Some do's and dont's and can's of shipping

Do: ship whatever you want
Do: contribute whatever you want to the ship
Do:feel free to be open about what you ship!
Do:explain why you love your ship

Can: not ship something else
Can: explain why you don’t ship it
Can:ignore a ship
Can:ship anything.

DONT: put someone else down for shipping some thing
DONT: place your ship above another ship
DONT: say a ship is bad
DONT: get angry when someone doesnt ship what you ship.

Quand tu demandes au scénariste de ta série préférée si ton OTP va devenir canon :

Quand il te dit “spoilers ;) ;) ;) ;) vous verrez bien dans le season finale ;) ;) ;) je ne peux pas en dire plus ;) ;) ;)”

Quand à la fin de la saison, il ne s’en rien passé de significatif pour ton OTP :

how funny it is when someone says we can’t ship clizzy and saphael because izzy, clary, simon and raphael are straights? LOL
nobody ever said they’re straights.
we just know that alec is gay and magnus is bi. we don’t know other characters sexualities.

deal with it.