Ship: Stiles x Derek

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“Derek, pizzas here,” Stiles called from the kitchen, setting the boxes on the counter.

Derek didn’t reply and didn’t join him, so Stiles poked his head into the living room. Derek was sitting stock still with Stiles’ cat Purrito on his lap and Stiles’ dog Oreo on his feet.

“I can’t move,” Derek whispered, like speaking would scare them off. 

“I’ll bring your food here,” Stiles said with a laugh, kissing Derek on the top of the head before going to grab the pizza. 

At least the cat had stopped trying to bite Derek’s face off every time he came over, they were making progress. 

Stiles walks into a coffee shop in the new city he moves to after college one night because he can’t sleep. 

Sitting at the front of the shop with an acoustic guitar in hand is Derek Hale. His voice is calming and a little smokey as he sings. When he finishes the song he looks up and sees Stiles. 

Derek’s eyes go a little wide for a millisecond before he smiles. It’s a soft smiles, the kind that Stiles never saw on Derek, the kind that wasn’t burdened.  

“This last one is a cover,” Derek says and he proceeds to play Werewolves of London. 

Stiles snorts before he can stop himself and then goes to buy a coffee. He finds a seat near the back of the shop and drinks it while Derek cleans his stuff up. When he finishes he comes back to Stiles and sits down, a twinkle in his eyes. 

“That last one was for Jackson,” Derek says, voice even and Stiles thinks he’s being serious for a second before he smiles and Stiles laughs, “It’s good to see you Stiles, you in town for a while.”

“I just moved here for work actually,” Stiles says with a smile at the quirk upward in Derek’s lips at that fact, “It’s good to see you too.” And it was true, in fact, if Derek keeps smiling like that and making jokes he might want to see a lot more of him. 

This always makes me tear up.

On the Ropes
Sterek | Teen | 5.5k
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College is a time for growth for Stiles, both literally and figuratively. With the help of his college friends he finds an outlet for all the anger and frustration he has in his life.

And then Derek Hale finds him. He’s not exactly mad about it.

Stiles loved DC. He loved the sounds that the city made, even at night. He loved his classes. He loved his new friends, the ones whom he had never hurt, and who had never hurt him. It felt like a fresh start for him, something that he hadn’t realized he was longing for until he had it. Even though the quality of the air in DC was surely worse than it had been back in Beacon Hills, he finally felt like he could breathe.

He had always thought that college would mean less free time, but he discovered that when he wasn’t spending his nights researching one supernatural crisis after another, he had time to sleep and do his homework. Beyond that, he had time to actually have a life.

It turned out that Stiles didn’t do well with free time. He joined an intramural soccer team with a group of his friends, he found a couple clubs on campus where he fit in, he started getting a full 8 hours of sleep a night, but none of it was enough. He still had too much time on his hands.

That’s where his new and probably-soon-to-be-best friend Erin came in.

“Come down to my gym with me! I swear you won’t be disappointed,” Erin said one night as they walked back from their soccer game. “If you are, I’ll buy you two pizzas.”

“Two?” That caught Stiles’ interest. He was a poor college student after all; two pizzas was at least two days worth of food.

She nodded. “I know you’ll like it, and my brother’s a trainer there so we’ll get free entry.”

“Fine,” Stiles said, “but you’re buying me a pizza regardless.”

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