

what’s it really about:
-gaara dancing in a ridculous shirtless costume
-loyal friend gaara
-cute blushing chibi gaara
-gaara bonding with his siblings
-gaara the adorable gardener
-gaara’s unnerved (but still very handsome) face
-dedicated ultimate gift-giver gaara
-sweet, sweet gaara and his sweet face

Feb-March Anime Schedule
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  • February 23, 2017
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 496 – Hidden Leaf Village Story: The Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 3: Hot Springs and Food Pills
  • March 02, 2017
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 497 – Hidden Leaf Village Story: The Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 4: Kazekage’s Congratulation
  • March 09, 2017
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 498 – Hidden Leaf Village Story: The Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 5: The Last Mission
Naruto Shippuden episode 497

Let me just get this out because this is the only episode where I have no complains. So far this is my favorite episode out of all the blank period episodes that were released. It was just oozing with purity.

I love how Gaara is just so innocent when it comes to weddings. I love how he values his friendship with Naruto. I love how he and Lee, along with Kankuro and Tenten, just stroll around Konoha as pals despite what happened between them in the past. I love how Lee is like ‘Gaara, bro i missed you. Been a long time. Sake? No? I won’t get drunk. Still no? Okay. Let’s go get em golden barbells" lol. They are just soooooo close. I love how Gaara and his siblings just get along and act just like normal siblings (e.g blaming the other sibling for this and that, teasing each other, bluntly saying what’s on your mind). And I just love his haircut.

I hope that everyone noticed what Teuchi has been doing. He was low key worrying of what to give to Naruto. And that scene when the card showed All You Can Eat Forever, I just got teary eyes. I mean dude, like you’ve been doing that the entire time. It was just touching. For me, he was the father-like figure to Naruto. And Iruka is like an older to Naruto IMO.

Did anyone else notice that Tenten just gets prettier and prettier each time she’s on screen? Am I right or am i right?

Kakashi sure knows how to treat his guests. I mean look at those accommodations he had for the Kages! I wish Kakashi had dated. I wanna see how he treats his girlfriend/wife.

It was nice seeing and hearing Killer Bee again. God, I miss his annoying rap. Hahahaha it was refreshing to see his ideas of the Hidden Cloud’s wedding gifts. He sure know how to throw an extravagant partyyyyy!!! (And Kankuro too!)

ShikaTema moments?? Alrightieee, we got them again! This time, we get to see them dining together. Plus, Ino and Choji lurking and stalking them. I love Team 10’s supportive nature. Damn I like how we get to see all these ShikaTema moments. If only one major couple gets these too… hm……(Sp? Nah don’t even think about it). I mean next week’s episode we’ll see KibaTamaki moments.. le sigh…

This episode is just refreshing. We get to see everyone’s pure intentions. 😊😊😊

Last but not the least: I still want to see that Hidden Sand Samba and Hidden Cloud Dance!!! Lol

I never thought we’d see the day.

I had hoped, as I’m sure many others had, that one day we might be lucky enough to see it,

but all the same, nothing could have prepared me,

for this.



Dead, I am dead, I’m dying, I’m dying. I. am. dead.

(Shippuden Episode 497)