OTP Prompt 99

Person A: Are you.. blushing?

Person B: What, no.

Person A: Did I get the ever-stoic, hardcore, total badass Person B to blush?

Person B: No… It’s… It’s the cold.

Person A: Huh. It’s the cold. And not that I told you “your face is freaking adorable and I bet the rest of you is too?”

Person B: *blushing harder* *voice cracks* N-no.

Built On Sand Accusations Against Superman/Wonder Woman As A Couple

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1. Lose of Humanity

What? First of all, Clark and Diana aren’t perfect, they have flaws, but it’s clearly stated multiple times Clark and Diana are the most human of all. Have the purest hearts. Clark was raised by HUMANS. The values and morals that was instilled in him by the Kents don’t go away. Diana wanted to leave Themyscira to not only explore the outside world, but bring peace, end wars, bring the world together. Some humans themselves are racist, insecure, hateful, self entitled assholes.

Clark and Diana DO NOT need human love interest and one person to care for other humans. They DO NOT need a human love interest to put them on leashes so they won’t go rogue. That line of thinking diminishes their character.

2. Just want to see them bang/together because of powers

Actually we shippers mostly enjoy their fights and sparring sessions with the obvious sexual tension and under-tones/innuendos. Personally, I enjoy them pinning each other down. Also, the only banging is the headboard against a wall ;)

Diana loves Clark because of his pure goodness and his heart and, his nobleness. Clark loves Diana for her pure goodness and her heart, the fact that she sees or tries to see the goodness in everyone and gives love to everyone. They understand each other on every level: mentally, emotionally, intellectually, and physically.

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3. Quarterback/ Head cheerleader or King/Queen

Clark would be a quarterback sure but he is adorkable so he would be part of the school newspaper, science club

Diana would be class president and captain of the debate team

King and Queen…um…they are the King and Queen of Comics so that’s that

4. Clark being hyper masculine

New52 Superman was confident, a little cocky but a gentleman. Superman in general has the utmost respect for women and as Gal Gadot said he doesn’t try to be “the man” nor act all “macho”.

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5. Diana being reduced to just girlfriend/supporting character

LMFAO!!! Diana demands to be front and center period! She demands to stand side by side as an equal.

6. They too different/too similar

Which one is it? Neither.

Clark and Diana was raised differently, no shit. Farmboy/Princess, Alien/Amazon. But their goals, motivation and most of their views are the same. Clark has more of a laid back, introvert type personality. Diana is more outspoken, extrovert personality but there is a BALANCE between them.

7. Sexism/Misogyny/Homphobia/Rascim

I don’t get this one and I don’t want to because it’s contradicting BS nonsense. Diana is still shown as strong and independent, she doesn’t need Clark to save her 24/7, she isn’t dependent on him for anything. She majority of the time saves him, she is the one that gives him a pep talk, teaching and being an inspiration to him, and would kick his ass if necessary, knock some sense into him if need be. And the folks who claims this always bring up physical strength or Diana needing to be better. Needing to be with a man who is weaker. Last time I checked, that’s not what feminist/feminism was about.

Feminist: the person who believes in the social political, and economic equality of the sexes

William Moulton Marston created Wonder Woman to be the feminist icon, to give inspiration to women and young girls. To be of an equal and challenge Superman. Which to this day, she is doing exactly that.

And by the way, isn’t there a Sensation comics issue where Diana is dancing with a man dressed as Superman? And implied it was “appropriate”? 🤷‍♀️ I’m just saying…

SMWW represents diversity from all ages, ethnicities, male/female. Doesn’t matter of sexual orientation, beliefs…ALL ARE REPRESENTED IN SOME WAY. As a WOC (Woman of Color) I should know!

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8. Diana is Second Choice

This one right here is just disrespectful and makes Clark seem like an ass which he isn’t and it’s just a total BS false of a reach. Clark and Diana has been written to be attracted to each other from the moment they met. They build a friendship, a bond. They sometimes act on their attraction and sometimes don’t but it’s there always point blank and the period. Clark has a problem with believing he isn’t good enough for Diana, got cold feet. Diana being young didn’t understand her feelings. Not being together, they always had this feel of regret as “the one that got away”. They were best friends with unresolved feelings. They were even having wet dreams about each other. Never was it ever implied Diana was second choice.

9. They are like Brother and Sister

This is another reach. When has Clark and Diana ever been portrayed as brother and sister?! Reaching…reaching…reaching…

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Oh and purposely OOC writing don’t count either. Injustice? Lol you tried it. Tomasi’s contrived drama for the sake of drama and “testing” the relationship? Please we all know what was up with that ***Rebirth***.

There are most likely other accusations but all in all, it’s pure nonsense. The ship isn’t perfect. No ship is. But it is respectable to both characters for the most part.

No matter what, Superman/Wonder Woman will continue soaring as The Ultimate Power Couple!!