California - Long Beach 001

This is Long Beach Harbor in California.


I thought to myself “What if I draw the volleyball captains?” and then I thought “ok but what if they’re all sea captains??” and then I thought “Why not Pirates???” and I think you can tell from there how we got to this point.


Panama Canal | Kate Holstein

The colours and depth of Panama draws amazing photography. It has a history of industry, triumph and error it’s waters now allow passage to many container ships passing through. The tropical surroundings and incredible man made structures have made it an incredible sight to behold.

  • Wanda to Vision as he phases into her room: "Vision! We've talked about this!"
  • Vision as he awkwardly (but adorably) stands there: "oh, right.. sorry"
  • Me: *pulling hair out and barely fuKing breathing at this point* "WHAT? HOw MaNY FUKING TImES HAS HE DOEN THIIS1?!?? MOrE TWO THW POIINT, wHAN HAS HE DONW ThIS TO YoUU?!!??11 TELL MeeeEee GAHDAMMIt!1!!!11111!

Working Dock (2014)

Thank you to Lisa Bettany who chose this photograph as one of 500px’s Editors Choice of January:

By Freddie Ardley Photography

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